Dr. Eros Sexy Trip San Fransisco

Over twenty Chinese female Sexologists traveled to San Fransisco last week for the “Dr. Eros Sexy Trip,” organized by myself and taking place at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Fransisco. I hired the top sexperts in the country to lecture and do hands-on workshops on a wide array of topics from body assessment to creative foreplay, Tantric sex to kinky fantasies.

The Sexy Trip kicked off with a sexual bodywork class where the women were able to evaluate their current sexuality status, measured mentally, physically and sexually, demonstrated by Dr. Jallen Rix and Dr. Elaine Floyer. Dr. Elaine also helped me with my Tantric Sex workshop by demonstrating techniques with her handsome assistant Greg.

Dr's Jallen & Elaine
Dr. Jallen Rix and Elaine Floyer kicked off the three-day program with their bold demonstrations of body assessment.

Marriage and family therapist Dr. Amie Harwick brought giant English cucumbers to see which woman could swallow the most, incorporating her own fire eating talents along the way. Dr. Harwick brought her book, “The Sex Bible for Women:The complete guide to sexual self-awareness and intimacy” for Yuna the head of Dr. Eros in China. Apart from deep throating techniques she also taught sensual movement and and some fun lap dancing with her assistant Robert.

Dr. Amie Harwick
Dr. Amie Harwick and her assistant, Robert.
Dr. Amie Lap Dancing
Dr. Harwick teaching women to do the cat-cow yoga pose while crawling, resulting in a lap dance.









Air Force Amy is the most famous courtesan and reality star of HBO’s Cat House.

Airforce Amy
Airforce Amy getting wired for sound by director Robert James.

She now works as a sex educator to empower women on sexual confidence. She is the most successful working girl at the legal brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and shared her experiences of how she has sex with different kinds of men. The Chinese women were very interested in her techniques dealing with erectile dysfunction and how she uses compliments, cuddling and humor to help men relax.

Dennis Hof is an American entrepreneur brothel owner, TV star of the HBO series Cathouse and author of The Art of the Pimp: One Man’s Search for Love, Sex and Money. He is now running for Senate in Nevada. He has used his fame to speak out against sex trafficking and advocate for legalized prostitution. He shared how he empowers the women who work for him and what the male clients want when they come to his brothel that they are not getting at home.  His girlfriend Caressa did some creative role-playing, demonstrating what it would be like to be a couple at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

DennisHof & Caressa
Dennis Hof and Moonlite Bunny Ranch girl of the year, Caressa.

Dr. Carol Queen is one of the most famous graduates of the institute and is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in human sexuality. She is the Staff Sexologist and Good Vibrations Historian at Good Vibrations, the women-owned, worker-owned sex toy and book emporium, where she directs Continuing Education for the staff. She also curates the company’s Antique Vibrator Museum.  Her latest book is called, The Sex and Pleasure Book. Her talk was all about the history of sex toys and how to incorporate them into a relationship to boost intimacy. Needless to say, the ladies loved playing with all of the adult toys that Dr. Carol brought with her from Good Vibrations.

Dr. Carol took the women on a tour of her Center For Sex & Culture, which provides a judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health.

We-Vibe for Everyone
We-Vibe generously gave each of the ladies a We-Vibe 4, via super-sexpert, Dr. Nikki Goldstein.
Dr. Carol Queen & Dr. Ted McIllvena
Me and Dr. Carol Queen with Dr. Ted McIllvenna, the founder and president of the IASHS, known as the Harvard of Sexology.

The “Knowing Men” lecture was given by Dr. Max McCullen who brought a historical perspective of human sexuality and sexual health with the realities of living in a digital age. He is an expert on low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and testosterone replacement for men. The ladies had lots of questions for him about male sex drive and orgasms. Since this was one of the more serious seminars, I told the women to show Dr. Max their hugging skills on their way out of his class.

Dr. Max McCullen
I’m introducing Dr. Max McCullen

Dr. Anne Ridley has been a licensed psychologist for over 15 years helping singles and couples find and maintain love. She is also an erotic artist and brought some sexy masks to help demonstrate fun fantasies. Her seminar included how to be sexy as a mother of two, with mind and body meditation, breathing and yoga. She encouraged the women to discover pleasure by releasing their inhibitions and showing up for themselves and their partners in a more authentic way. My favorite exercise was when she told the women to draw a picture of how they felt during sex! They did this for their homework and I evaluated them the next day.

