Please Your Partner With Power Play

In the sex community, BDSM are four letters that stand for six words—Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. It’s a playground teeming with games to utilize the exchange of power to heighten pleasure and tantalize the senses. So lets explore the titillating world of these power exchange sex games from my new book, The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games, where you and your partner trade off being sexually dominant and submissive to one another. You will need an open mind, mutually trusting hearts and a bit of imagination to let these games be fun and exciting for you and your partner. Some other key ingredients include trust, respect, consent, good negotiation skills, honesty, and great communication. Some of the sex games may include being tied up or blindfolded, so having a solid sense of trusting your partner to have your best interests in hand is important.

Blind Love
Flip a coin to see who is going to be blindfolded and then lead your lover to the bed. Undress and ravish him or her with total abandon, which should be easy because they can’t see you.

Punishment Box
Keep a secret box of “punishments” to use on your lover when it’s time for some fun. Have a set of cards with erotic punishments written on each one so that you can pick one randomly. Punishments can range from being tied up, blindfolded, and deprived of orgasm, spanked, or humiliated by walking around naked wearing a leash.

Wrestle Mania
Challenge your partner to a nude wrestling match and experience foreplay the Greco-Roman way. For an added twist, consider greasing yourself up with oil and incorporating aspects of bond- age. Would wrestling blindfolded change the dynamic? Try and find out.

Lusty Shopping Spree
Go with your partner to a dollar store and each fill up your own baskets with 10 items to use for power exchange games. For example, a spatula for caning, pantyhose for blindfolding, clothespins for pinching, bobby pins for scratching, an oven mitt for spanking, and tape for tying. After 15 minutes of shopping, get together and compare. The person to reach 10 items first wins.

Top and Bottom Satisfaction
Take turns switching between being a Top and a Bottom so that you can be a dominant one day and a submissive the next. As a Top, you can take away your slave’s senses to make any punishment experience more intense. Take away their sense of sight with a blindfold, remove their sense of touch by restraining them, and deprive them of hearing with earplugs or earmuffs. Now you can stroke your lover’s body with ice or any other textures.

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