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Autism & Dating

Dating on the spectrum

Written by Grace Blucher My name is Grace Blucher, and I am a cisgender, neurotypical psychologist who lives...

Tantric: Lingam Worship & Pleasure Techniques for Penis Owners

When a man has his Lingam worshiped by his lover, he feels a deep emotional...

Tantric Attention: Focused Techniques to Awaken Desire

In Tantra, "Attention" is the follow through of "Intention" because where the attention goes, energy...

A Lyon Among Feminist Adult Filmmakers: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Jennifer Lyon Bell

Jennifer Lyon Bell is most literally a first among equals in the world of feminist...

Top 5 Ways Men Can Be Better Lovers

I’ve been with a few male lovers over the years. Some were good in bed,...

Self-Publishing & Erotica: The Cold Hard Facts-Part 2

Sorry to leave you hanging in the last column, spurting through a ruined handjob, left...

The Realities of Sexual Fantasies

We All Have Sexual Fantasies Even if you think your fantasy is weird or might freak...

National Orgasm Day: Top Orgasm Posts from Sexperts

Tomorrow is National Orgasm Day (July 31st 2021)! To celebrate, here are all of our Top...

Why You Should Attend A Cuddle Party

I love, love, love the energy and healing I get from attending a Cuddle Party. ...

Hotwife or Hot Wife? – The Ultimate Guide to Hotwifing

Recently we have been getting a lot of searches on our site using the words:...

Taking the Job Out of Blow Jobs: 16 Oral Sex Tips

I wrote about how to give the best blow job ever a couple of years...

A Primer on the Plumbing of the Penis

The difference between good sex and great sex has a lot to do with understanding...

Welcome to Sexpert – Sexuality Education for Adults

Featuring top Sexperts, writers & sex, love, dating & relationship coaches with the latest trending topics in sexuality, sexual wellness, pleasure & intimacy. Explore your fantasies, desires & kinks – Enhance your sex life! Join the sex-positive empowered revolution!

31 Valuable Vagina Facts

For as fascinated as society is with sex and the female body, you’d think we’d be better informed about the vagina. A 2010 Cosmo...

The Labia Minora: A Sexual Delicacy

Many women aren’t comfortable with the way their vulvas look, especially the labia minora. That’s a shame. But, learning what they’re capable of, can...

100 Questions to Ask Before You Make a Commitment

Anyone who is planning on getting married should ask their significant other these important questions before getting hitched. It can give them the opportunity...

Stop settling for mediocre sex: 7 tips for a better sex...

7 tips for a better sex life Are you tired of a subpar sex life? You and your partner have the same boring, unfulfilling, missionary...

Masturbation – Epic Guide to Solo Sex

31 Ways to Masturbate - Epic Guide to Masturbation and Solo Sex We’ve created a month-long challenge to encourage you to explore your pleasure and...

What Are Your Secret Erotic Fantasies? Find Out Now!

Do you have secret erotic fantasies? A dark dirty secret that makes your heart skip a beat, leaves you weak in the knees and...

Queer Sex Education: The Problem With Sex Education

Queer sex education is often left out whenever we discuss sexual health, sex positivity — and well, sex in general. We all know that...
Bisexuality Erasure

I am a Bisexual Queen: Bisexual Problems & Bi-Erasure

I am a Bisexual Gender-Fluid Drag Queen Hello friends! My name is Miss Colleen. I am a gender-fluid bisexual drag queen and I today want...

Sexy Sounds: Aural Sex Tantric Style

Tantric Sounds Sound releases energy and during lovemaking, sounds release sexual energy. Sound will also amplify sensation, as the sound waves vibrate throughout the body....

Tantra Sex Positions & Movement for Tantric Bliss

The lack of movement can leave your body feeling tight and tired. It also restricts energy flow and can block emotions; especially sexual ones....

Sticky, A (Self) Love Story; The First Documentary on Masturbation

Sticky, A (Self) Love Story is a documentary about a touchy subject; touching yourself. Everyone masturbates but nobody talks about it. ("Hey Susan, how's...

Masturbation Survey: A Touchy Subject

Tenga is a sex toy company from Japan that sells millions of masturbation toys for men. These toys for boys include "sleeves" and "eggs",...

Self-Publishing & Erotica: The Cold Hard Facts-Part 1

Nobody wants your book.   Let’s face it. You write smut, stuff where people, puppies or even big globs of electrically infused jelly-like masses are doing...

“Write for yourself, edit for your audience.”

“Write for yourself, edit for your audience.”   I read the above quote this week, and thought, ‘Yeah, I guess some of this is true.’ The...

Sex Writing: Mix It Up

From squirting warm water on your sub’s bottom before spanking them or only ever frying your empanadas in canola oil, there are lots we...

Book Review: Playing Without a Partner by Megan Stubbs

Playing Without a Partner : A Single's Guide to Sex, Dating and Happiness by Megan Stubbs, ED.D Dr. Megan Stubbs, ED.D has crafted a holistic...

Who Uses Vibrators and Why

While not everyone owns or uses a vibrator, enough people are using them to make up the bulk of the international $15 billion a...

Choosing the Perfect Sex Doll for Sale: A Complete Guide

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sex Doll for Sale Sex dolls today are a lot different to what a sex doll for sale would...

Dreams of Dante: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Dante Colle

"With rugged good looks, unforgettable on-screen performances, and stellar acting skills, Dante Colle is the performer everyone wants on their set," reads Dante Colle's...

Beefcake Porn for Women: The Final Frontier for Feminist Porn

A few months ago, I was watching an old episode of The Phil Donahue Show that centered around the subject of adult entertainment. The...

13 of Our Favorite KinkBnB Lodgings

Have you fantasized about spending a sexy night in an Eastern European prison? Wished you could flog your sub as he prayed on his...

9 Top Nude Beaches in the United States

Summer is over (bummer!), but the weather is still hot enough in some places for a bit of skinny dipping. If you want a...

“Vagina” Beer Is Here

The first beer made from the bacteria of a lady's vagina has been bottled. Yep, that's right, a vagina beer start-up has bottled the...

Belgian Chocolate Anus Anyone?

Nothing says I love you (and your ass) like the gift of a pure Belgian chocolate anus. That's right, a company in London called...

Sex on Campus -- College Sex Ed

What Is Hookup Culture and Why Is It Popular With Millennials?

What is Hookup Culture? Hookup culture is a type of culture acceptance of casual sex that...

April is “Sexual Assault Awareness” Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the one month Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein (sentenced to...

What Is & What Is NOT Defined As Sexual Abuse…By Law

As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are continuing to bring sexual harassment and abuse incidents...

Take This Sexual Assault Survey

The #MeToo phenomenon is unfolding all around us. Every day there is a new celebrity...

Loveology University Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Dr. Ava Cadell is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her Loveology University® with a new...

The Ins & Outs Of Female Anatomy

Some people remain clueless about female genital anatomy and for good reason, as they've likely had no formal...

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