The Sacredness of Sex

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

By Joyce Modie

I have always looked at sex as a goal-based thing, a physical act for pleasure, to get pregnant and a stress reliever. Then through research I’ve learnt that sex can be a meditative act with the aim of moving sexual energy throughout the body for enjoyment and sensations of the body. This makes sex to be sacred in my view based on this new knowledge I have acquired.

Sex is a sacred connection of openness between two souls that proclaims love for each other. The pleasure and orgasms we should get requires vulnerability between involved parties. Energies are shared in a more spiritual way but not churchy at all. A deep bonding is birthed with possibilities of a deep-rooted romantic love in the hearts of both parties. Igniting the fire of our sexual energy, passions, and desires with our heart, spirit, and a sense of completeness in our life.

What makes us miss the sacredness of such intimacy is the carnal mind we have towards it. We have mostly been raised culturally or even religiously to believe that sex is a very wrong and dirty act to be ashamed of.  A secret act to be done behind closed doors to curb the urge and never to be discussed openly. These beliefs cause us to not be open to the sacredness sex could be.

To fully bask in the special experience, we have to know our bodies and communicate it to our partners. This will help us look at ourselves and partners as divine fountains of powerful intimacy energies, intentional energies expressed as the experience leads but not pre planned. At that moment nothing else matters as partners are immersed deeply. Bodies reacts as the energy felt, that allows vulnerability and openness. No thoughts of shame but an explosion of pure love is exchanged.

Culture and religion put aside; sex is a sacred act of humanity to be embraced and explored by us all. We just have to be open-minded to the capabilities of our bodies. This can help us build blissful relationships full of joy and love. Dr Ava Cadell reminds us that, “sex can be a beautiful journey not a destination”. This is a journey to be taken with great trust to help us release the shame and hurt around sex that could be in our heads and hearts to create a bond with a sense of belonging.

To connect with our sexual energy, we need to explore with openness to experience.  Being intentional about sacredness of sex through practice will help us be aware of the sexual energies and magnify our dimensions of pleasure in our relationships.


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