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Erika is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, media personality, and leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating. She is a Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert, Loveologist, Relationship Expert, and NLP practitioner. Visit

Three Dating Myths Exposed!

3 Myths Exposed
“Be the best version of yourself. Be confident. Be happy on your own.” These phrases tend to create confusion.

Are You Perpetually Unhappy

“I’m so unhappy!” This is some thing I often say because I battle depression. I wake up in the morning with a low bottom line and I take it upon myself to lift myself from the basement to the lobby. A frustrating process to...

Best Long Distance Toy for Couples

Best Long Distance Toy for Couplesvideo
Have you heard of Moxie? Well if you don’t know you need to know. The Moxie is a vibrator that attaches to your panties. You can control the Moxie from your phone. Anyone can control your moxie from their phone if you give them...

Where to Find a Threesome

What are the best threesome apps? There are a variety of threesome apps you can use to find the right person (or people) while staying safe and keeping your details private. Here are a few you may wish to consider.   Feeld Branded as the "dating app for...

Relationship Rules

Relationships are hard. We seem to think there are set rules for relationships and everyone is aware of them. This is just not true.   If you look up a word in Webster’s dictionary you will often see multiple definitions for the same word. The same...

Who You Date vs Who You Marry

Have you guys seen the show on Netflix called Sex Life? I binge watched it! A suburban Mother’s attempts to settle for a life of stability and comfort after years of wild passionate craziness. Can you relate?  You’re wild, you’re passionate, you have wild kinky...

‘Eye of Love’ Pheromone Jewelry Review by Erika Jordan

I invite you to watch my review of the new pheromone jewelry collection from Dr. Ava Cadell and Eye of Love! Human pheromones are chemicals released by our bodies that send subconscious "scent signals" to prospective partners, and can trigger very powerful sexual responses. Your body...

Erika Jordan Busts A Sex Myth: The Seven Year Itch

Loveologist® and relationship coach Erika Jordan busts a sex myth about the seven year itch! 

Gold For Your Treasure Box

Does your vagina smell like roses? We all want to smell sweet down there but as you might already know most experts agree that douching is not the way to achieve the dream of having a rose garden between your legs. Women often believe it...

Love, Lust or Attachment

When men fall in love — and women too, for that matter — their brains are flooded with feel-good chemicals: dopamine, norepinephrine, phenylethylamine, oxytocin, and for men, testosterone. When you have an orgasm, you get a real flood of oxytocin and vasopressin.  What does that mean?!?  When we feel...