Product Review: Thrust Share by EdenFantasys

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I was sent the Thrust Share-Thrusting Remote Control Strapless Strap-on by EdenFantasys to review and share my thoughts on this product.  When the package was opened, the product was, let’s just say, not discreet by any means. A cubby that is long and deep for this secret is needed to store this beauty. Shhhh! The color is a pretty pink that feels smooth with simple grooves. 

The hand curved grip for either yourself or your partner is a huge plus. It is used to penetrate your partner and give a ride, such as pegging.  It was fun times and a few laughs as this was my first shared product with thrust.  I expected a night of fun with my partner, our playtime was an, oh, my, my, my of giving and receiving unlike we have ever experienced before!

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The charge vs play time could be a little intimidating, as the charge last about 55 minutes and we discreetly used a little less play time due to the intensity and speed of product.  The value, volume & velocity lead me to a victory in my book.

Some of Thrust Share’s Features

There are so many qualities that make this toy amazing, such as:

  • It is a silicone strap-on with a thrust function.
  • Enhance your partner’s pleasure by adding 3 thrusting patterns of the toy to your passionate moves.
  • Feel every thrust more intensely with 10 delicious vibrating modes throbbing at your hungry G-spot.
  • Let a hot shower pour on your skin as you savor your fun, since the toy is completely waterproof.
  • Built-in control pad for one-hand operation
  • Remote-control for enticing couple play
  • Emits the phone-on-vibrate 3 out of 5 noise level
  • Enjoy the orgasm-inducing 5 out of 5 vibration intensity
  • Functions: 10 vibration patterns / Thrusting / Two motors
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Let it do thrusting for you while you enjoying throbbing g-spot stimulation or move your hips for extra deep penetration. Either way, this unique strap-on makes you reach orgasmland on a very fast train.

Finally, the fact that it is waterproof is a plus in my books.  I actually put it in the tub to see if it was truly waterproof and it did not fail.  The most amazing part about this product is the price…only $159.99, but the sale price this month was $79.99.  I feel that is more than a steal. 

How It Feels

The Thrust Share feels great and is made from 100%  silicone, has a smooth velvety feel with waterbed lubricant, (remember, do not use silicone lube with silicone toys), and it hypo-allergenic, latex free and phthalates free.  It is non-porous so it does not harbor bacteria.

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About the Company:

EdenFantasys was established in 2002. Back then, shopping for intimate products was a daunting task that often required a visit to a sleazy sex shop with offensive visuals and language. To change that, their team combined their extensive sex toy experiments and knowledge of technology and,  EdenFantasys was born.

It is a place where everyone feels safe and at ease when shopping for toys.  They are friendly for women, men, and couples. Their achievements have been recognized with multiple industry awards and nominations.

Today, EdenFantasys stands as a leading brand for smart, sexy, and independent people interested in exploring their sexuality.

They use latest technologies for fast reliable service. Since Eden’s inception, great service has been their priority.


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