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Tatyannah King is an internationally acclaimed sex blogger, featured in various digital and print publications. She is also a virtual sexual wellness coach for the Blex app and a graduate student at Widener University studying sex therapy. Join Tatyannah for her bi-weekly advice column called “Sex Talk With Taty” and get your questions on personal sex/relationship dilemmas answered here on

Is It Normal To Fart During Sex?

Question of the day: "Is it normal to fart (not a vagina fart, an ass fart) during sex, or at least feel like you have to fart even if you manage to hold it in? Every now and then I have that feeling, and recently...

How Do I Naturally Maintain a Healthy pH Balance?

Question of the day: "I consider myself to have a high maintenance vagina. ANYTHING throws off my pH balance. I’m not a fan of using mainstream vaginal health products though. Do you have any suggestions on simple methods for vaginal upkeep?" Vaginal pH concerns are completely...

“Should I Have a Threesome?”

Question of the day: Hi Taty! Here's my question. My boyfriend and I have a fantasy about having a threesome, but I worry that if we really did it, it might create jealousy, or even break up our relationship. On the other hand, my boyfriend...

Top 5 Sex Questions College Students Ask: Answered by Sexpert Taty

Sex Talk with Taty
B efore I start answering questions about the personal dilemmas and questions that I’ve received specifically for “Sex Talk With Taty,” let’s go ahead and dive into some of the most popular questions I’ve received from college students across the board. From navigating hookup culture...

Sex Talk With Taty

Sex Talk with Taty
W elcome to “Sex Talk With Taty,” a highly anticipated sex and relationship advice column for millennials where Tatyannah King, sex coach for the Blex app and sex blogger, responds to your urgent questions and explicit dilemmas.  Sex Talk With Taty! “Sex Talk With Taty” is a...