Live Long & Prostate: Anal Health & Pleasure for Men

A healthy, virile man takes care of his prostate! Regular check-ups, good diet and exercise all play a role. But did you know that prostate massage can also be beneficial to the health of you prostate? Not to mention intensify orgasms. In fact, many men say they’ve never experienced pleasure as intensely as with sex or oral sex combined with prostate stimulation.

The gentle stimulation of this walnut-sized gland cleans, nourishes and strengthens the prostate gland, which acts as, among other things, a filter for all the toxins in the body that make their way into the sperm. Encouraging blood circulation around this area helps to flush out these toxins, and keep the prostate and sperm healthy.

Many of my clients are interested to know that they can stimulate the prostate without going inside the anus through the ‘million dollar point,’ an area sometimes called the ‘taint’ because it ‘taint the anus and it ‘taint the balls – it’s that strip in between. Feel around for a small indentation about the size of a pea and gently press inward. This technique alone can induce mind-blowing orgasms, by itself or accompanied by a skillful blowjob!

If penetration is something you’re open to, then the possibilities for stimulation and pleasure increase. You or your partner can find the P-spot about 2 to 3 inches inside his anus, close to anterior wall of the rectum. Go very slowly, and use plenty of lubrication, as the anus itself is loaded with sensitive nerve endings, which can make the experience extra pleasurable, as long as you take your time, and communicate closely if it’s a partner performing the penetration.

Make sure you never poke the prostate directly, but that you gently caress it, either by moving your finger side to side, or ‘milking’ it with a ‘come hither’ motion. You can also press it gently like a doorbell.

For advanced prostate play, there are many excellent toys available from small butt plugs and vibrators to large dildos – just make sure the toy has a flared base so that it is never in danger of escaping inside the rectum.

For a detailed step by step guide to prostate pleasure, check out my DVD, Dr. Ava’s Guide to Prostate Pleasure which has live demonstrations of all these techniques and many more juicy combinations of oral sex, sex and prostate play that will bring you to new orgasmic heights. You can also find that DVD within a prostate pleasure  instructional kit that has everything you need to get started.

But when it comes to keeping your prostate healthy, even a non-sexual self-stimulation will do the trick to keep your system free and clear, helping to prevent prostate cancer and sperm damage.  Why not reap the benefits of a healthy prostate?


  1. Hi ,. All the charabia about prostate massage (PM ) is just big nonsense and like we say just sex prostitution. I am ver worried about doctors having talks about PM that guys do it theirselves. Me and my collègues urologists/ Dr. / psychologist/surgeon in my case for about 40 years, we will manage action to stop all that risky businesses about prostate massage. It is and will be for every guy a big risky nonsense to touch (if they touch) their prostate internally. Whatever the guy himself or the partner is just ridiculous. I saw and heard thingsyou just never imagine. So let’s be pragmatic. The prostate is the most cancer potential organe for every men.. without any exception. Only he touch as medical handling by professionals can be tolerated. All the other Blabla by hundreds of female therapists. Whatever this can be… is just big nonsense and risky. So maybe we should invite you all during surgery for cancer in the clinic, and show you how ridiculous are your talks and those would be therapies. And please STOP all talks about all toys which has anything to do with prostate… just dangerous because most of you doesn’t realise what they doing. Especially female therapists doesn’t absolutely not have any mention of what feelings these stupid things are generating , and what injuries they can produce. Stupid sensational videos about this is just commercial nonsense … And last but not least , nothing is scientifically proven about all that bla-bla-bla about those miraculous methods… So ladies, don’t try to talk about prostate and massage, because simply you don’t have one, all of you doesn’t know what it feels, and you never will experience it. Until you don’t have an instrument down there. You simply cannot talk about feelings, that you cannot have, about Sex trilogy- PTP- Penis, testicules , prostate. So don’t continu your talks, on what you even don’t know.
    You think you know better ?? OK let’s hear you, BUT no stupid sexual talks, just arguments scientifically proved.. and also, please mention your background … (medical- scientific- psychological etc..) None of all the sex coaches, sex educators or whatever you name it have the necessary skills about this items; Just BIG TALK


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