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The Business of Pleasure: Critical Examination of OnlyFans and its Impact on Sexual Wellness

Women chatting in adult chat. Webcam work concept.

In recent years, OnlyFans has emerged as a dominant force in the digital landscape, revolutionizing how individuals consume and monetize adult content. The platform allows creators to share exclusive content with subscribers for a monthly fee, cultivating a direct connection between content producers and consumers. While OnlyFans has garnered significant attention and controversy, its impact on sexual wellness warrants critical examination.

The Rise of OnlyFans

OnlyFans—launched in 2016—was initially conceived as a subscription-based social media platform enabling creators to generate income from their content. While it was not explicitly designed for adult content, its flexibility and subscription model quickly attracted adult performers seeking a more lucrative and autonomous platform for their work. As a result, the platform became synonymous with adult entertainment, showcasing the best girls OnlyFans offers alongside exclusive photos, videos and other content, now boasting millions of users and creators worldwide. This rapid ascent underscores a broader trend towards decentralized and creator-centric platforms, challenging traditional models of content distribution and monetization. Moreover, the success of OnlyFans reflects a growing demand for intimate and personalized content experiences, where users increasingly seek authentic connections and direct engagement with creators in the digital realm.

Economic Empowerment or Exploitation?

One of the central debates surrounding OnlyFans revolves around the economic dynamics between creators and consumers. Advocates argue that the platform empowers creators by providing them with a source of income and autonomy over their content. For many individuals, OnlyFans offers an alternative to traditional employment, allowing them to monetize their sexuality on their terms. However, critics raise concerns about the potential for manipulation and the perpetuation of unequal power dynamics, arguing that OnlyFans may exploit creators—particularly those from marginalized communities who may face economic pressures or lack alternative employment opportunities. Moreover, some critics contend that OnlyFans perpetuates harmful stereotypes and objectification, commodifying intimacy for profit. Ultimately, balancing economic freedom and ethical concerns remains at the core of the OnlyFans debate.

Impact on Sexual Wellness

The impact of OnlyFans on sexual wellness is a complex and multifaceted issue. Proponents argue the platform can promote sexual empowerment and liberation by providing a space for individuals to explore and express their sexuality without judgment. OnlyFans allows creators to cater to diverse interests and preferences, promoting inclusivity and representation within the adult entertainment industry. Moreover, supporters contend that OnlyFans can enhance sexual wellness by facilitating more authentic and consensual interactions between creators and consumers. Unlike mainstream pornography which often prioritizes unrealistic portrayals of sex and pleasure, OnlyFans content is typically user-generated and personalized, reflecting the desires and boundaries of both parties involved. However, ensuring that such empowerment remains inclusive and respectful of boundaries remains a challenge.

Challenges to Sexual Wellness on OnlyFans

Critics caution that OnlyFans may also have negative implications for sexual wellness, particularly regarding unrealistic beauty standards and performance pressures. The platform’s emphasis on visual aesthetics and subscriber engagement metrics may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity among both creators and consumers. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the potential for coercion within the creator-consumer dynamic, particularly in cases where creators may feel pressured to cater to specific fetishes or requests. Furthermore, the blurred lines between personal and professional boundaries on OnlyFans can exacerbate issues related to consent and emotional well-being, raising questions about the ethical implications of intimate content creation and consumption in the digital age. Navigating these complexities requires careful consideration of both individual agency and systemic influences.

Regulatory Challenges and Ethical Considerations

The rapid growth of OnlyFans has prompted regulatory and ethical concerns regarding content moderation, age verification, and the protection of creators and consumers. While OnlyFans has implemented measures to verify the age and identity of its users and to moderate potentially harmful or illegal content, challenges remain in ensuring compliance with diverse legal jurisdictions and safeguarding against manipulation or harm. Moreover, the ethical implications of OnlyFans extend beyond content moderation to broader questions of consent, privacy and representation. As creators and consumers navigate the complexities of digital intimacy, ethical guidelines and industry standards are needed to promote accountability, transparency and respect for individual agency and autonomy. Addressing these challenges requires collaboration between platform operators, policymakers and advocacy groups to develop comprehensive solutions prioritizing the well-being and rights of all involved parties while upholding principles of freedom of expression and personal choice.

