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Top-list the Sexual Deviations

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As the world becomes more tolerant and accommodating, it is essential to have healthy conversations about formerly prohibited topics. Sexual deviations are one such topic that requires sensitivity and comprehension. We will delve into some common sexual deviations and discuss how websites like OnlyFans are helping to create a safe, non-judgmental space for exploring diverse sexual interests.

Understanding Sexual Deviations

Sexual deviation, also referred to as paraphilia, refers to unorthodox sexual behaviors or interests. These interests, which deviate from what is typically considered “normal,” can range from innocuous fixation with certain objects to potentially dangerous behaviors. It is essential to observe, however, that the term “deviation” should not necessarily convey a negative connotation. Consent, safety, and legality serve as the defining characteristics. Sexual deviations can be a part of a person’s healthy sexual expression so long as they are respected.

The Role of Platforms like OnlyFans

In recent years, platforms such as OnlyFans have emerged as indispensable spaces for content creators and consumers to investigate diverse sexual interests in a secure and nonjudgmental environment. OnlyFans has served to normalize conversations about sexual preferences and deviations by providing an environment that respects boundaries, values consent, and promotes openness.

A Broad Look at Some Common Sexual Deviations

Here is a look at some common sexual deviations. These are mentioned with respect and understanding, without intending to judge or stigmatize:

Exhibitionism: A sexual preference for exposing oneself in public.
Voyeurism: Deriving sexual pleasure from watching others engage in private activities, often without their knowledge or consent. This is illegal and unethical without consent.
Fetishism: Sexual fascination with nonliving objects or non-genital body parts.
BDSM: An umbrella term covering a range of interests including bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism.
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The Intersection of Technology and Sexual Deviations

In the digital age, technology has become intertwined with our erotic exploration and comprehension. OnlyFans and other platforms offer a secure, regulated, and considerate atmosphere for the exploration of sexual deviations. In addition to content consumption, these platforms provide education, resources, and a community for those with these interests.

The Importance of Comprehending and Acknowledging

Regarding sexual deviations, acceptance is crucial. Everyone has distinct sexual interests and preferences, and it is essential to approach them with sensitivity, so long as they adhere to safety, the law, and informed consent. OnlyFans and similar platforms play a significant role in promoting sexual diversity acceptance and healthy dialogue.

Debunking Misconceptions about Sexual Deviations

In order to approach sexual deviations with an open mind, it is necessary to dispel some prevalent myths:

All Sexual Deviations are Harmful or Negative: As stated previously, sexual deviations comprise a wide variety of interests and behaviors, not all of which are harmful or negative. As long as they entail consensual, legal, and safe practices, many can be part of a healthy sexual existence.
Only a Small Percentage of People Have Sexual Deviations: In reality, the majority of individuals have at least one or two sexual preferences that could be categorized as deviations.The primary distinction rests in the extent to which these impulses are pursued and whether or not they cause oneself or others distress or harm.
People with Sexual Deviations are ‘Abnormal’: It is essential to remember that a sexual deviation does not make a person “abnormal” or “deviant.” It merely denotes that they have sexual interests that deviate from what is conventionally considered “normal.”

The Positive Impact of Platforms Like OnlyFans

OnlyFans has had a significant positive impact on the promotion of healthy sexual deviation exploration. OnlyFans has helped to normalize sexual interests that are often stigmatized or misunderstood by providing a platform for content creators to share their work. Additionally, the website promotes education and comprehension of these interests, thereby contributing to a more tolerant and open society.

The realm of sexual deviations is vast and intricate, comprising a diverse range of interests and behaviors. The principles of consent, safety, and legality are essential to comprehending these deviations. As society becomes more accepting of diverse sexual interests, platforms such as OnlyFans provide a much-needed secure space to explore, comprehend, and express these interests without fear of ridicule. Through ongoing education and open dialogue, we can cultivate a society that respects and recognizes the sexual preferences of all individuals.

See and Support the 2023 San Francisco Porn Film Festival!


Those seeking the very finest in romantic, daring, sensual and richly artistic porn need look no further than the 2023 San Francisco Porn Film Festival, set to return with its grand celebration of sexual cinema August 16th-27th, with online programing and in-person events broadcasting live from the Brava Theater August 18th-19th, powered by streaming adult platform PinkLabel.TV.

The festival is what organizers describe as “a multi-generational celebration of the industry’s history, and a look forward to the innovations of today’s adult filmmakers.”

The Feminist Sexpert also classifies this primo naughty flick fest as a whole lot of fun; a collection of 69 titles presenting an erotic smorgasbord catering to every genre, audience and sexuality. The event will include in-person and virtual screenings, socials, filmmaker chats, and a vibrant selection of expertly made and thought-provoking (not to mention hot!) erotic and adult films.

This year’s festival features both new releases that push the genre and explore the full cinematic landscape of sexuality, along with classic LGBTQ movies–with an emphasis this year on group sex scenes. Love it!

The festival, appropriately enough, closes with BIG/BANG, a curation of who’s-who in contemporary porn-making around the world.

Other highlights include the Wednesday, August 16, FORE/PLAY feature, a special 24-hour selection of films screening on-demand, with films showcasing international filmmakers, including Auto/Visual and Jerks from Greece, NARCISSISM from Germany, and House of Woland from Australia, while Documenting a Hot Summer Weekend and The Dinner Party represent contemporary Bay Area porn producers.

