I’m Dr. Ava and it was my destiny to become a Sexologist.

From Sex Symbol to Sex Expert

Sexpert Dr. AvaYoung Ava CadellI was raised by nuns who drilled negative messages about sex into my mind, so I grew up confused about love and sex. I became a rebellious Catholic girl starting my career as a glamour model and actress in the UK.

I do not apologize or regret choosing to exploit my physical attributes in magazines, TV and motion pictures because they were part of my journey toward the fruitful life I am now leading.

In fact, I am grateful for all of my past experiences because they led me to discover my life’s mission: to dedicate my life to helping others overcome guilt and shame so they can experience healthy love and sexuality. It was a natural progression for me to go from sex symbol to Sexpert!

Take a look at the exciting projects I’m working on now:

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