Tantric Massage to Sexually Arouse Your Lover

How to Give a Full-body Sensual Massage to Your Lover

Massage is a great way to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, move energy around the body and sexually arouse your lover! Massage is also a mutually satisfying way of helping couples exhibit intimacy for one another. Ours is a culture starved for touch, and massage is a quick, easy means to feed this hunger.

“Easy?” You may be asking yourself. Well, you don’t need to be a certified massage therapist to give a great Tantric massage. The most important component of a great massage is the desire to please your lover. So, here are some suggestions.

Setting The Mood

For starters, set the mood for a romantic environment by dimming the lights, burning some candles and incense, playing your lover’s favorite relaxing music and warming the room so that both of you will be comfortable. I know pretty soon you’ll be making enough heat of your own, but it’s always best to start at a temperature in which you are both comfortable especially since you should both be naked.

You can use scented mineral oil, massage oil or essential oils, or edible massage creams, lotions or powder. The choice is yours, but for the sake of this Tantric massage, I’ll assume you are using some kind of oil.

Begin with the Back Side

About two tablespoons of oil should be enough to start with. Pour the oil into your hands first and then rub your hands together so that they will be nice and warm to the touch. Then place your hands on your lover’s lower back and let your hands glide up your lovers back all the way up to the neck, around the shoulders and
back down, over the buttocks and the Rosebud.

“The touch of love and compassion. Whatever you love to do, you will do well.” -Dr. Ava

The Hand Slide

Now that you’ve got the oil on your lover’s back, begin with your hands parallel to each other and slide them down each side of the spine, massaging all the way down to the lower back and over the buttocks. Move your hands up all the way to the neck, over the shoulders and down the arms to the fingertips. Repeat this motion
at least six times. As you do this, ask your lover for feedback. If he/she is not the talkative type, then just know that it’s better to make the massage too soft than too strong. Remember, it’s all about giving as much pleasure as you can.

Pull-U Ups

For variation, try alternating one hand after the other as you pull up and stroke the sides of your lover’s body. Start by placing both of your hands over one of your lover’s hips and then gently pull up towards the spine. Move your hands to the waist and pull up towards the spine. Then take your hands to the side of the chest or breast and pull up towards the spine. Put your hands just under the armpits and pull up towards the spine. Don’t forget to do both sides.


If you have ever kneaded pizza or bread dough, then this technique will be a breeze but if you haven’t, try squeezing your lover’s back and buttocks between your thumb and fingers in a flowing motion (not too hard) with one hand, and then with the other hand. Now slide your hands to another area on the back and repeat until your lover has been well kneaded from neck to buttocks. The fleshy parts of the body like the buttocks can stand more pressure, so feel free to squeeze just a little harder and gently spread the cheeks as you knead. This can be very exciting for the receiver.

“A loving, faithful partner is the greatest treasure.” -Dr. Ava

Feather Stroke

Before you move onto the thighs, caress your lover’s neck, shoulders, arms, back and buttocks with your fingertips in a very light feather stroke for at least five minutes. If you have fingernails, gently scratch your lover with them. You can do this in circular motions, long fluid motions or from side to side. Let your light, tickly strokes and caresses create sensual anticipation for your lover as he/she won’t know where you are going to tickle, scratch or touch next. If you have medium to long hair and you don’t mind getting oil in it, then I highly recommend you use your hair to caress your lover’s body. It is very erotic and highly memorable.

Foot Caress

You’ll probably need more oil now so don’t forget to put it in your hands first, then onto your lover’s body. Now do the hand slide technique on the thigh and calf in slow motion. Follow this with the kneading stroke and then the feathery one. Do one leg at a time. The feet are a major erogenous zone so let’s give those tootsies some attention! Take one foot at a time and smother it in oil, spreading it around the ankle, the heel and in between the toes. Now use the palm of your hand to slide over the bottom of your lover’s foot back
and forth about four times. Gently rotate every toe clockwise and counter-clockwise and finally slither your forefinger between each toe. Gently pull each toe away from the body.

Turn your Lover Over

Your lover will probably have a smile on his/her face because your massage is so relaxing and sensual. Let’s continue the massage by focusing on the stomach and chest/breasts. Rub plenty of massage oil in your hands and then put your hands lightly on top of the belly button, slowly sliding them up the center of your lover’s stomach and around their nipples, then back down to the belly button. Do this at least five times because it feels really good and it’s moving energy around the body. Be very gentle around female breasts. The male
chest can handle a firmer stroke. In fact the male chest can even handle some kneading whereas feather strokes are more appropriate and pleasurable on and around the female breasts/Pillows of Compassion. Don’t forget to use your hair on your lover’s body.

“Joy is contagious. People never tire of being in the company of a happy person.” -Dr. Ava

Nipple Massage

Both men and women have sensation in their nipples (some more than others) so here’s your opportunity to find out how sensitive your lover’s nipples are by giving them a nipple massage. Use your thumb and index finger to gently massage the nipple in a rotating motion moving clockwise then counter-clockwise. Ask for feedback so that you get the pressure just right. Place your hand gently over the nipple and roll it in the palm of your hand. Finally, using your thumb and third finger, gently pull up on the nipple so that you are elongating it. Do one nipple at a time and make sure that all of these motions are done in slow motion. Observe your lover’s body language and listen for pleasure moans and groans. Ask your lover to rate the nipple massage from 1-10 on a pleasure scale with 10 being the best.

