8 Sexual Turn Ons You’ve Been Missing Out On

When it comes to sex, it’s important to keep things spicy! Always touching, exploring, stimulating the same ol’ erogenous zones (breast, clitoris, nipples, neck, lips ears) gets boring! And besides, the muscles hold memory, making it increasingly difficult to become aroused from the same moves! Why not learn some new places to touch?

Thinking outside the box can be really beneficial when it comes to sex play, building trust and increasing intimacy, not to mention it can also increase sexual pleasure by helping you zero in on unlikely erogenous zones.

Check out the 8 sexual turns on you’ve been missing out on:

1. One of the most sensual places to touch is the stomach area between the pelvic bone and belly button. Gently stroking, massaging or licking encourages blood flow to the entire sexual region which helps to increase sexual excitement.

2. When stimulated properly, the soles of feet can be very arousing. It also relieves stress and elevates libido by activating glands and hormones that increase sexual drive. Lightly pressing or massaging along the inner edge of the middle part of the foot relaxes the pelvic area improve the circulation and blood flow to the genitals. Also, starting at the ball of the foot rubbing down towards the heel can increase blood flow which can help to increase orgasms.

3. The front of the hips, inner thighs and just above the knee are lesser known erogenous zone. Massaging this area will loosen up the hip flexors and get the blood flowing in these areas. It also makes it easier to rotate the hips and move in and out of various sexual positions.

4. The mons pubis commonly referred to as “the triangle” area is highly sensitive and very stimulating when lightly stroked or licked. Gently applying pressure with tongue or finger will encourage blood flow to genitals. Also using a low intensity vibrator will send intense rhythm vibrations through the pelvic region helping to increase orgasmic intensity.

5. It’s true that eyes are the gateway to the soul. They’re also the gateway to intimate and sexual connection with your partner. Gazing lovingly into your partner’s eyes in the heat of the moment can send energetic vibrations that resonate throughout both your bodies. This vibration increases the heart rate, blood flow and orgasmic intensity.

6. There’s nothing more sensual than breathing deep rhythmic breaths with your Beloved. Couple that with gazing into your lover’s eyes and you’re creating an explosive reaction.

7. There’s nothing like a good mind f*ck! The mind is the biggest sex organ! Stimulate your partner with endearing and intoxicating words. Painting a picture with your words. Creating an erotic visual will send magical vibrations that touches their soul, opens their heart and releases sexual inhibitions.

8. Take your sexual experience beyond the physical realm with Tantric Sex. Tantric sex helps partners connect on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. Partners who practice Tantra experience unparalleled levels of ecstasy, including full body orgasms.

When it comes to learning exactly what stimulates and turns your partner on, “body mapping” can be extremely beneficial but not only that, it’s fun! Exploring all the nooks and crannies of your partner’s body can turn into a pleasurable adventure that’s leads to hidden erogenous treasures and powerful orgasms. Let us know how your new erogenous adventures go!

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