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Marcus K. Dowling is a kink-friendly journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur. In the past ten years, Marcus has written for VICE, Pitchfork, Complex, Red Bull, Bandcamp, Mixmag, ESPN's Undefeated, and more.

5 Masturbation Tips During Quarantine

masturbation tips
Masturbation Tips During Quarantine! Quarantine is likely to occupy half of our time in 2020. Being locked in our rooms and lacking human interaction will have an incredible impact on all of us. If it takes the human brain 66 days to process “new” behavior...

Anal: Once Again, Sex And Sex Toys’ Hottest Trend

In an arousing case of studying a "least anticipated to most wanted" sexual act, anal sex's evolution to being the next hottest trend in the sex industry is intriguing. An act as old as the Bible, its development from being the most stigmatized of...