Dr. Anne Ridley & Dr. Nikki Goldstein
Dr. Anne Ridley demonstrating how to use playful rope restraints on Dr. Nikki Goldstein.

I was honored to teach an interactive seminar onTantric Sex to explore a deeper connection with your lover on a physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual level. For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs. For men, Tantra can provide the tools to become multi-orgasmic. Dr. Elaine Floyer and her assistant Greg demonstrated synchronized breathing in the Yab Yum position, Tantric Dancing and many other techniques that the women eagerly participated in with both of them.

Dr. Elaine & Greg Tantra Demo
Here I am teaching Tantric Sex and Dr. Elaine Floyer is about to give Greg a Tantric hummer.

Dr. Sadie Allison, founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., gave away all of her five signature bestselling books, Tickle His Pickle, Ride Em Cowgirl, Tickle Your Fancy, Tickle My Tush, ToyGasms and The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris with her sex lubricant to all of the ladies. She taught a playful class on the benefits of sexual positions with her handsome assistant John who encouraged the women to try positions on the Liberator wedge with him. Since she’s part Chinese, she brought information about her heritage to share.

Dr. Sadie & John2
Dr. Sadie Allison with her assistant John, and one of the ladies demonstrating sexual positions

Jaiya Ma has an a-list celebrity client list that includes Olympic athletes, business executives and everyday people who are all interested in creating their ultimate relationship. She taught an intimate class on how to convey your love with your hands, through sensual massage and her partner Ian was her model for the live demonstrations. I have never seen a more loving couple sharing their energy through breath and movement and they encouraged the women to participate in order to learn some of the techniques. The most unique part of Jaiya’s presentation was her “Core Erotic Blueprint” that she has created to help people identify the way they like to be touched.  She is an award-winning somatic sexologist, author of four best-selling books, founder of New World Sex Education with 13 instructional videos.

Jaiya Ma
Jaiya, on the right in a print dress, interacting with the women about their Core Erotic Blueprints.

Dr. Nikki Goldstein is Australia’s top sexologist, author and TV relationship expert on love, romance, dating, intimacy and sex. She gave every participant her new book, #SingleButDating and is giving lectures around the world on how to balance your life and stay sexy. She taught the women unique creative foreplay tips and showed them how to put a condom on with her mouth using a banana. They loved the fun-filled class and enjoyed eating their bananas.

Dr. Nikki & Book
Dr. Nikki with all the women, after autographing each book.
Dr. Nikki Goldstein
How to put a condom on with your mouth – on a banana!

Mistress Minax is a dominatrix and author of Bondassage skilled in bondage, domination, discipline and sado masochism as well as many fetishes, making her the perfect expert to teach “Erotic onfidence for Women with Kinky Desires, Fantasies and role-Playing.” She has a dungeon in San Francisco filled with equipment for power play. She and her submissive, David, gave wonderful hands-on demonstrations that were all interactive, allowing the women to fully experience power play.

Some BDSM props that the ladies were able to experiment with on David.
Bondage Ava
I’m learning the ‘cat paw’ rope technique.
Here I am with David, Mistress Minax’s submissive.









We learned new rope tricks and CBT (cock, ball torture). The climax of the presentation was prostate exploration!

Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce, who has been to China educating at the Dr. Eros events three times, helped me to organize this jam packed event and called herself my sex-retary!

Nancy & Ava
Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce (star of Nearly Naked Yoga) as my sex-retary!

We-vibe and Womanizer gave each and every participant a free high-end quality sex toy. Thank you for your generosity We-Vibe and Womanizer.

This woman is truly mesmerized by her new We-Vibe!
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Dr. Ava Cadell is America’s #1 Sexpert as a Clinical Sexologist, Sex Counselor, Founder of Loveology University & President of the American College of Sexologists International. Author of 9 books including the upcoming Sexycises by Sexperts: Intimacy Through Yoga, Dr. Ava is also a sought after media therapist & global speaker; her mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt & shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.