The Feminist Sexpert Interviews The Stud Boss: Elaina St. James Gets Her Man In Her First Boy/Girl Scene

Gather around now, Ladies! The Feminist Sexpert would like to tell you an adult Cinderella story–with a twist. In this, ultra cool version of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella chooses The Prince. And she ain’t just a princess. She’s a queen.

Meet my sister-friend Elaina St. James, OnlyFans’ most-wanted 50+ model on the platform. Aside from absolutely slaying as a solo performer, “THAT OnlyFans Mom”, a Social Media Influencer, proud Feminist, and The Author of “How To Date Hot Older Women,” this beautiful, talented lady recently decided to film her first B/G scene; actually conducting a Bachelorette style talent search to find just the right co-star.

“I want women to know what an empowering process this was for me,” she said. “Like everything I’ve done in this industry, I did this my way. It was all my choice.”

Once Elaina put out the call for her Prince of Porn, she was inundated with submissions.

“I got tapes from professionals and amateurs,” she said. “Ultimately, I decided to go with a porn guy.”

Ah, but it couldn’t be just any porn guy.

“I wasn’t just looking for a (well-endowed) guy,” she said. “The face and body were just as important. His energy and body language. Most important of all was a good attitude and personality.”

“I looked at it from a business lens first and foremost; my fans love the dynamic of younger men and older women, so that was a major factor in my decision-making,” she continued. “Personally, I was only comfortable with a certain age gap, but the most important part was the professionalism and integrity of the man.”

Elaina found her perfect Porn Prince (say that three times fast, Ladies) in noted industry hunk Lucas Frost, a gorgeous, popular performer whose past titles include Sensual Seductions from Erotica X, and whose previous roles include The Other Man in feminist porn director Jacky St. James’ feature Exposed. He was all her man in Elaina’s scene, working with her to create a romantic, sensual work of erotica sure to please fans of both. 

“When I saw Lucas being interviewed on Holly Randall’s show, I was impressed by his great attitude, and especially his statement that he found something to like about every scene partner, regardless of the way she looked. He’s a gentleman,” explained Elaina. “He’s also gorgeous, professional, and experienced….As an older woman, I pick up on energy and body language of both performers in a scene, and it was clear to me that Lucas showed respect and care for the female talent he works with. Safety is paramount, and from Lucas’ interview, it was clear that it was his priority as well.” 

As particular and exacting as Elaina was in her selection of co-star, she took equal care in custom designing a classy, romantic scene.

“I didn’t want to include any corny porn dialogue or plot lines. The story was about my first boy/girl scene,” she said. “I wanted no rough stuff in the scene. I don’t like rough sex, and I really don’t think that most women do. What I did want was a lot of kissing and passion.”

The first resulting scene is available now exclusively on St. James’ (elaina_stjames) OnlyFans page, with a second POV title set for release in the coming weeks. 

From the first time she picked up a Playgirl magazine in college to the cultivation of her current reputation as the Stud Boss, Elaina St. James is a porn star for the new age. The Feminist Sexpert is glad she knows her–I encourage all of you ladies to get to know her too! 

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