Biird Unveils Silicone Dildos Boo & Bae

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Biird Unveils Silicone Dildos Boo & Bae, the newest collaboration between pleasure brand Biird and Jouissance Club.

Introducing Boo and Bae, the latest pleasure items brought to you by Biird in collaboration with Jouissance Club.

Designed to each offer a specific range of pleasure, Boo features a wider than usual yet not very long insertable part while Bae has a more slender but longer body. These particular characteristics allow for two very distinct pleasure experiences.

“The concept for Boo and Bae stemmed from my search for the perfect dildos. Despite having a sizable collection, I couldn’t find any that met my needs. It struck me that perhaps only men were behind the designs, resulting in either the perfect width but excessive length or the right length but too thin. It became clear: I needed to address this oversight,” – said Jüne Plã, The Jouissance Club Author.

Boo was designed to enjoy a wider, fuller penetration without the typical length that usually comes with a larger size dildo. This provides broader stimulation of the clitoral bulbs while avoiding any discomfort to the cervix.

Bae on the other hand is crafted for a deeper penetration without all too much width, making it perfect for those looking for depth without the stretch. This makes Bae excellently suited for anal play as well.

Crafted from Biird’s ultra soft medical-grade silicone and hand finished in an eye-catching splash pattern, both pleasure items come with their own velvet pouch with a Jouissance Club pattern embroidered as well as a Jouissance Club key chain.

For inquiries or product testing, contact [email protected].


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