Jiva Med Spa and Debra Shade Partner to Revolutionize Holistic Wellness

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Jiva Med Spa and Debra Shade Partner to Revolutionize Holistic Wellness

Columbus, Ohio – Jiva Med Spa, a leading sexual wellness destination for care in pelvic floor pain, incontinence, weight loss, the O shot, and the P spot, using modern-day, state-of-the-art equipment and no surgical procedures is thrilled to announce its partnership with Debra Shade, a highly regarded Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert and owner of Shades Oasis.

This collaboration brings together the expertise of Jiva Med Spa and Shade’s passion for helping individuals and couples navigate barriers to pleasure through trauma, and generational conversations of shame and guilt.

The partnership between Jiva Med Spa and Debra Shade aims to redefine holistic wellness by integrating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. As the owner of Shades Oasis, a renowned whole-body wellness center in Columbus, Ohio, Debra Shade has curated a wide range of more than 200 workshops focused on pleasure, relationships, and sexual wellness.

By joining forces, Jiva Med Spa and Debra Shade will create a unique space for individuals and couples to explore their desires, heal from past trauma, and develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and partners. This collaboration will offer a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness, addressing both internal and external factors that impact one’s overall well-being.

Jiva Med Spa is known for its innovative treatments and unwavering commitment to repair sexual dysfunction into sexual satisfaction. Dr. Rakesh Nanda, MD, brings a wealth of expertise in aesthetic procedures, regenerative medicine, and wellness services. His team consists of highly trained professionals who prioritize personalized care and strive to exceed client expectations.

Debra Shade, as a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert, possesses a deep understanding of the intimate struggles faced by individuals and couples. Through her private practice, Debra has made a significant impact by helping clients overcome barriers to pleasure and heal from emotional wounds, empowering them to embrace their sexuality from a pleasure perspective and experience fulfilling relationships.

Together, Dr. Rakesh Nanda and Debra Shade will combine their expertise, resources, and shared passion for empowering individuals to lead healthier, more satisfying intimate lives. Through a collaborative approach, they will offer cutting-edge treatments, transformative workshops, and tailored holistic wellness programs aimed at enhancing overall well-being.

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