So, You Want To Write Dirty Words: 5 Tips On How To Start Your Naughty Scribbling

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Whether you are an old hand at scribbling flowery prose or long screeds or just trying your hand at getting down some thoughts, sometimes we come to be quite surprised at what can come ejaculating out of our metaphorical pens.

But what happens if the stuff you happen to write is naughty?

No worry. There is hope for you. In fact, there might be some lucrative avenues to pursue with your salacious prose. At the very least, you might be able to finally get out of your head some of those hot and heavy fantasies you’ve had stored up. Maybe, in fact, by writing some of this stuff down, you could muster the courage to find a partner to try some of your more interesting interests.

Don’t be afraid; here are 5 tips on how to start your naughty scribbling:

1.    Write it.

First and foremost, get that stuff that’s been percolating in your brain, out. Write it. Go ahead; nobody is looking. Don’t worry what the words might be, what form they might take, if you deliver more a stream-of-conscious puking than an actual story. Just get it out of you.

2. Don’t worry about what is coming out

Whether we act on them, or even admit to them, we all have fantasies. Some are deep, some we would never entertain in real life, and some keep us up at night. Writing dirty words lets us let this stuff out, and just as you shouldn’t worry about the form you’re writing takes (at first), you should also not worry about the content. Go back to point #1…get it out.

3. Somebody somewhere said writing is rewriting, which is true…to a point. But don’t worry so much about rewriting, the proverbial ‘nip and tuck’ of editing, at first.

Rinse and repeat points #1 and 2.

4.    You might be able to sell it.

Yes, there are places to sell this work. 

A quick souring across the net (or even this site) will prove that there are indeed places for your naughty scribbles, be they fiction, non-fiction, a blog, etc. You might not make millions in your first few months out there or even get paid. But with a little digging, you might just find some places to sell your dirty writing.

5.    You are not the only one doing it. Be it an E.L. James and her “Fifty Shades,” or your old 

aunty typing away in her upstairs spare room, you’d be surprised how many pro and non-pro writers alike are typing up some sordid scene or working out some fantasy across pages they keep hidden in a folder on their desktop, disguised with the name “household receipts.”

Take solace that you are not alone in what you are thinking about and writing.

Now, go back to point #1 and have at it!

Ralph Greco, Jr. indeed knows what he writes about above, being a pro writer in the adult space for the past 20 years and having just penned: Writing Dirty Words: The Not-So-Sexy Reality of Making a Living Writing (and the Occasional Crack of a Whip)


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