Dr. Ava’s Guide To Hot Oral Sex For Couples

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In Dr. Ava’s Guide To Hot Oral Sex For Couples, the question is asked, “Do you dream of oral sex?”

Lots of couples have sex, and lots of couples swap oral sex together at some point during their sexy time between the sheets. Still, many other people wish that their partner would perform oral sex on them and are sadly missing out on this delicious treat! Then there are others who think oral sex isn’t sex at all, but more like making out with other people’s genitals, but because there isn’t any “real” penetration, well it just isn’t sex. Then there are the ones who rush through oral sex thinking it is only foreplay, something to finish quickly like an appetizer before the big meal.

Well, oral sex IS all that, but much more.

And, if you want to keep your lover happy, oral sex is a very intimate, sexy way to do just that. In fact, it just may improve your overall relationship quality and spice up your love life as a side benefit!

Studies have shown that couples who give and receive oral sex more with their partners actually have a better relationship quality than those that don’t.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

One reason for this, is that oral sex is all about giving pleasure to your partner selflessly without expecting a reward afterwards. Sure its great if your partner reciprocates (and hopefully they will!), but that shouldn’t be the main motivation. Oral sex should be about giving, so you can give your partner exquisite pleasure.

Another reason is that giving and receiving oral pleasure is very intimate. You can’t get that close to someone’s genitals without becoming very intimate with them. It is an act of love and devotion that shows your partner how much you love to make them feel good. It makes both partners feel more connected and helps them feel closer.

Women also need a lot of stimulation to the clitoris to reach orgasm. So, giving her oral sex is a good way to ensure she will get off. For men, oral sex is one of the top fantasies men have when it comes to the type of sex they enjoy most. For many of them it is as much about visual stimulation (seeing their erect penis between a set of sensual lips), as it is physical.

For queer couples, oral sex is a way to get intimate without penetration, which may not be possible or even desired. Oral sex evens the playing field so all couples regardless of gender can enjoy the pleasure and benefits from it.

Plus, did I mention that oral sex is super hot?

Okay, now that I have, let’s move on to ways to sexually pleasure your partner with these hot oral sex tips for couples.

Hot Oral Sex Tips for Couples:

Oral Sex Tips for Penises

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Penises naturally seek out oral gratification. Soft warm lips wrapped around the bulbous head, a wet tongue dancing around as a smooth mouth sucks it deeper. For many penis owners this is the ultimate in pleasure.

Here are some oral sex tips and techniques to give to penis owners:

  •     Always use your hands as an extension of your mouth.
  •     Put their penis in the side of your mouth to prevent the “Gag Reflex.”
  •     Try to keep eye contact with your lover while orally pleasing them.
  •     Pump them up by squeezing their penis in the palm of your hand.
  •     Use the tip of your tongue from side to side across their urethral opening.
  •     Their Frenulum deserves extra licking, kissing, and gentle sucking.
  •     Wrap your lips tightly around their Glans (head) and use plenty of suction.
  •     Flick your tongue around their Coronal Ridge (around the base of the Glans).
  •     Lick and lap their Raphe (underside/seam of his penis) with the flat of your tongue.
  •     Change your rhythm from long, slow sucking to short, fast, milking action.
  •     Shake and wiggle their penis in your mouth.
  •     Hold the base tight while making spiral motions around the Glans.
  •     Gently tug their Scrotum while sucking them from the shaft to the Glans.
  •     Push on their Perineum (between the Anus and the Scrotum) while sucking.
  •     Put your finger (palm up) inside their mouth, while giving them oral love.
  •     Stroke their “Sacred Spot” (just inside the anus) while sucking.
  •     For “Deep Throating” keep your head back and let them straddle you.
  •     Stimulate their Glans with your index finger while you are sucking.
  •     Suck on an ice cube prior to oral love.
  •     Drink some hot liquid prior to oral love.
  •     Make humming sounds during oral love for some extra vibration.
  •     Discover their Prostate area with your finger while sucking their Glans.
  •     Rub fruits and juices on them and lick them off.
  •     Put their penis between your breasts (cleavage fornication) for variety.
  •     Wrap beads around their scrotum tugging gently while sucking.
  •     Stroke their penis lovingly with your hair and your face.
  •     Gargle with mouthwash or suck on a mint prior to oral love for a tingle.
  •     Don’t change your rhythm just before they climax unless they asks you to.
  •     Ask them how they want to be sucked; gently, hard, slow, fast, deep…
  •     Enthusiasm is more important than technique!

Oral Sex Tips for Vulvas

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Giving and receiving oral sex can make some people feel inhibited about their own genitals.  It can also be intimidating having someone look at you down there and your mind may be filled with fear of what you smell like, taste like, and look like.  But believe me, when you find someone you love and trust, oral sex will be one of the most intimate and erotic acts within a loving adult relationship.

Here are some oral sex techniques and tips to give to vulva owners.

  • The clitoris is more sensitive so use less pressure to begin with.
  • Kiss and lick the inside of their thighs to create sexual anticipation.
  • Explore the entire Vulva (outside of the vagina) with circular tongue motions.
  • Suck on their labia (vaginal lips) gently.
  • Long lapping motions with your tongue from their vaginal opening to their clitoris.
  • Use a pointy tongue all around the clitoris but not directly on it.
  • Write numbers on their entire Vulva area with your tongue, then the alphabet.
  • Slip one or two fingers inside their vagina as you gently lick their clitoris.
  • Use a stiff tongue to lick their clitoris from side to side.
  • Make humming sounds with your lips so they vibrate as you kiss the clitoris.
  • Stroke their perineum (between the anus and vaginal opening) while sucking gently on their clitoris.
  • Never rub or insert anything sugary in a woman’s vagina because it will cause infection.
  • Draw them closer by lifting their buttocks and kissing their vagina just as you would their mouth.
  • Alternate pressure with your tongue as you lick long and short strokes from the anus to the clitoris.
  • Insert a fingertip into their anus as you lick their clitoris.
  • Gently pull their labia majora apart (outside lips) and lick the labia minora (inside lips) with the tip of your tongue.
  • Nuzzle your face in their mound and brush your lips and nose over their clitoris.
  • Insert your tongue into their vaginal opening with quick pointy motions.
  • Flick your tongue over the clitoris alternating from up and down and side to side.
  • When they is on the verge of orgasm, make your lips into an O and take their clitoris in your mouth sucking gently.
  • Insert one or two fingers and discover their G-spot while licking their clitoris.
  • Lick the entire vulva like an ice cream cone with lapping motions.
  • Use your tongue like a snake sliding and twisting it inside the vagina slowly, then fast.
  • Suck on some ice before licking the vagina for a cool sensation.
  • Drink some hot liquid and then suck and twirl your hot tongue over their vulva.
  • Don’t change the rhythm of your motion when they are climaxing.
  • Don’t stop immediately after they have climaxed.  Keep going until they tell you to stop.
  • Ask them how and where they wants you to lick, kiss and suck them. Get them to direct you.

Final Words

Try these tips and techniques to bring more intimacy and sizzle into your relationship. Oral sex, if performed enthusiastically and with consent, can be an integral part of your whole sexual repertoire as a couple and an enjoyable part of any healthy sexual relationship.

Having a varied menu of sexual activities, including oral sex, to go to keeps a relationship hot, fun and exciting.

And, if you feel you are not that good at it yet… Remember that practice… practice… practice makes perfect!




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