On Thursday, August 17th, artists will come together at 11:00AM Pacific, streaming online from across the seas in the MEET/GREET filmmaker chat. Later that evening at 7:00PM, the festival’s opening film presents an early 2000’s San Francisco homegrown dyke porn, SUGAR HIGH GLITTER CITY.

Filmmakers Jack Strano and Shar Rednour from SIR Productions will be in conversation with scholar Lynn Comella. The landmark film is preceded by an excerpt from Shine Louise Houston’s 2000’s queer porn cult classic The Crash Pad. This program is a must-see for fans of dyke and queer porn!.

On Friday, August 18th, the festival gets physical with two action-packed shorts programs broadcasting live and in-person from the Brava Theater. FUCKING/FUN screens joyful and hardcore shorts at 4:00pm.

Local artists include HANKY director Ramses Rodstein and Transit co-creator Jiz Lee in attendance. Then at 7:00PM, the narrative and explicit porn program continues with SEX/SCENE. Local highlights include CrashPad Quickies: Knotty Rell and Zuri Love by CrashPad director Ava LaPrima and No Man Like Me by trans creator Jaq Quicksilver.

International artists include Australian Into-You-I-See-Me exploring interabled intimacy and the United Kingdom’s Pointe to Please displaying the artistic parallels of ballet and pole dancing. Saturday, August 19th has the festival back in the theater with ART/SMUT at 4:00PM presenting short films with an explicit and experimental focus.

Other festival highlights of particular interest to women include BIG/BANG, showcasing sex scenes by the biggest movers and shakers in the queer and ethical adult scene: Midnight Tryst by Forplay Films (Los Angeles), Beer and Loving with Las Bangers by HardWerk Pictures (Berlin), RITES OF SPRING by Four Chambers (London), Babygurl’s Big Birthday Bang by AORTA Films (New York) and CrashPad’s End of Year Special (San Francisco). Festival film and Q&A replays will be available online through Aug. 27.

“The global ensemble of films celebrates joyful sex, bodies, and represents the latest in contemporary adult filmmaking,” reads an event press kit.

The Feminist Sexpert agrees in full, and encourages all interested in promoting artistically and ethically produced porn to support this year’s festival by donating to the event’s annual fundraiser, offering VIP and pre-sale tickets, limited edition t-shirts, PinkLabel.TV gift cards, and big sponsorship packages.

“The fundraiser allows the international filmmaking community and its biggest fans to play a major role in supporting the event by helping to secure theatrical and virtual production expenses, and importantly, ensuring artist payment,” reads the event press kit. Contribute to the cause of really, really good porn here. The fund-raiser ends in a week, so let’s get to it Ladies!

For more insight about the 2023 San Francisco Porn Festival, the Feminist Sexpert once again had the pleasure of interviewing industry legend Jiz Lee, Marketing Director of the festival and of the groundbreaking PinkLabel.TV and Pink and White Productions.

1. Jiz, I am very pleased to help promote this year’s San Francisco Porn Film Festival, which in my opinion is one of the finest feminist, multicultural and queer film festivals in the world. Please let us know some of your favorite highlights from this year’s festival schedule!

Thank you for saying so, and for helping us get the word out! (Especially important, given how difficult it is to share sex-related information online these days.) The festival has so much to offer. There’s over 69 films!

Some highlights for me personally include the opening film Sugar High Glitter City, which was a film I saw prior to realizing that I could find a place in the adult industry. Big Sur Gay Porn is another highlight, a unique documentary about porn and gay culture by Ryan A. White, the director of Raw! Uncut! Video! which is another gay porn doc to check out.

As a lover of documentaries, and as someone who recognizes that porn should be valued, especially for its cultural relevance, porn documentaries might be my favorite subgenre of adult film.

Of course, explicit movies that arouse and celebrate sexuality are just as exciting, and this year’s submissions had a particularly fascinating trend: group sex! Maybe everyone emerged from the isolation of COVID wanting to make up for lost time. The festival ends with a ‘big bang’ featuring five films that focus on the multiplicity of pleasure. Interestingly, it also reflects porn makers from five global cities — London (FourChambers), New York (Aorta Films), Los Angeles (ForPlay Films), Berlin (HardWerk Pictures), and of course, San Francisco’s very own

2. Tell us a bit about the history of this groundbreaking festival!

The festival was inspired by the PornFilmFestival Berlin, an epic film festival that has been running for over a decade. PinkLabel.TV’s director Shine Louise Houston has attended the Berlin festival for years, and recognized the important role it played for both audiences and artists.

There are so many important conversations that can come from watching adult films. I’m inspired by films that politically and creatively challenge the definitions of what “porn” can be. There’s also a sort of ‘porn-begets-porn’ snowball effect, where a filmmaker (and often an aspiring filmmaker!) sees something that sparks an idea or desire that then inspires them to create their own film, thus adding to the conversation.

In this way, an artist community grows around the presence of a festival and cultivates films that push the genre. We want to foster that kind of artistic growth here in San Francisco and so with Berlin’s enthusiastic permission, Shine launched an American version of the festival.

What is wonderfully unique about the San Francisco PornFilmFestival is how it was shaped by COVID. Creating a festival during a global pandemic made it one of the most accessible and community-supported events we’ve had the pleasure to organize.

Our festival launched in 2020, with planning well underway when the pandemic happened. The team pivoted to a virtual festival approach and fundraised to build our own broadcasting platform so that we could live-stream porn, which is restricted almost everywhere else. We shared our porn-friendly platform with other adult festivals who had lost access to theater venues. The show would go on!