The Future of OnlyFans and Sexual Wellness

As OnlyFans continues to evolve and expand its influence, the implications for sexual wellness remain subject to ongoing debate and scrutiny; while the platform offers unprecedented opportunities for economic empowerment and sexual expression, it also raises important questions about exploitation, consent and ethical responsibility. Moving forward, a nuanced and evidence-based approach is needed to address the complex intersections of technology, commerce and sexuality. By engaging in critical dialogue and collaboration, stakeholders can work towards promoting a culture of sexual wellness that respects diversity, autonomy and dignity for all individuals involved in the business of pleasure. This requires a commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment that prioritizes the well-being of creators and consumers while also recognizing and addressing the broader societal factors that shape attitudes towards sex and intimacy.

Get to Know Your Partner and What They Like

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

In order to get to know your partner and what they like, there are a series of questions you should ask. Begin by letting your partner know that you want to learn to prioritize them sexually. If there has been an orgasm gap in your relationship, the first step is to acknowledge that. This may take some mindset changes, but it is possible and healthy to begin this orgasm equality journey together.

Now, unfortunately there are a lot of people that have no idea what turns them on.  Some partners have never prioritized themselves in this way and wouldn’t know where to start even if they wanted to.

I’ve created this list of questions to help start you on this journey. You may need to take several detours along the way, maybe a field trip or two to really pin point some of their favorite and not-so-favorite things. But let’s get started.

What things turn her on sexually?

  • Are there any smells that they really loves? A certain perfume, cologne, an essential oil or candle.
  • Do they like to feel things like soft blankets or super fluffy pillows? Silk sheets?
  • Have they ever read a romance novel? Romance novels don’t need to be dirty or raunchy to get our imaginations going. In my opinion, romance novels tend to get a bad reputation, but they are worth looking into. Does reading a romance novel sound like something your partner would enjoy?
  • Is there a sound they really like? Raindrops, thunderstorms, creeks, crashing ocean waves. What about music? Are there songs that really resonate?

Remember, the key is not just to start the engine but to transport to a place that matters.

You may already know this one, but do they have a drink that really soothes them? A favorite wine, hot tea, coffee, hot cocoa, maybe even kombucha.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash


  • Aphrodisiacs can be an incredible turn on too, especially chocolate.
  • What’s their favorite food?
  • Do they like sweet things like strawberries and chocolate cake? Or more salty?
  • Food play can be fun and exciting. Starting in the kitchen can be a great idea.

In fact, food can be such a turn on that you can buy lubes that are mint chocolate chip, pina colada, and birthday cake flavored (and many many more).


Does you and your partner have any fantasies?  When people think of the word “fantasy” they think of having sex or sexual relation in odd and awkward situations. That is not what I am referring to.

When I say fantasy, it’s more realistic, something that could happen any day. A scene may play out in their mind, such as, where you come home and hold each other for a few minutes then the scene unfolds. Would you like to write out a screen play of the two of you that you can act out later, you should ask.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

How can you play together? What sounds fun to her?

Are there things that tend to distract her when you want to have sex? Think external distractions like pets, cell phones, tv in the background, a pile of dirty laundry that’s been sitting in the corner for a few weeks.

Now consider internal distractions. This list can be extensive like that phone call or text she’s been meaning to return for several hours (or days). Perhaps she had a fight with her bestie and now she can’t focus on anything else. She might have a long list of to-dos that just doesn’t seem to get smaller no matter what she does.

What can you do to help with those external and internal distractions?

Ask them what her top 3 distractions are and work together to clear them.  Ask her what her favorite memory is of the two of you, tell her to be specific. This will give you a lot of clues about the things she values. Does she remember the smells? Was it raining? Maybe there was a warm fire. Did she like the smell, feel, or look of the fire? Do you see where I’m going with this? If you are able, try and recreate that scene for her. It’s likely that things have changed since that memory. The outcome may not be the same as it was, do not take that as a loss.

