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Who Are Our Sex Writers?

sex writer dr. ava cadell

Our sexperts include many top sex educators and sex coaches including Dr. Ava Cadell, Anka Radakovich, Erika Jordan, Debra Shade, Tamara Bell,  Ralph Greco Jr., M. Christian, Elle Chase, Annie Sprinkle, and many more.

Check out our awesome sex writers below! was created by Dr. Ava Cadell in 1996, which is the longest running sexuality magazine online. Dr. Ava Cadell is America’s #1 Sexpert as a Clinical Sexologist, Sex Counselor, Founder of Loveology University & President of the American College of Sexologists International. Author of 9 books including the upcoming Sexycises by Sexperts: Intimacy Through Yoga, Dr. Ava is also a sought after media therapist & global speaker; her mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt & shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.

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