As venues opened up, we added the in-person programs, but kept the entire festival online, making it accessible for those who cannot travel or otherwise join us in-person. The Brava Theater, our venue we’ve presented at for the past three years, is wheelchair accessible and all the films are subtitled or closed captioned.

We also want films screened to reflect ourselves and others in our community, so our curation considers inclusion and representation of disability, older ages, and body types, in addition to race, gender, sexuality, and kinks.

3. Tell us how important public support is to the staging of this year’s festival. What are the various ways in which people can get involved?

It could not happen without public support, beginning with the very first fundraiser in 2020 to build our broadcasting platform. We hold a festival fundraiser every year, because theater screenings mean additional costs but at the end of the day we want to ensure artists are paid, just as we must pay for the insurance and the staff.

As artists ourselves, we try to balance the realization that festivals are expensive to run but should acknowledge artists’ labor. After all, without the artists, there would be no festival!

We want YOU to get involved! It feels great to play a role in a festival and there are many ways to help that fit all income levels. You can help by simply spreading the word. Follow the festival online and share our posts.

You can purchase an online or in-person festival pass. You can donate more to get fun perks such as t-shirts and a giftcard to PinkLabel.TV. If you have the means, consider making a substantial contribution. We offer sponsorship packages that include name thank you’s, logo placements, and VIP swag bag goodies.

We’re especially looking for a few sex-positive companies, porn patrons, and festival angels to support our mission in a major way as Premier and Extravaganza Sponsors. Is this you or your company? Contact us!

4. In today’s challenging times, it seems to me that the San Francisco PornFilmFestival is a cinematic safe space where all adults of all genders and sexualities can feel welcome and entertained. Thank you so much — if you like, feel free to leave us with a message of welcome and invitation to this special event. 🙂

The best thing about porn is its ability to reflect our desires. Film itself is all about storytelling, whether it’s capturing history, giving voice to the underrepresented, or dreaming up utopias of new worlds.

We curate the festival to celebrate the kinds of films that inspire and challenge us, and reflect our own sexuality and exploration. It’s a respectful space that embraces a sex-positive perspective and an open-minded approach to new experiences. We welcome all adults to watch with us!

Enhancing Sensual Satisfaction: Exploring Innovative Tools for Male Pleasure

Photo by Hisu Lee on Unsplashed

In recent years, the conversation surrounding sexual pleasure has become more inclusive and diverse, with increased attention on exploring innovative tools to enhance intimate experiences. While there has been a longstanding focus on female pleasure, it’s equally important to acknowledge and address the desires and needs of men.

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of male pleasure, discussing some of the exciting and innovative tools available today – whether that’s a cock ring, cock extension, and other toys for men –that can elevate sensual satisfaction to new heights.

The Rise of Male Pleasure Products

Traditionally, the market for intimate products has primarily catered to women. However, in recent times, there has been a significant increase in the availability and acceptance of male pleasure products. This shift has allowed men to explore their sensuality more openly and discover new dimensions of pleasure.

Vibrating Rings

Vibrating rings are becoming increasingly popular among men seeking enhanced pleasure. These rings are designed to be worn around the base of the penis, stimulating both partners during intercourse. The vibrating sensation adds an exciting dimension to the experience, intensifying pleasure for both individuals.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate, often referred to as the male G-spot, can be a powerful source of pleasure. Prostate massagers are ergonomically designed tools that allow men to explore this sensitive area. These devices provide targeted stimulation, leading to intensified orgasms and a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Male Masturbators

Sleeve-based masturbators have come a long way from traditional methods. These innovative devices feature textured sleeves that mimic the sensations of real intimacy. With advancements in materials and design, these products offer men a lifelike experience, making solo pleasure sessions more enjoyable than ever before.

Virtual Reality (VR) Masturbators

Combining technology and pleasure, VR masturbators provide a truly immersive experience. With the help of virtual reality headsets, users can transport themselves to a different realm, engaging all their senses. These devices sync with interactive content, allowing men to feel like active participants in their fantasies.

Performance Enhancement

Penis rings: Also known as cock rings, are not only designed to enhance pleasure but also to improve performance. These rings help maintain a firmer erection by constricting blood flow, leading to prolonged and heightened pleasure for both partners.

Delay Sprays

Premature ejaculation can be a common concern for some men, affecting their sexual satisfaction. Delay sprays are formulated to desensitize the penis, extending the duration of intercourse. By providing greater control, these sprays can enhance pleasure and improve confidence.

Communication and Consent

While exploring innovative tools for male pleasure, it is crucial to prioritize open and honest communication with sexual partners. Discussing desires, boundaries, and preferences helps create a safe and satisfying experience for everyone involved. Consent is also paramount in any sexual encounter. It is essential to respect boundaries and ensure that all parties involved are comfortable and enthusiastic about exploring new tools for pleasure. Consent should be given freely, without any coercion or pressure.

As society continues to evolve, the conversation around sexual pleasure is becoming more inclusive and diverse. Men, too, deserve the opportunity to explore and enhance their sensual satisfaction. Innovative tools for male pleasure offer exciting possibilities, opening doors to new dimensions of intimacy and self-discovery. Whether it’s vibrating rings, prostate massagers, or VR masturbators, these tools can revolutionize the way men experience pleasure.

