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Erika Jordan’s “Advice for Men” – Dating A Mom

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Let’s face it. If you are over thirty finding someone to date without children isn’t so easy and unless you hate kids there is no reason to avoid the women who have them. Erika Jordan tells you what you need to know before you try to date a mom.

Tales From The Strip

A pansexual male stripper tells all
By Erika Jordan

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Espinoza Long about his new book, Tales from the Strip, a memoir and exposé about his life as a male stripper. He’s performed in over six hundred shows, and believes male strippers are misunderstood by society, often assumed to be escorts, which is not the case. Rather, he likens what he does more to drag queen shows. We begin our discussion with a question about his stripper name, Gypsy.

EJ: Andy, do you consider yourself a gypsy?

Andy: When I was considering a stripping name, I noticed how every single male dancer I’d come across chose overtly masculine names like Blaze, Macho, Skillz, and Thor. I didn’t want to be just another meathead (especially since compared to many of my counterparts I was undersized) So I started looking for something a little more androgynous sounding. I’ve been a traveler for much of my life, so the name Gypsy appealed to me on many levels. 

EJ: How did you get into stripping?

Andy: I never really intended on becoming a male stripper. About eight years ago I moved to LA with my best friend and the two of us rented a small studio apartment in Hollywood. I didn’t come from a background in the arts, so the whole experience was slightly overwhelming, and I took a job as an after-school counselor at a local elementary school. My friend adjusted much quicker than I did, and he was a go-go dancer in West Hollywood making good money. He likes girls, so when the opportunity came to dance for a bunch of Russian women at their house one night, he jumped on it. A few hours before the gig, the guy he was supposed to go with bailed on him, and he begged me to tag along. The rest, as they say, is history…

EJ: What has been your most memorable experience?

Andy: A lot has happened in my time here in LA, but one thought that always comes to mind was the time I stripped for a lady with multiple sclerosis. Her husband had hired me and it was a small gathering at their home of like eight people. I was worried, being careful not to hurt the lady, and just kinda did my best to entertain her and her friends. I couldn’t tell if she had enjoyed the show or not, but when it was all over, she used a small screen in front of her to type out what she wanted to say, and the computer called out, “I Love you.” That meant a lot to me.

EJ: What inspired you to write a book?

Andy: I always wanted to become a writer, ever since I was a kid. I went to school for journalism and political science, so I had a lifetime of acquiring skills that would make me a good writer, I just never wrote. The one thing I’ve learned is that if you’re not actively writing, you’re not getting any better at honing your craft. A year a half ago I crashed my car and got my second DUI, it woke me up because the police told me I could have easily died, or at the very minimum been badly injured. Sometimes you need experiences like that to wake you up to start living, especially if you’re a knucklehead like me.

EJ: What else do you do besides stripping? 

Andy: At the moment, I have a few jobs until this ‘novelist’ thing takes off. I manage some properties in the area I live in, and I also freelance as an editor on the side. I also recently started an Onlyfans [a subscription content service] where I post sexy content of myself. It’s a lot of fun because I have always been an exhibitionist, so I am learning to embrace that side of myself in a new, alternative way.

EJ: What’s your sexual identity?

Andy: I notice with sexual identity, our society gets caught up on labeling us and placing us in a box. Since moving to LA, I have always identified as being an active member of the LGBT community. I like the people, I like the culture, everything about it represents me in so many ways. I am beginning to refer to myself as ‘A gay man that usually dates women.’ I heard a term the other day – Pansexual – that is the closest thing I’ve come across that represents me.

EJ: Were you always this way or did a situation or realization help you find your way? 

Andy: As a kid, I was super outgoing and popular in my grade school. The best time of my life was fifth and sixth grade, if I could go back to one era, that would be it! When I got to middle school, my family moved to a nice area of town, and I didn’t fit in at all. The puberty bug bit me later than most, and I was scrawny, poorly dressed, and had to walk home from school while most kids had a nanny to pick them up. I remember walking through the canyons by myself, to stay in the shade and listen to music, but mainly because of the fact that I wanted to be hidden. My awkward stage stuck with me till Junior year of High School, where my best friend and I decided on a whim to drive to LA and attend a rave. Once I saw the culture of ravers, I felt like I finally found my place. I embraced being a rebel, and never looked back.

EJ: What’s dating like in your industry?

Andy: Dating can be tricky in my industry of skin. The good thing about me is that besides this aspect of my life, I am a nerd and I like a lot of girly things. This really helps me in the dating game, because the last person I dated I met at a pole dancing event, and before that, I asked someone out I met at the local bookstore. There’s a cute librarian I see every week when I go to check out books that I’m planning to ask for coffee when the timing is right. 

EJ: If you could change something about your industry, what would it be?

Andy: I’d like male strippers to be treated and looked at as more like Drag Queens. The drag performers are amazing and held up to a higher standard, I feel. People often regard strippers as escorts, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, we are more like Drag Queens.

EJ: Do you use / and enjoy male sex toys? If yes which ones? 

Andy: Only recently have I started to experiment with sex toys, and I’m really starting to like cock rings. I also have a penis pump, but I’m worried about blowing up my dick so much that it explodes! I’m also a  big fan of Viagra, and because I’ve modeled for a lot of sex toy brands in the past, they give me all sorts of goodies every time I work for them. I’ve got dildos, nipple clamps, Fleshlights, and the list goes on. To be honest, though, nothing in this world comes close to satisfying me like my left hand. To this day, I’ve never masturbated with my right hand, only my left!

EJ: What are some things you want females to know before going into a strip club? Etiquette?

Andy: Please, TIP! Act as crazy and goofy as you want, but remember to bring lots of ones. Working as a stripper has made me so aware of how the service industry works. I tip everybody for everything now. You want to jump on stage and ask for a lap dance? I’d love to, but come prepared. 

Tales From the Strip now available on Amazon.

EJ: Where can we find you and your book?

Andy: My book is available on Amazon. Also, I host book signings, my first of which is September 1st at Just Fabulous Bookstore in Palm Springs, and November 25th I’ll be holding a signing at the world-famous Book Soup in West Hollywood. If you’re local, come on by! And if not, purchase the trade paperback or kindle edition of Tales From The Strip on Amazon. There’s even an audiobook version, narrated by yours truly. 

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