2019 Sex Trends: What Real Couples Really Want To Do When They’re Doing It

A new service for couples,  simpatic.us has revealed the results of 6,400 “Intimate Interest” questionnaires sent to 3,200 couples, asking them what they really want to do sexually with their real partners.

The website “helps couples connect on their desires and fetishes without having to endure the risk of asking their partner something like “Hey, would you like to have a threesome”, says founder Derek Newton.

“Often, just asking is a challenge and a minefield for both people. We avoid that by having each person respond, then we compare the responses and send the couple (both of them), the things they both said they wanted to do, only the things they share. That way, if he wants to be spanked, and she’s not into that, the interest stays with him. No fear of rejection, no fear of judgement, no embarrassment. It’s a unique, relationship-positive, fun way to connect with your partner on shared interests.” In other words, if you’re too mortified to ask your partner for a threesome without them getting all mad at you, try this place. You might get lucky.

“As I always expected, we’ve seen growing use among couple’s counselors and therapists referring their clients, says Newton “Because of the way we’re set up, it’s a safe, judgement-free place to see what a couple can do together. And we were popular in the kink community from the very start.” This is because the kinkier you want to be, the more you have to discuss it with the person you want to be kinky with. The people who do the most extreme, BDSM stuff will tell you they always negotiate the most extreme activity before they even do it.

Here’s What’s Likely to Be Trending in Sex in 2019, according to the questionnaire:

Public attention – “Dressing or behaving in public so as to attract sexual attention, especially from an attracted gender. Being the object of or provoking attention from others – up 28%, mostly among women.” Let’s blame Instagram and Facebook for this one, as everyone now wants to advertise their merchandise for “likes”.

Eye Glasses

“Watching my partner wear – up 26% in six months, all genders.” Interesting. I’m now going to wear my reading glasses in bed. Better yet, if you really want to drive someone crazy, put on some glasses and masturbate in front them.

Corsets or tight clothing

“Having others see me wear – up 22% in six months, all among women.” Corsets are so damn sexy because they suck in your waist, hike up your boobs, and looks instantly kinky. Check out The Stockroom for great corsets and fun, skin tight latex fetishwear.


“Being watched with my partner in private, at a party for example – up 16% in six months, most of the increase is among women. It’s always been fairly popular among men.” Everyone likes to watch. Nothing sexier than getting dressed up, going to a party, and shooting “I would love to blow you/eat you” looks to your partner.

Remote Control Devices

“General – up 11% in six months, all genders probably due to the increased quality and availability of these devices.” Some of these high tech toys make you feel like someone is finger banging you across the room.

Photo: courtesy of The Stockroom.com

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