Enjoy the journey together, learn who she is now. Women go through so much change. Our needs and wants can change drastically as time goes on. We may hate something that we loved 15 years ago.That is why it is important not to guess at these questions. Take the time to figure out who she is today. If nothing else, she will appreciate you taking the time to prioritize her.

Single Dating Sex

Photo by Tibor Pápai on Unsplash

Looking differently at some statistics regarding single dating sex, we discover that sex on the first date is quite common these days. How many of you can relate to these numbers?

A survey done in August 2023 by Forbes Health polled 5,000 U.S. respondents who dated actively in the past five years. Nearly 30% used online dating and the study found that 70% of individuals who met someone using that method said the meeting led to an exclusive relationship which was romantic. Another 28% said the date did not lead to anything.

It seems females still prefer a face-to-face meeting while males are more likely to use and find someone on a dating app. The top three places to find someone to date are online dating, at 45%, followed by an introduction through a friend, at 33%, and lastly connecting with someone at concerts or festivals, at 32%.

Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

The U.S. Census Bureau says there are over 117 million people who are single in the U.S. This is nearly 47% of the total population.

According to a survey by The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice, 25% of the single population are not interested in a relationship. And in the same poll, they found 80% of the sample thought they could be happy not being married.

Looking at a world view, according to the International Union of Sex Workers, there are around 2.1 billion people in the world that are single.

If you have ever been out in the dating world, you know there are many reasons why a person does not date. These can range anywhere from not being able to flirt to being too picky.

Things that also play a role in dating can be children, money, education, politics, health problems, bad luck, and appearance, to name a few. The following tables gives us some numbers to put things into perspective.

Top Countries with Singles By Percentage
From: International Union of Sex Workers
Ranking Country Percentage Single People
1 Denmark 24.1% 2.93 million
2 France 22.8% 27.7 million
3 Finland 19.6% 5.4 million
4 Belgium 19.5% 5.9 million
5 Norway 19.3% 1.4million


Surprisingly, the United States falls 21st in this table with 13.4% of adults being single and living alone. Coming in last is Turkey, at the bottom of the list, with only 3.9% of its adult population being single.

A further review shows that the culture of the country comes into play because you have a number of counties, like Turkey, where arranged marriages are common and there is no “dating,” as discussed in this article. Something to think about.

Continuing to look at the international data, we now analyze the percentage of individuals who have sex on their first date, and at what age this happens:

Percentage who had sex on a first date, by gender and sexuality:
From: International Union of Sex Workers
Gender and Sexuality Percentage
straight men 41%
straight women 21%
gay men 72%
gay women 53%


Looking at these statistics, gay men tend to be freer to have sex on the first date while straight women tend to be more cautious on the first date.

Percentage who had sex on a first date, by age groups:
From: International Union of Sex Workers
Age Group Percentage
18 to 24 22%
25 to 34 39%
35 to 44 39%
45 to 54: 39%
54 to 64 34%
65 and older 25%

The age group 25 to 54 seems to have more sex on the first date than any other bracket.

Returning to the U.S. data, we consider how race and income level might relate to sex on the first date:

Percentage who had sex on a first date, by race:
From: Bedbible Research Center
Race Percentage
White 38%
African-American 33%
Hispanic 39%
Asian 16%


Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

Hispanics come in first while the whites are close behind with Asians coming in last. There have been other studies that suggest that the African-American percentage group could be higher, as much as 45%, a difference of 12% compared to this study.

The ‘real’ number could lie somewhere in between due to where the survey was taken.

Percentage who had sex on a first date by income:
From: Bedbible Research Center
Income Percentage
Under $25,000 30%
$25,000 to $49,999 35%
$50,000 to $74,999 33%
$75,000 to $99,999 40%
$100,000 to $124,999 34%
$125,000 or higher 34%


Combining the data and just taking the highest percentage given in each category suggests this scenario: if you live in Denmark and are a Hispanic gay man between the ages of 25 to 54 with an income of $75,000 to $99,999, you have a very good chance of having sex on your first date.

