The Art Of Sexy Forethought

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

I indeed know what a bee sting tastes like, and this knowledge comes from the art of sexy forethought moment I experienced and am so happy I suddenly recalled when reading the article below.

This story, Perry’s Ice Cream unveils 5 new flavors – what does a Bee Sting taste like?, got to me today, less because of the varied ice cream flavors mentioned (although I do like me some ice cream) but more because of the mention of what a “Bee Sting” might taste like.

I once dated a girl who used a “Bee Sting” lip gloss. I’m not exactly sure if it was cinnamon or some completely manmade chemical ingredient worked into the sticky lip compound that gave it the tingle it delivered. But if I kissed this girl and she was wearing this lip gloss (she wore it often and I often kissed her) I’d get back a little sparkle across my lips.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Nothing uncomfortable or off-putting, not even a real ‘sting,’ (not that there is anything wrong feeling a little sting with sex) it was just a little extra something brought about by the young lady’s sexy forethought in buying this product, smearing it across what were her quite generous lips, all in anticipating that those lips might land on mine in the near future.  I also know she liked tasting the bee sting sparkle when she’d occasionally tease her tongue across her lips.

As I grow older and am treated to the consistent breakdown of my body and spirit, I realize more than ever before how important the small things in life are. And how, with the blistering fast passage of years, we can so easily have these seemingly little morsels of moments pass us by with nary a notice.

When it comes to our intimate encounters, we surely can miss a sexy forethought since they usually lead to those moments of deeper sexual (deeper sexual, “that’s what she said”) import.

Foreplay and all that gets us where we so want to get to that sometimes we don’t appetite the build-up, the side-long glance, a few buttons undone over a heaving cleavage, the growing bulge, the idea that somebody thought enough to purchase Bee Sting Lip Gloss to add just an extra little tickle in her next encounter with us.

I’m warning you my little droogs, heed me well. You need damn well notice, recognize, and
cherish the moments of sexy forethought. They pass all too soon and sometimes we don’t get to play them a second time.


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