S/M Drag–The Untraditional Drag Queen

SM Drag

I was reading Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy’s book, “The New Bottoming Book” and I came across a term (S/M drag) that almost perfectly describes what drag means to me as a kinky/sexual person. 

What is S/M Drag?

Easton and Hardy exposed me to the term S/M drag. They define S/M drag as “a word that implies bringing out an alternate persona – to call forth any inner self who plays a role in our fantasies, we can wear the costume to help us become the character”.

I identify very well with this quote on the basis of what drag does for me for a scene. In general drag to me very much resonates with the famous words of Rupaul, “Drag doesn’t cover who you are, it reveals who you are.” My drag brings out more of my personality, the extrovert in me, the smiling easygoing queen that you want to have a drink and kiki with. I am very personable and outgoing out of drag, but drag elevates me. Drag is like armor that makes you feel powerful and simply put, a fierce bitch.

BDSM Binary

Back to S/M drag. What I wear for a scene very much implies what role I am playing. I identify as a switch, with a preference for bottoming. But, I feel more dominant than submissive.

Well, that throws a wrench in the BDSM binary?

I thoroughly enjoy bottoming, in other words having things done to me, but with my personality I feel very dominant. There are those out there that will make me snap to my submissive side quickly and I absolutely adore those partners that have that capability. To feel more on my dominant or submissive side, I dress the part.

S/M Drag–Shes Got the Look

If I have a scene negotiated and planned where I would be bottoming and submitting to my top, I may wear white, pink, my chastity device, soft makeup or heels. If I have a scene negotiated where I would be topping and dominant, I may wear my thigh high boots, black and dark makeup. 

The look very much influences my role as a BDSM player. It sets my mood. My drag was born out of my interests in kink and BDSM. A very untraditional birth since most drag queens are born on a stage guided potentially by a drag mother. My drag birth happened in a dungeon getting pegged while in chastity. 

BDSM Inspires My Drag

BDSM inspires my drag and my drag inspires my BDSM scenes. For example, I would love to perform Lovegame by Lady Gaga on stage with a partner. Throughout the lip sync I would have my partner collared and on a leash with an occasional smack with my riding crop. Another example, I fantasize about being in drag as a housewife with a Mistress, and fulfilling the roles of a housewife. 

I love my untraditional drag. It makes me feel unique. Maybe my BDSM charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent is CUNT enough to get me on Drag Race! Although I am unsure of how well Ru would receive an audition tape of me bound to a St. Andrews cross getting whipped with a dragon tail!



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Hello! My name is Miss Colleen or infamously known as JerseyGurl21. I am a kinky, gender-fluid, bisexual drag queen hailing from the Jersey Shore! I drive a 2017 Ram 2500 that sits on a six inch lift kit with 37 inch tires! I love to indulge in lobster rolls, good books and a good smack in the ass! Oh, I like to dish out spankings too! #Switch. I use she/her pronouns. I love adventuring to dungeon parties from NYC to Philly and enjoying the nightlife making memories that last a lifetime. I am the hockey and football butch queen of your dreams that will competitively battle you during the day and be that sexy seductress at night! Find Me- Twitter @JerseyGurl2121


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