It is very interesting how gender, sexuality, race, age, income, and yes, the country where you are from, can play a role in your dating habits.

But remember there are other influences like being too picky, health problems, being from the same demographic, and whether you have that spark for the other person.

Dating can be challenging in many aspects.

So, whether you are just looking for a one-night stand or you want that date to go to the next level, either way, dating takes work but it can be rewarding because you learn about yourself along the way. It is a process.

Have fun and always keep things consensual.

The Art Of Sexy Forethought

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

I indeed know what a bee sting tastes like, and this knowledge comes from the art of sexy forethought moment I experienced and am so happy I suddenly recalled when reading the article below.

This story, Perry’s Ice Cream unveils 5 new flavors – what does a Bee Sting taste like?, got to me today, less because of the varied ice cream flavors mentioned (although I do like me some ice cream) but more because of the mention of what a “Bee Sting” might taste like.

I once dated a girl who used a “Bee Sting” lip gloss. I’m not exactly sure if it was cinnamon or some completely manmade chemical ingredient worked into the sticky lip compound that gave it the tingle it delivered. But if I kissed this girl and she was wearing this lip gloss (she wore it often and I often kissed her) I’d get back a little sparkle across my lips.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Nothing uncomfortable or off-putting, not even a real ‘sting,’ (not that there is anything wrong feeling a little sting with sex) it was just a little extra something brought about by the young lady’s sexy forethought in buying this product, smearing it across what were her quite generous lips, all in anticipating that those lips might land on mine in the near future.  I also know she liked tasting the bee sting sparkle when she’d occasionally tease her tongue across her lips.

As I grow older and am treated to the consistent breakdown of my body and spirit, I realize more than ever before how important the small things in life are. And how, with the blistering fast passage of years, we can so easily have these seemingly little morsels of moments pass us by with nary a notice.

When it comes to our intimate encounters, we surely can miss a sexy forethought since they usually lead to those moments of deeper sexual (deeper sexual, “that’s what she said”) import.

Foreplay and all that gets us where we so want to get to that sometimes we don’t appetite the build-up, the side-long glance, a few buttons undone over a heaving cleavage, the growing bulge, the idea that somebody thought enough to purchase Bee Sting Lip Gloss to add just an extra little tickle in her next encounter with us.

I’m warning you my little droogs, heed me well. You need damn well notice, recognize, and
cherish the moments of sexy forethought. They pass all too soon and sometimes we don’t get to play them a second time.

Explore the Power of Tantric Foreplay to Enhance Intimacy

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Many couples struggle to maintain intimacy in their relationships. Tantric foreplay is an ancient practice that can deepen emotional and physical connection. This article explores how tantric techniques like mindful touch and breathwork can enhance intimacy.

Find out how tantric foreplay can intensify your intimate experiences.

Understanding Tantric Foreplay

Understanding tantric foreplay goes beyond physical intimacy. It involves mindfully connecting on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.

Meaning and Purpose

Tantric foreplay redirects sexual energy from the genitals to the entire body. It enables couples to experience a full body orgasm. Tantric foreplay deepens the spiritual bond and intimacy between partners.

Tantric massage aligns individual energy, balances masculine and feminine energies, awakens the union of consciousness, form, spirituality, and sexuality, and provides a therapeutic energy-aligning experience.

Photo taken from:

Benefits of Practicing

Tantric foreplay cultivates mindfulness. Partners become present and attentive to each other’s needs, deepening intimacy and emotional connection. Couples experience heightened sensuality and arousal.

Tantric techniques prolong pleasure, delaying orgasm. This intensifies the sexual journey and fulfilment.

Tantric practices reduce stress and anxiety. They promote relaxation and contentment through conscious breathing and sensual touches. Emotional barriers dissolve as trust builds between partners.

Individuals overcome insecurities and traumas related to sexuality. They develop self-acceptance and self-love.

Explore different types of massage that will awaken new erogenous zones such as yoni, whole body, lingam, etc. This arouses passion and excitement in long-term relationships. Regular tantric intimacy boosts overall well-being and happiness.

