Tantric Sex Intention

Where intention goes, energy flows. And without intention there can be no follow through. Intention is about enjoying the journey as much as the destination, to relax the mind and body reducing your stress hormones in the process.

Verbalize your intention for yourself to your partner. Let him/her know what your short term and long term intentions are for yourself in your professional life and in your home life. Then put your hand on his/her heart chakra and tell them how you propose to have a deeper heart connection with them. As you do this, maintain eye contact. You can also write down your intentions and give them to your partner so they can remind you of your intentions when you are not keeping them.

Share your relationship mission statement with your partner and include where you want to see your relationship in the next 12 months.

Exchange Wishes – Make a wish list of 3 things that will heighten your relationship and exchange the list. Take action steps to make at least one of your partner’s wishes come true each week.

Share 3 strengths in your relationship. Then tell your lover 1 weakness and how you intend to turn it into strength.



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