However, it’s essential to approach these tools with open communication, consent, and respect for the boundaries of oneself and others. By embracing the opportunities presented by these innovative products, men can unlock a world of pleasure previously unexplored.


Tips to Enhance Your Live Sex Cam Show Experience

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From squirting to dildo shows, you can satisfy almost any kink on a live cam show. Just be sure to lubricate yourself thoroughly after each performance.

Cam models have unique responsibilities because they are involved in an intimate transaction. These Cam Etiquette Tips will ensure that the experience positive benefits both parties.

Participate in the Chat

Most live sex cam shows are public, which means anyone can watch them. However, some models offer private shows you can request for a fee. These typically involve more nudity and can be pretty explicit.

You must participate in the chat, whether in a public or private show. This helps the model feel included and allows you to establish an intimate relationship with her.

While many cam models are sex stars with hundreds of fans, most are just regular girls next door who appreciate your attention. It also keeps you more engaged, so you can better enjoy the act. You might even be able to distract her from reaching orgasm and delay the climax. This technique is called edging. Some examples include rubbing her hands, stroking her thighs, or talking about her favorite body part. You can click here for more tips and pleasure.

Be Honest

The cam model-fan relationship is a unique transaction that requires decency and respect. That said, fans should remember that these babes are human and have boundaries to protect themselves from stalkers and overzealous fans.

Be honest in chat and clarify to the babes that you are a dedicated fan and have their best interests at heart. Creating a trusting relationship will help them relax, so they can more effectively pleasure you.

If you want the babe to perform your kink, discuss it in the free chat room beforehand. Otherwise, she might waste your tokens performing acts that aren’t pleasing to you. Moreover, she might not even be aware of what your kinks are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tip

Most cam models are professionals and know exactly what they’re doing. They also like to be tipped and have a good relationship with their fans.

The best way to get into a model’s good graces is by tipping them and becoming a regular viewer. Eventually, this will create a strong bond between you.

Consider adding her to your favorites list so that you can track her schedule and chat with her regularly. This will help her warm up to you and give you a better experience in her private room. Plus, you’ll save tokens and credits in the long run. She’ll likely take you into her private room when you request it. She might even start to do things she doesn’t usually do in her public show!

Be Open-Minded

As with all types of relationships, communication is vital in a cam sex show. Setting realistic expectations is a good idea; respectfully communicating them with the model is essential for both of you.

It can also be helpful to keep an open mind. The ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes can be both terrifying and exhilarating, but it opens you up to possibilities you may not have considered before.

For example, many live cam performers love a little kink; some offer clitoral stimulation. They might stroke their partners and play with vibrators, dildos, and other toys during shows. Knowing if they’re available to do couples or group shows will also help you make your choice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Interact with Amateurs

Webcam models rely on tips for their income, so treating them with the respect they deserve is essential. Whether it’s a bit of gratitude or an extravagant present, it gomakeshem feel appreciated and motivated to put on a great show for you.

Some cam models have a knack for sexiness and may not be able to communicate as well as others, but that shouldn’t prevent you from chatting with them. They’ll still be able to satisfy your desires and will likely find the interaction stimulating.

Many sites offer group and spy shows, where you can watch performers in groups or as individuals without them knowing you’re there. Both options are great for those with voyeuristic tendencies and will allow you to fulfill your fantasies.


The Pleasure Between the Butt Cheeks

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Anal sex refers to anal intercourse. Intercourse that involves stimulation to butt cheeks, rectum or anus. Anal can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus. Anal can include placing fingers or tongues inside and around the anus.

Placing a penis, dildo, hand or sex toy inside the anus is very pleasurable and completely “normal” to practice for your sexual pleasure. Because of the number of nerve endings in the rectum with the stimulation of either the Skene’s Gland or the prostates to produce an anal orgasm that can really rock your world.

Anilingus includes rimming which is the licking or oral-anal contact, you should keep your mind open to giving or receiving this sort of stimulation. 

Is it Painful?

While associated with pain, it does not have to be painful. Anal can be pain free if done correctly. It often takes practice and always mandates patience.

You can perform anal sex on yourself.

Find out what you prefer to do so that you know what to expect and what pleases you anally. When you are with a partner, communication is key, talking to your partner throughout the act, especially entry, will make you all the more comfortable with everything that takes place in this type of orgasm.

Do not attempt entry without a good water-based lube. Lube is your best friend so use it liberally. I tease and say that when you think you have used too much, use a little more! Be gentle, the tissues that make up the anus are very thin and can tear easily.

The trick is to enter at an angle.

You and your partner are in control of your own comfort level. Be sure to check in with each other often to be sure everyone is still having fun. Anal will not cause you to have constipation, hemorrhoids, or diarrhea. If you do have these conditions prior to doing it, you should wait until they clear up before accepting anal in any entry method. Be sure to wash your hands and use a new condom when switching from anal to your other genitals. Use a dental dam or condoms when sharing toys or rimming.

Be sure to use good, high-quality toys.

ALWAYS use a condom. You may want to start small and work your way up to your pleasure point. Covering cheap anal toys with condoms, contrary to trendy belief, does not stop nasty chemicals from seeping into your skin. You can definitely catch an STI even if there is no penetration.

Know your health status and be comfortable enough to discuss this with your partner. It is imperative that you share any positive status.

There can be odd sounds but there should be no poop however, if there is, this is normal, but again avoidable.