Mindful and Conscious Connection

Tantric foreplay cultivates mindfulness. Partners connect consciously, embracing the present moment’s sensations. This deepens intimacy through undivided attention on each other.

Tantric practices emphasise conscious touch and breath awareness. Eye gazing and sensual communication heighten physical and emotional bonding. Partners explore pleasure patiently, releasing expectations.

This fosters profound trust and vulnerability within the sacred space they create.

Creating the Right Environment

Creating the Right Environment section needs a tranquil atmosphere. Soft music and dim lighting evoke sensuality.

Setting the Mood

Creating a serene ambience sets the tone for a profound tantric experience. Dim lighting, candles, and soft music foster an atmosphere of tranquillity. Scented oils or incense infuse the space with alluring aromas, engaging the senses.

Ensure the room feels inviting, cosy, and free from distractions.

Adorn the environment with cosy fabrics, plush pillows, and comfortable surfaces to facilitate ease of movement. Incorporate elements that evoke sensuality, such as rose petals scattered across the bed or floor.

Establishing Trust and Communication

Establishing trust and open communication forms the bedrock of tantric intimacy. Cultivating a safe, non-judgmental space allows vulnerabilities to surface. Express emotions, boundaries and desires honestly.

Forget inhibitions and let go of expectations. Agree on mutual comfort levels before exploring new territories. Active listening and empathy breed mutual understanding.

Incorporating Sensory Elements

Heightening intimacy necessitates exploring sensual realms. Tantalising sights, scintillating sounds, alluring aromas, and sensual textures awaken passion. Caressing the body with feathers, silk, or fragrant oils ignites desire.

Integrating sensory delights during tantric foreplay amplifies erotic energy. Flickering candlelight casts dancing shadows, inspiring creativity. Soft music entrances, while aromatic oils relax muscles.

Relishing each moment kindles profound connections.

Techniques for Enhanced Intimacy

Techniques for Enhanced Intimacy” section explores mindful touch, sensual communication, and exploring different positions. Discover ways to deepen your connection.

Mindful Touch and Massage

Couples crave deeper intimacy. Tantric massage uses a conscious touch. Caressing awakens the senses. Slow strokes heighten awareness. Gentle squeezes release tension. Fingers trace energy lines.

Palms explore erogenous zones. Breath synchronises movements. Mindful techniques connect minds and bodies. Tantra embraces full-body arousal. Lingering kisses ignite passion. 

The clitoris receives loving attention. Tantric foreplay prolongs pleasure. Orgasms become whole-body experiences. Intimacy strengthens emotional bonds.

Photo taken from:

Sensual Communication

Sensual communication nurtures intimacy. Couples express desires through touch, eye contact, and body language. Open discussions foster trust and vulnerability. Mindful listening deepens understanding between partners.

Vocal expression enhances sensual connection. Couples share fantasies, boundaries, and feedback. Using affirming words during intimate moments heightens arousal. Moans and sighs communicate pleasure.

Tantric foreplay embraces vocal expression.

Exploring Different Positions

Exploring different positions amplifies tantric foreplay—couples alternate positioning, aligning bodies for profound energetic connection. Lying side by side enables sensual touch, caressing from head to toe.

Seated stances facilitate eye gazing, deepening emotional bonds. Woman straddling allows access to massaging sacred spaces.

Switching positions continually redirects energy flow. Varied stances prevent stagnation, keeping intimacy alive. Creativity heightens arousal, unlocking new sensations. Transitioning seamlessly between postures maintains an unbroken connection.

Taking Your Intimacy to the Next Level

Increase intimacy with exercises in synced breathing and sustained eye contact. Enhance your connection by incorporating gratitude into your routine.

Integrating Breathwork and Eye Gazing

Breathwork forms an integral part of tantric foreplay. Synchronising breaths creates a profound connection. Eye gazing deepens emotional bonds, and lingering eye contact heightens intimacy.

Both enhance physical and spiritual closeness.

Controlling breaths calms the mind. Eye contact releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone. This promotes trust, vulnerability, and emotional openness. Couples achieve profound states of arousal and ecstasy.