Side Pull-U Ups

When doing the side pull-ups, draw your lover’s body toward you with the palms of your hands alternating one hand after the other. Do this motion from starting at the hips, moving to the waist, then the side of the chest/breast and to the armpits just as you did on the back side.

Moving Down South

Before you get to the sexual organs, you should massage the front of the legs and feet as you did on the other side using all the strokes you have learned so far. Remember the hand slide, pull-ups, kneading, and feather stroke. Always end with the feather stroke using your fingertips, nails and/or hair.

Yoni Massage

On the female genitals/Yoni, you might want to use a water-based lubricant because if oil gets inside the vagina, it can cause irritation. Put it in your hands and rub your hands together before placing them on her yoni. Start by focusing on the vulva which is the outside visible area of the vagina by rubbing the lubricant around her Yoni in circular motions.

Her Landing Strip/Perineum

Gently rub the massage oil or lube around her Yoni lips all the way down to her Rosebud. Using the pad of your thumb, trace the outline of her Rosebud and then slowly slide your thumb up the landing strip (perineum) from her Rosebud to her Yoni opening.

His Landing Strip/Perineum

Slowly slide your fingers up and down the perineum from his Jewels to his Rosebud. Feel for a small indentation the size of a pea midway and gently press inward with your thumbs. This area is called the Million Dollar Point in Taoism and many men are able to feel their Hero Spot through this point.

“Compliments are the bedrock of romance so give them freely.” -Dr. Ava

Two-L Lips

Then gently part her outer lips with both of your thumbs and caress them in circular motions for at least two minutes. Next, slide your thumbs up and down her outer lips until they are spread apart, and then do the same with her inner lips. The inner lips are more sensitive than the outer lips so use less pressure. Watch for her body language and for the swelling of her Yoni lips, which is a natural progression when a woman gets sexually aroused.

Pearl Massage

Gently pull the clitoral hood back from the Pearl to expose it. Then gently slide your thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of the Pearl for about ten strokes. You may feel it growing as it becomes more excited. The clitoris can grow three to four times its normal size when it’s fully engorged. Next massage the head of the Pearl in circular motions using your forefinger or thumb. Don’t be surprised if she has a body melting, earth shattering orgasm. The Pearl has 8000 nerve fibers and it’s the primary sexual organ for a woman. Most women are capable of having a clitoral orgasm when it is stimulated. In Tantra this is called “Riding the Wave” when a woman can have multiple orgasms.

Lingam Massage

Put plenty of massage oil in your hands and warm it up by rubbing it with both hands, then slowly spread it all over the Lingam and Jewels. Next place one hand on the shaft of his Lingam and start stoking it in an up and down motion while the other hand gently encircles his Jewels. Do this in slow motion for at least three minutes.

Making the Fire

Rub his Lingam with both hands as if rubbing a stick to make a fire. This is a sure way to light his fire!

Spiraling the Stalk

Both hands go in opposite directions in a corkscrew motion over the lingam. One hand twists up while the other hand twists downwards.

Wet and Wild

Now concentrate on just massaging his Lingam from the top to the bottom covering the glans (head) and sliding your hands down to the base with one hand after another in a fluid motion. Do this for about ten strokes and don’t be surprised if he suddenly climaxes because this stroke feels like he’s inside a tight wet Yoni.

“The important thing is not what others think of you, but what you think of you.” -Dr. Ava

A Happy Ending!

When you have completed your Tantric massage, gently remove your hands, kiss your lover on the lips and give them a Tantric hug. When giving a massage, always remember to let your lover lead you to the places he or she would like to be massaged the most. Be sure to respond to your lover’s needs.

Combine stroking and pressure. Keep in mind, fleshy parts of the body (thighs, arms, buttocks) can stand more pressure than less fleshy parts like necks and ankles. While you’re massaging, ask your lover to give you feedback in a positive way like, “I love having my nipples massaged.” Or, “It feels so good when you use your hair on my chest.” By exploring your lover’s body, you will enhance your relationship and you will find
new areas of sexual excitement that will expand your sexual horizon. Massage is all about giving the most pleasure to your lover that you possibly can. It is a wonderful way to express yourself.

Don’t forget to take turns. It’s important that you learn to receive massages as well as give them. Relax and enjoy!




  1. Tantric massage …. ?????
    Now concentrate on just massaging his Lingam from the top to the bottom covering the glans (head) and sliding your hands down to the base with one hand after another in a fluid motion. Do this for about ten strokes and don’t be surprised if he suddenly climaxes because this stroke feels like he’s inside a tight wet Yoni.

    Just to say, that in real professional Tantric, cilimax does not take part of the play. And moreover, no standard couple can perform those whole tantric playing. Still real professionals have difficult to realy perform , because to many people consider this as a massage, with a highly sexual purpose. Hundreds of this therapists (mostly female…) are playing the role of therapist, but always with happy endings……. nothing to do with Tantric..!
    Also, during real Tantric, the receiver does never give any feedback.. ,

    So Tantric today is in 90% a pure sex business, let’s say prostitution.. !!


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