You may want to shower before or during to keep things clean and appealing. It does not have to be messy. You can put down a towel or plastic sheet or have wipes handy before you start. Douches or enemas are not necessary as they push bacteria up into the anal canal.

However, if you do perform one or the other, you need to know that poop does not hang out in the rectum. It stays at the end of the intestines until it naturally contracts and releases it. 

If you know that you have to void your bowels, do so before you have anal. That is just etiquette. The pressure and fullness will feel so much better without that additional pressure in the wrong area.

You can concentrate on the process of building that pleasure.

Relax and take your time. This is not an act that should be done quickly. Be aware of what feels good and stop anything if it does not feel right mentally or physically. As the giver or the receiver, you need to breathe and relax.

If pain does occur, stop and evaluate what is going on at the moment. Tried and true, the giver should enter at an angle, either use a pillow or a wedge to create a position that allows you to enter downward if you are doggy style or put the pillows under the givers calves and use the height to enter in any direction except straight if the person is lying on their back.

The opening of the anus holds the highest concentration of nerve endings. The anal opening known as the sphincter muscles, anal canal and prostate gland make up the rectum in the penis body.

The feelings of fullness or pressure is the pleasure or arousal aspect.

Placing pressure on the ventral wall of the anus, just a couple inches in, will stimulate the prostate gland. The tip of the internal clitoral body can be stimulated through the anus as well. The Gspot, there it is. The Skene’s Glan are stimulated during anal, and that pleasure is just as explosive.

As stated, the lining of the anus is sensitive and easy to damage. Be sure to be safe by taking things slow, listening to your body and the reactions of your partner. Anything that you place near the anus should be smooth, this includes your fingernails. It is best to keep them short and round and as the giver, try to use the pads of your fingers if you have long or pointed nails.

Use toys that are unbreakable, flexible, smooth, clean and comfortable in size.

Use a toy with a flared base. Anything that can slip from your grasp may not be retrievable inside the intestines. You may have heard of stories in which folks have gone into emergency rooms to have items removed from their rectum/intestines.

The anus does not make its own lubrication so be sure to use lubrication. Use a liberal amount of water-based lube each and every time you plan penetration of anything. Lubrication helps lower the risk of tears or damage to the rectum. Be sure to keep the space clean.

Do not move anything from the anus to the vagina. Bacteria that live safely in the anus can cause havoc in the vagina. Use fresh condoms and gloves as well as wash your hands to avoid cross contamination. A dental dam can be an excellent blocker during oral-anal contact, so keep them nearby too.

It is unlikely but possible to get pregnant from anal sex. If sperm is ejaculated in or near the vagina, it is possible to travel into the vagina and do what it is meant to do.

The perineum is what separates the anus and the vagina and/or the scrotum and this can be a short space between the two areas. Anal will expose you to STIs! This cannot be stressed enough. If you have warts or herpes around your anus, you should avoid anal until the outbreak has healed.

Phthalates are often in soft or cheap toys and can adversely affect the reproductive system. You do not want to use these sorts of toys without knowing the risk of such damage.

Start slow, go at a pace you are comfortable with and do not rush the act due to a lack of “time” or “opportunity.” Begin by touching around the outside of the anus until some tension is released from the receiver. When you both determine that you are ready then begin the process of penetration.

Lube is a MUST HAVE when receiving anal.

The anus, sphincter and rectum do not self-lubricate, and safe anal intercourse always, always, always requires lube. Lube that works quite well is water-based. It’s free of stinging chemicals like glycerin and parabens and is compatible with all types of toys materials.

For firm toys you want to use a silicone lube. Although it is NOT compatible with silicone toys, the lube is an excellent choice for anal sex with a partner, glass, metal or wood toys.

Silicone lubes are extra slick and do not dry out as quickly as water-based lubes. Using a toy that is completely body safe, certified seamless silicone that may vibrate, swirl, bead, or has weight can take anal to a new level.

Obviously, the goal to anal is to experience the maximum orgasmic pleasure you can handle.

Long May She Rayne: Electra Rayne Brings Us Queer Crush

Photo supplied by Electra Rayne

As we celebrate Pride Month, we also give thanks for those film studios, publishing companies and other media entities that cater to the queer community–including a new adult film site that releases content by and for bi and lesbian women., a new lesbian studio run entirely by queer women, is the brainchild of Electra Rayne; a beautiful, talented longtime performer who aims to show the world how queer women and Sapphic nonbinary folks actually like to have sex–something of a rarity in an industry in which male content creators make stereotypical ‘girl/girl’ porn for an audience of manly men.

“As a bisexual woman in a relationship, I saw very little adult content made for me,” she said. “Also, I wanted to make porn that my girlfriend would like. She loved the idea of lesbian porn, but couldn’t find anything made for her.”

A joint venture between Vegas-based performers Rayne (owner/director) and Dahlia Von Knight (head of production), QueerCrush launched last year and has now produced more than fifty scenes–all of which present lovely vignettes of authentic, nonscripted, spontaneous lesbian sex.

“We feature real-life couples,” said Rayne, “as well as women who want to act out their fantasy crushes on performers they love.”

Rayne most literally gives these women ‘free Rayne’ to perform their scenes in the way that they choose, in accordance with their desires.

“We direct them to have sex in any way they choose. We don’t tell them how to do the scene,” she said. “In all of my time as a performer, I’ve never had a director ask me for advice on how to shoot an authentic lesbian scene.”