Deepening Emotional and Physical Connection

Tantric foreplay fosters profound emotional and physical intimacy. Couples connect through mindful touch, eye gazing, and synchronised breathing, heightening sensations and allowing partners to experience each other profoundly.

Gratitude exercises reinforce appreciation, strengthening emotional bonds. Tantric techniques awaken sensuality, amplifying pleasure and orgasms.

Integrating breathwork harmonises energies, facilitating deep merging. Synchronised breathing induces trance-like states of unity. Tantric practitioners attain profound spiritual connection transcending physical pleasure.

Lingering in exquisite moments deepens closeness and vulnerability. Sensual communication enhances understanding between lovers.

Practicing Gratitude and Graciousness

Embracing gratitude amplifies intimacy. Appreciate each other’s presence, vulnerability, and willingness to explore. Express thankfulness for shared moments, fostering more profound connections.

Graciousness nurtures emotional safety. Approach your partner with kindness, respect, and acceptance. Celebrate individuality while cherishing unity. This harmonious dynamic strengthens intimacy.


Tantric foreplay opens doors to profound intimacy. Embracing conscious touch awakens deeper connections. Mindful exploration of sensuality ignites passion within. Breathwork and present-moment awareness deepen the journey.

Ultimately, tantric practices offer transformative experiences for couples.


Transforming Your Bedroom into a Sensual Haven

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for intimacy can be a challenge.  Transforming your bedroom into a sensual haven can help with the stress.  We have busy  schedules, endless distractions, and the demands of everyday life can often leave little room for prioritizing the romantic connection between partners. However, amidst the chaos, your bedroom should serve as a sanctuary—a space where you can unwind, connect, and indulge in moments of intimacy with your partner.

It’s time to reclaim your bedroom and transform it into a haven of sensuality and relaxation. Here’s how you can do it:

Define Your Vision

Sit down with your partner and discuss your dreams and goals for your space. What atmosphere do you want to create? Consider factors like lighting, textures, and scents that contribute to a soothing ambiance. Establish a budget and timeframe for your project to keep yourselves on track.  You can then plan out what is needed to make your vision become a reality.  

Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash

Declutter and Purge

Transforming your bedroom into a sensual haven requires you to take a critical look at your bedroom and identify items that no longer serve a purpose or contribute to the desired atmosphere. Purge unnecessary clutter to make room for the elements that truly enhance your space.

Organize and Clean

Once you’ve decluttered, organize your belongings in a way that promotes relaxation and harmony. Deep clean your bedroom to create a fresh and inviting environment. A clean space sets the stage for relaxation and intimacy.

Reward Yourselves

Celebrate your hard work and progress with a reward. Treat yourselves to a special dinner or a relaxing night out to commemorate your efforts and reinforce the importance of nurturing your relationship.

Photo by Sabina Tone on Unsplash

Stimulate Your Senses

Explore different sensory experiences to enhance the ambiance of your bedroom. Experiment with soft lighting, soothing colors, luxurious textures, and pleasing scents to create a sensual environment that appeals to all your senses.

Set the Mood for Intimacy

Incorporate design elements that encourage intimacy and connection between you and your partner. Soft lighting, calming colors, and evocative music can help create a romantic atmosphere conducive to intimacy.

Personalize Your Space

Make your bedroom uniquely yours by incorporating personal touches and elements that reflect your personalities and preferences. Create a space that feels comfortable, inviting, and authentically yours.

By taking intentional steps to transform your bedroom into a sensual haven, you can cultivate a space that fosters intimacy, relaxation, and connection with your partner. Remember, the journey to creating your ideal bedroom is just as important as the destination. Enjoy the process, and savor the moments of closeness and connection along the way.

The Female-Led Pheromone Company, Eye of Love Celebrates and Empowers Women for International Women’s Day


The female led pheromone company, Eye of Love celebrates and empowers women for International Women’s Day.

For years, pheromone perfumes have been viewed only within a romantic context, to help attract a potential suitor – however, their use goes far beyond that. Jacqui Rubinoff, a co-owner and Vice President at Eye of Love, has made it her mission to create pheromone perfumes that empower women, evoking their most confident selves, and celebrating inclusivity.

