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Herne is retired from the Military and is known by his wife as an expert on premature ejaculation and crying. During his time in the Military, Herne worked with a closeted transwoman who became his best friend. She taught him life was not black and white unless you want it to be. Herne took this and ran with it and learned about all the beautiful colors and shades out there and that there are even more to see, and that’s pretty darn cool! Herne also spent time as Detective working on special victim crimes. Between his time in the Military and time as a Cop, he began to suffer from PTSD and Depression, which lead to a suicide attempt. Hospitalization and counseling have given him an insight into life, how important love and understanding are, and how this can affect a relationship and sex life. Herne is your everyman, but an everyman with a mission to understand and to teach. He had a good friend who once told him “Every day you have to wake up and fight your fight. Every night when you go to bed, you won, so be a winner for those around you!”. Tonight, I am going to bed a winner.

Are You Flaccid or is That PTSD in Your Pants?

***I will be discussing PTSD, Depression, Suicide and a very brief mention of Child Sexual Assault.  Please make sure you are in a good place, both mentally, and physically when you read this. *** Introductions Good morning, my name is Herne. I was lucky enough to...