Rayne herself appears on the site, along with adult luminaries that include Alex Coal, Casey Calvert, Penelope Kay, Lotus Lain, Rebecca Vanguard, and Sinn Sage. Also appearing are models that one might not normally see on mainstream porn sites.

“We have a focus on diversity,” said Rayne. “We have women of different ages, colors, sizes, looks, identities, and physical abilities.”

Photo supplied by Electra Rayne

All Queer Crush content is produced ethically, with full consent, preliminary interviews and check-ins in place. Performers select everything from their makeup and wardrobe to what they want to do during their scenes.

“My ultimate goal is always to maintain a safe, comfortable and fun set,” said Rayne.

And it’s all geared toward the female gaze.

“Straight men aren’t likely to like our content,” said Rayne. “This is for queer women and nonbinary people.”

And how does Mrs. Electra feel?

“My partner loves it,” said Rayne. “She doesn’t even mind that we have a porn studio in the house.”

Luna Storm, a BBW performer who recently shot for the site, said of her experience with QueerCrush: “I love that we got to pick our own partners and that the connection was really authentic. We were able to just have a great time and explore each other. The entire experience was super chill and I can’t wait to work with QueerCrush again!”

“QueerCrush is queer porn at its absolute finest!” wrote veteran performer Casey Calvert, who also directs for Lust Cinema. “My experience working with them was incredible. Every step of the way I was encouraged to be myself and create content in a way that feels true and genuine to me and my sexuality. I can’t wait to work with them again!”

A QueerCrush scene has been selected for screening at the 2023 San Francisco Indie Porn Film Festival. The site has also earned sponsorships from Sliquid Lube and Peepshow Toys–patrons can use promo code “queercrush” on either company’s website for a discount, with a portion of their purchase price going to support the site. Right now during Pride Month, is offering new customers 20% off for life – locking in a permanent $19.99 pricing.

For more information about QueerCrush and to subscribe to the website or buy/rent individual scenes, visit Interested performers can visit the site as well and click “Model For Us” for information about the application process.

Belle Soleil: The Feminist Sexpert Remembers Deborah Sundahl

As an author, filmmaker, magazine publisher and lecturer, Deborah Sundahl shone as a bright glowing light and a feminist pioneer in the erotic industry. 

Along with the fabulous Nan Kinney, who I had the honor of interviewing in 2021 when their films were showcased by my friends at as a part of their superb Classic Dyke Porn showcase, Sundahl directed some original, one of a kind–not to mention totally hawt–erotic films made by and for lesbians. Released under the fantastic Fatale Media label, these sensual classics included the signature Suburban Dykes starring Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell, Safe is Desire (a vitally important adult sex education film that addresses the subject of safe sex), Hungry Hearts, a gorgeous girl/girl romance, and Burlezk One and Two (which chronicled the real life stage performances of the first lesbian strip troupe).

Sundahl and Kinney also were the co-founders of On Our Backs, the first porn magazine produced by and for lesbians. A sexual wonderland for the modern lesbian, OOB featured centerfolds, erotic fiction, articles, and ads for the XXX videos, audios, phone sex services, and strip shows geared toward women only.

As an author and lecturer, Sundahl wrote extensively on the subject of Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot–and also produced videos showing both women and men how to make their ladies feel real, real good.

Deborah Sundahl passed away June 13. Yet the mark that she and Kinney left on the world of women’s and lesbian pornography and sexual agency is eternal and indelible. Beyond joining the likes of Candida Royalle as shameless trailblazers who engaged on a quest to offer quality adult entertainment for women, they gave many bi and gay women the courage and permission to express and enact their identities and desires–proud and unashamed.

Thank you, dear Deborah. Rest in Power.

A GoFundMe has been established, to assist Deborah Sundahl’s family with hospice and funeral costs. Support the effort here.

How To Diversify Your Online Presence As An Adult Content Creator

Photo by  Brooke Lark on Unsplashed

 If you’re an adult content creator, the best way to grow is learning how to carefully cultivate your online presence. That includes using different social media platforms to your advantage, branching out of your target audience, and raising brand awareness. 

Here are the best tips for diversifying your online presence, attracting new and retaining regular fans, and increasing revenue. Read on!

Use Multiple Platforms

With adult content creation expanding and reaching previously unimaginable revenue heights, countless platforms that prioritize this type of content have popped up. From posting on OnlyFans to camming or working with different porn sites, your options are endless.

While not all of these platforms are necessary to use, utilizing a few will ensure your audience reaches an all-time high. For one, most platforms have entirely different user bases, so using various will give you access to varied audience pools. 

The secret to succeeding in this type of multitasking? Doing research and tailoring content to the specific guidelines and user bases of particular platforms. By doing so, you can attract different types of consumers on different platforms, maximizing both your exposure and profits. 

Another key point to remember is that you should promote your content on every platform you use. So, if you post content to OnlyFans and work with a porn site, make sure that audiences on both platforms know where to find more of your content. That way, your exposure will increase exponentially, and you will have a chance to grow your presence on both fronts. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Most social media platforms have strict guidelines for posts containing nudity or any other type of sexual connotations. As a result, creators often neglect them when building their online presence. 

However, the fact that they don’t allow explicit content doesn’t make these platforms useless. In fact, they give you a perfect chance to connect with your fans, build a meaningful relationship with them, and expand your reach. 

For example, you can use Reddit and RedGifs to talk to your fans, post teasers, promote your content available on other platforms, and so on. These sites are milling with potential subscribers, and it is up to you to entice them to join your fanbase. 