“I believe in the transformative power of pheromone perfumes. With our perfume line, my mission is to empower women, celebrating their individuality and helping them ‘open up’ by instilling confidence. Pheromone perfumes aren’t just to seduce or feel sexy – we especially formulate fragrances for different moods and times of the day, so they can tune in with your energy and help you feel irresistible, whether you have an important business meeting, running errands with your kids, getting on a plane to enjoy a vacation – our perfumes are about you and how you feel,” – shares Rubinoff.

The trend is confirmed by Eye of Love’s pheromone perfume buying trends survey: from the respondents who identified as female, 40.26% indicated that they purchase pheromone perfumes to boost their confidence, and 28.86% – because they want to be more successful in the workplace.

An entrepreneur, certified Love Coach and Relationship Expert, over the past decade Jacqui managed to lead a brand towards constant expansion, launching several perfume collections that are now being sold in over 20 countries. Balancing her busy professional life, family, and motherhood, Jacqui herself uses pheromones daily to relax and concentrate:

“Personally, I’ve found that pheromone perfumes have been a game-changer, boosting my confidence and helping me relax in every aspect of daily life. Over the years, we’ve received dozens of testimonials from incredible women who share similar experiences. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness the positive impact these fragrances have had, empowering women to step into their own power with newfound confidence and self-assurance.

As a female leader, I’m on a mission to shake up the status quo and support aspiring female leaders. By supporting various female mentorship programs, I aim to empower others to pursue their goals and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.”

One of those who experienced positive effects of pheromone perfumes was ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger who was using Eye of Love’s pheromone perfumes for some time before creating her own line with the brand.

“As a Millionaire Matchmaker, I’ve always understood the importance of attraction. Pheromones have made a strong impact in both my personal and professional life. I’ve witnessed firsthand the magnetic allure they bring to relationships and how powerful they are when it comes to boosting self-confidence. And there is nothing more magnetic than a person who is confident and in love with themselves,” – says Stanger.

Matchmaker is currently the most inclusive pheromone perfume line on the market, featuring the world’s first gender fluid pheromone perfume, ‘Attract Them’.

About Eye of Love

Eye of Love is a luxury brand of sensual perfumes. Combining the highest quality vegan pheromones and seductive fragrances, Eye of Love creates perfumes and colognes that evoke sensuality and confidence. A family-run company based in San Diego, Eye of Love has won customers’ hearts globally and is now selling in over 20 countries.


Contact: Olga Glioza
Email: [email protected]


Two Darkside Play Parties

There are two upcoming play parties, happening in the UK, that Darkside Magazine is throwing, sure to have the alternative dressed coming out in droves.

I can speak well to Darkside and what they do, contributing to them as I do regularly. Here is a group of people who care about the nuisances of BDSM and fetish and be they having a party (two of them actually) you can be guaranteed to find the naughty good time you are most after come the end of this month.

Happening on Saturday, March 23rd, from 9 pm until 1 am, the first Darkside Play Party will be held in Camden London, at the Trap Door. Hosted by Mistress Xena and Divine Domino, special guests set to attend include Livie Blainn, and Topher Taylor, with a special appearance from the ladies of Model Wrestling Management.

The Trap Door boasts three levels, all manner of ‘play’ furniture, a bar, and a dance area. Attendees booking within the next five days can take advantage of an early bird entrance fee.

On the same night, in Bolton, the other Darkside Play Party is happening at Art Physique. Mistress Allanna hosts, with The Countessa, Abbi Amore, and many others attending as special guests. Art Physique has its own parking, a private entrance, a kitchen, and a bar. The price for tickets for this party is 30 pounds for singles and 40 for couples.

This link will take you to more details for both EVENTS | Darkside Magazine

Surely promoting a specific kind of adult (over 18 please!) aesthetic, as I say, Darkside Magazine has been a trusted source for its specific kind of material for years now. These two parties at the end of the month will prove to be as classy, fun, and full of revelry, and lots of playing, as you can imagine.

