How to Create Better Sex & Intimacy with the Kama Sutra

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What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra has been a source of great mystery and excitement for lovers seeking sexual adventure.  The Kama Sutra is Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) for Desire Rules and is the earliest and best known Indian sex manual.  It was written by an Indian sage, Vatsyayana between the 1st and 4th Centuries AD.  Then it was translated into English by the 19th Century British explorer Sir Richard F. Burton in 1876.  With each translation, the Kama Sutra’s contents have become more distorted, so I would like to give you the explanation of the original Kama Sutra.

The Kama Sutra is renowned for its creative sexual positions, a total of 64 that Vatsyayana derived from eight ways of making love, multiplied by eight positions.

I was impressed when I found out that the Kama Sutra reveals a total of 40 different ways to kiss your lover, but I was disappointed to discover the Kama Sutra’s distaste (excuse the pun) to oral sex.  Vatsyayana wrote, “It should not be done because it is opposed to the moral code.”

The writer may not have been orally inclined, but he was definitely into BDSM because he recommends biting and scratching as ways of improving lovemaking.

There are some interesting flirting and seduction tips in the Kama Sutra for men who want to be irresistible to women; it recommends that he tie the bone of a peacock or a hyena to his right hand.

Problems with male impotency were obviously prevalent during this time because the Karma Sutra offers a unique recipe for male sexual enhancement.  Boil sparrows’ eggs in milk and then mix with clarified butter and honey.  I’m not sure if you are supposed to swallow it or spread it on the Lingam (Sanskrit word meaning his Wand of Light).

My favorite quote in The Kama Sutra is, Divine Union which means sexual intercourse because for me it conjures up images of two loving people integrated into oneness.

Actually only about 20 per cent of The Kama Sutra is devoted to sex.  The remainder is on relationship etiquette with tips on how to arrange your home and how to achieve happiness, kind of Martha Steward Living in Antiquity.  It suggests that you should adorn your home with flowers, have a soft bed, and keep a pot for spitting in.  Not bad advice even for today!

Check out Dr. Ava’s “The 6 Tantra Secrets to Bliss-gasms & Ecstatic Sex” for more kama sutra tips!


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