Besides these two platforms, you can even take a more traditional route and use Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you play your cards right, you can utilize them to post teasers and drive your followers to subscribe and see more on an adult platform of their choice. 

The key to success is analyzing each platform, its usual user base, and what type of content it allows. With this info, you can create a content plan that will take advantage of all perks of different platforms and give your exposure a huge boost. 

Create Your Own Website

For the vast majority of adult content creators, making their own website is an unattainable dream. After all, you need coding knowledge to run a website, and most hosting providers do not allow adult content. 

What many of them don’t know is that there are numerous platforms — such as Vicetemple — that allow you to make and run your own website with zero coding knowledge on your part. Plus, they offer hosting and domain services tailored specifically to adult creators. Thus, there are no limitations to what you can post or sell. 

Besides that, you can also pick a theme fitting for an adult website in both aesthetics and user-friendliness. Integrating your own store and offering special feeds and content to subscribers are only some of the ways the Vicetemple themes let you have full-control over your brand and image. 

So, there are ways to own a successful website without dedicating all your waking hours to maintaining it. And the advantages are incredible. From building your brand by owning a unique domain to giving your customers access to all your content in a single place, there are numerous ways to profit. 

You can even integrate your content from other platforms into your website. In other words, there is no need to stop posting there to focus on your site alone. All platforms can be linked, so your customers can choose how they want to enjoy your content the most. 

Summing Up

The adult content creation industry offers you incredible opportunities for growth and profit. To make the most of them, it’s essential to diversify your online presence and reach out to fans on different adult and social media platforms. By doing so, you will vastly expand your reach, appeal to new audiences, and increase your revenue. 

So, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of everything the adult entertainment world offers. Experiment with different options until you find a combination that works, and watch as your brand grows!


Understanding the differences between Thruster Dildo vs Regular Dildo is essential, especially for making an informed decision. In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of these two dildos, helping you choose the right option for your desires.

Thruster Dildo

Thrusting dildo is designed to mimic the thrusting motion experienced during intercourse. They feature motorized mechanisms that provide a realistic stimulation and penetration experience.

With their thrusting capabilities, these dildos offer a more lifelike experience, closely imitating the sensations of intercourse. Many thrusting dildos are designed to be used hands-free, allowing for more freedom of movement and exploration.

They often come with adjustable speeds and patterns, allowing users to customize their experience according to their preferences.

However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks of Thruster Dildo, Due to their advanced mechanisms, thrusting dildos tend to be pricier than regular dildos. It’s essential to consider your budget before making a purchase.

Many dildos are powered by batteries or need to be recharged. This may require extra planning and maintenance. They also can generate noise during operation, which might be a concern for individuals seeking a discreet experience.


  • Realistic Stimulation and Penetration
  • Hands-Free Experience
  • Varied Thrusting Speeds and Patterns


  • Higher Cost
  • Requires Batteries or Charging
  • Noise Level and Discretion Concerns

How Does Dildo Thruster Feel (Personal Experience)

Unlike fingers, hands, mouths, or genitals, thrusting dildos do not tire. They can maintain a tireless buzzing, thrumming, sucking, or tickling sensation against the clitoris for as long as needed, ensuring an uninterrupted pleasurable experience that can lead to intense orgasms.

Regular Dildos

Regular dildos offer a simpler and more traditional approach to pleasure. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, catering to individual preferences. They provide a wide range of options, allowing users to find the perfect fit and texture for their desires. And generally more affordable, making them a budget-friendly choice for those seeking pleasure without breaking the bank.

With no complex mechanisms or controls, regular dildos are straightforward to use and require no additional setup or maintenance. However, it’s important to note the limitations.

Unlike their thrusting counterparts, regular dildos lack the ability to mimic the thrusting motion or provide vibration sensations. Using a regular dildo requires manual manipulation for stimulation, which may not suit everyone’s preferences or needs.

While they offer versatility in terms of shape and texture, they may have limitations when it comes to providing diverse stimulation options.


  • Versatility in Shape, Size, and Texture
  • Lower Cost Compared to Thrusting Dildos
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use


  • No Thrusting or Vibrating Functionality
  • Requires manual stimulation
  • Limited Stimulation Options

How to Choose a Right Dildo?

To select the ideal dildo for your needs, several factors you might considered:

Personal Preferences

Think about the sensations you wish to experience. If realistic thrusting motions are crucial to you, a thrusting dildo may be the better choice. If you prefer versatility and customization, a regular dildo might be more suitable.


When it comes to length, it means not only the entire length, but also the insertable length. If a dildo advertises itself as 6 inches long, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy the full 6 inches length. Don’t forget the handle part. So, remember, the insertable length is the key factor to having pleasure.


The circumference is another factor that should not be ignored. Different girths can stimulate the vagina differently. Generally, the longer the toy, the wider its girth. Currently, dildos are generally around 1-2 inches in circumference.

If you are not sensitive to size, it is recommended to have a tape measure when shopping for a dildo toy online, which can help you better understand what you are about to face.


Assess your budget and determine the amount you’re willing to spend. Thrusting dildos tend to be more expensive, so if budget is a concern, a regular dildo may be a more affordable option without compromising on pleasure.

Privacy Concerns

Consider your environment and whether noise level and discretion are important factors for you. If you live with roommates or have thin walls, a quieter regular dildo may be a better choice to ensure privacy.