You would do well to either get to Camden or Bolton. And tell them, I sent you.

Laura Holt: In Honor of an Empowering Classic TV Heroine

Laura Holt: In Honor of an Empowering–and Itchy–Classic TV Heroine

For the grand occasion of this, Women’s History Month, the Feminist Sexpert honors one of the first fictional heroines who gave women across the country full permission to feel capable. Intelligent. Empowered. And itchy.

Known primarily today as ‘that one TV series that Pierce Brosnan did before he played James Bond,’ the 1980s TV series Remington Steele holds equal cultural significance as one of the first mainstream network shows to present female viewers with a brilliant, powerful career woman heroine who had brains, grit–and hormones.

Laura Holt, portrayed by the fantastic Stephanie Zimbalist, was a private detective who, despite training thoroughly for her craft and showing amazing logic and intuition in the solving of various cases (not to mention a mean right hook, when the situation calls for it), is unable to draw clients to her newly opened agency. Why? Well, basically and essentially, because she has a vagina. That’s right; Laura finds that few people wish to enlist the services of a female private detective–so she puts her creativity to work and conjures the identity of a fictional male supervisor–a gentleman known as Remington Steele.

The plan works well until a gorgeous, mysterious Englishman (played by Pierce Brosnan, one of my first and longest running crushes) mysteriously appears in Laura’s life–a handsome stranger with an unknown past, who falls into Laura’s life and soon becomes the very fetching face of the Remington Steele agency. She does the work, he takes the bows–but it is always acknowledged that Laura is the brains and savvy behind the operation. And as she and Remington work side by side, the two fall in love.

Now granted, Laura Holt was far from the first powerful, capable unmarried career woman to serve as the heroine of a hit TV show. That honor would be shared by Ann Marie in That Girl (Marlo Thomas), Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Julia, the title character of the Diahann Carroll TV show that depicted the life of a nurse, and Lucy in The Lucy Show. And of course, we’d already seen our fair share of kickass action heroines on the small screen, including Emma Peel in The Avengers, Pepper in Police Woman, Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels. Yet, while they were emboldened to express their moxy, intellect and skills, none of these ladies seemed to have much of a sex life, or to want one.

Ah, but our gal Laura wants–and, in her own classy, reserved way, she expresses her desires for the charming, stunning gent who endlessly tempts and intrigues her.

In episode two of season one of Remington Steele (not that The Feminist Sexpert kept track), the heavenly Remington makes his first blatant attempt to seduce Laura–suggesting that they allow their passions to explode into something more fulfilling. After Laura clarifies that Steele does indeed want to ‘jump in the sack’ (love that Laura), she affirms that she would love to–but that, in an attempt to remain professional and maintain total control over their situation, she will refrain. Later she admits to Bernice Foxe, her secretary and sisterfriend, that she feels ‘itchy’ for Steele.

Um, wut? Did a woman on ’80s TV who was not Alexis Carrington just admit to being horny for some hot hunk? Holy Sexual Liberation, Batman!

Remington Steele is widely regarded among the first “Will they or won’t they?” shows, in which viewers are left to wonder as to whether the program’s central couple will surrender to their bond of strong sexual tension and head for the bedroom. And while Remington and Laura do refrain from hitting the sheets until they marry at the series end (sheesh, how did Laura hold out for five seasons?!) they enjoy many passionate kisses, romantic dances, and delicious seductive dialogue that kept female viewers in particular thirsty for more.

How thirsty? Well, I recently came across a Remington Steele fan board dating back to 2007, in which one lass claimed that she was so aroused by one particular episode of Steele that she tossed her TV to the ground and humped it merrily. We’ll just hope she was joking. In addition, several film scholars wrote essays about the impact of Steele on the expression of female sexuality on television (including Female Sexuality on TV: Suppression, Declension, and Remington Steele by Angus Johnston). 

To this day, Stephanie Zimbalist has said in various interviews that she is often approached by women who credit Laura Holt among their first and primary role models–and I definitely count myself among those women. What they might silently add is, “You and Pierce Brosnan taught me that is OK to be itchy.”

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