From Getting Slimed To Sploshing

If you got aroused while watching Josh Duhamel holding up his Kids’ Choice Award proudly as he was getting slimed, or by Heidi Klum covered head to toe in wet and messy green slime, or by Jim Carey being slimed while he was descending from the ceiling or Jack Black shrieking with delight as he got slimed, then you may be a Splosher.

Sploshing (or WAM) stands for “Wet And Messy” and is a term that can become a fetish for people who become sexually aroused while wet and messy substances are applied to a naked body or even clothed people.

As a Splosher you may become excited by the texture of being all wet and messy from rolling around in whipped cream, chocolate sauce, baked beans, oil, mud, paint, beer, milk or any kind of slime. Alternatively, you may find it even more erotic to watch others getting Sploshed. Some Sploshers enjoy giving and getting, covering each other’s body in goop and then eating off each other.

Think of Sploshing as an adult version of having a food fight or getting slimed and have fun, but keep wet and messy substances on top of your lover’s body and do not insert them into their sexual organs.

Sploshing can be a fun, playful way of adding more variety to your sex life.

Bathing together after Sploshing can be sensual, making the entire experience an intimate one that you won’t soon forget.


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