It’s important to note that personal preferences and needs can vary greatly. Experimenting and exploring different options can be an exciting way to discover what works best for you. If possible, try visiting a reputable adult toy store or reading customer reviews to gather more information about specific models and their features.

In conclusion

The choice between a thrusting dildo and a regular dildo depends on your personal preferences, desired sensations, budget, and privacy concerns.

Remember, what matters most is finding a toy that brings you pleasure and enhances your intimate experiences. Embrace your individuality, explore different options, and enjoy the journey of discovering what works best for you. Happy exploring!

The Feminist Sexpert Says: Vote No on Throat

Photo found at Pexels, taken by Andrea Piacquadio

In the future, when a woman’s crying like that, she isn’t having any fun!–Louise Sawyer, a title character in the film Thelma and Louise–a film deservedly listed in the Library of Congress National Film Registry.  

So last year commenced the 50th anniversary celebration for the film Deep Throat, a pornographic film credited with launching the ‘porno chic’ movement–a celebration in which the Feminist Sexpert did not take part, because she thinks the flick reeks. She wrote a column detailing the reasons behind her stance here

Ah, but she’s not done yet.

Now comes the news that, to cap off the big ol’ Throaty Party, a campaign called #VoteThroat has been launched–a campaign that promotes the inclusion of the film Deep Throat in the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

In this column, I would like to address and refute the reasoning presented behind this campaign.

1. The Throaty Committee claims that, despite a stated goal to list a full spectrum of films from all genres, the Library of Congress has yet to include an X-rated film in its heralded registry. This is incorrect. Midnight Cowboy, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song and Medium Cool all were rated X at the time of their release, as was Pink Flamingos–and all four are now featured in the registry. In fact, a number of sexually provocative movies are featured in this esteemed listing, including the aforementioned Cowboy, She’s Gotta Have It, Sex, Lies and Videotape, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Harold and Maude, Son of the Sheik, Jezebel, Mom and Dad, and many others.

This year alone, Dee Rees’ fantastic Pariah joins a handful of LGBTQA films to make the list.

It may be true that no pornographic film is featured in the registry–but why start with Deep Throat? The Feminist Sexpert, for example, would love to see Candida Royalle’s Femme, a movie that single handedly revolutionized the couples market and marked the inception of feminist porn as a marketable industry, on the list. Another likely candidate would be The Devil in Miss Jones, though I personally am not a fan. Andy Warhol’s Blue Movie was the first explicit sex film to be released nationwide in the United States. Boys in the Sand was the inaugural gay porno to receive a wide release. And Andrew Blake’s beautiful Night Trips was the first XXX film to win a top award at a mainstream international film festival.

2. They listed When Harry Met Sally. Why not Deep Throat? Sure. When I think of When Harry Met Sally, a wise, sweet, gentle romantic comedy, I also think of a porno movie about a woman who discovers that her clitoris is located in her throat.

But yes, the Throat Throng believes that, because of its featured and famous orgasm scene (I’ll have what she’s having and all that), new registry inductee When Harry Met Sally is comparable to Deep Throat. Here’s the problem: in her faked orgasm scene, Meg Ryan’s character of Sally was demonstrating just how easy it is for a woman to fake a climax; something far too many women do every day. In Deep Throat, by contrast, the audience is supposed to believe that the heroine gets her proverbial jollies solely from the performance of oral sex. In other words, just be a good girl and fall to your knees to please your man–only in this way will you find true happiness.

3. Deep Devotees insist that Deep Throat is woman positive, sex positive and fun to watch. This is the saddest, and most grossly inaccurate assertion put forth by the Throaters; that Deep Throat is a light-hearted, fun-loving film that makes a positive statement about women’s sexuality. 

The movie’s star, Linda Lovelace, aka Linda Boreman, insisted for years that she was coerced into the making of the film Deep Throat–not by the film’s cast and crew, but by a manager husband who abused her for years.

Boreman’s story drew much support from legendary feminist Gloria Steinem, and credence from witnesses and the affirming results of several lie detector tests. 

If you look beyond the blank eyes and childlike smile that she displays in the film, you see the bruises on her body. And as Roger Ebert stated in his brilliant review of Deep Throat, “It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging. If you have to work this hard at sexual freedom, maybe it isn’t worth the effort.” 

And as far as being a peachy couples flick, well the immortal Ebert has an answer for that.
“The word just sort of got around: This is the first stag film to see with a date,” he wrote. “There were a lot of couples in the audience Sunday afternoon. Most of them, I thought, left the theater looking a little grim.”

Two points I will concede: Deep Throat exceeds 10 years in age. And it does indeed boast a female lead character–like the vast majority of porn flicks. Congrats on that.

The Feminist Sexpert herself never has attended a public showing of the film Deep Throat. She has, however, visited the film research room of the Library of Congress. When I was researching my book Ladies in Silver, a chronicle of women who worked behind the scenes in the silent film industry, I basked in the beauty and tradition of this hallowed hall–a place that people go to celebrate the very best in film.

Deep Throat has no place at the Library in Congress. Linda Boreman does have a place in history, but it was one for which she constantly had to fight.

During her appearance on the TV show Woman2Woman in 1984, Linda Boreman asked an adult theatre owner point blank, “Do you realize that whenever you show the film Deep Throat in your theater, that you’re showing me being raped?”

The woman said nothing for a moment before mumbling, “No, I don’t realize that at all.”

Then she looked away.