Redefining Intimacy & Empowering Self-Love by Angel Lowe

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In the vibrant city of Oakland, California, Angel Lowe stands as a trailblazer, disrupting norms and breaking down barriers in the realm of intimacy and self-love. As the Owner and CEO of Angelic Pleasures, Angel brings over two decades of expertise to her role, holding certifications as an ABS Certified Sexologist, Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert and Relationship Coach.

“AMBITIOUS. Loved. Self-driven.” These words encapsulate Angel’s essence, reflecting her unwavering commitment to her mission: destigmatizing intimacy and promoting self-love. With a rich educational background, Angel is not just a business owner; she is a certified expert in the art of love and connection.

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In both life and business, Angel’s philosophy revolves around building one-on-one connections and emphasizing self-love in a virtual setting. Her unique approach incorporates the concept of self-touch into guidance for clients, ensuring they navigate it with comfort and mindfulness.

“Put God 1st and everything else will follow” – this is Angel’s greatest life lesson, a guiding principle that echoes through her personal and professional journey.

Her long-term professional goals are rooted in being her best self always, and her biggest accomplishments to date are being a dedicated mother and grandmother.

Angel draws inspiration from every Black woman who has overcome obstacles to follow their dreams. Her drive to ensure a lasting family legacy and build generational wealth keeps her awake at night, fueling her determination to live another day.

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Professionally, Angel is most passionate about her family, and her ability to get things done, even in the face of challenges, sets her apart. With over 20 years in the industry, she is living proof of her greatness.

Angel consistently solves the challenging and often stigmatized process of self-touch for her clients, providing them with guidance and understanding.

What makes Angel truly unique is not just her expertise but also her identity as a Black woman leading a business with no competition.

Her biggest obstacle, procrastination, serves as a testament to her resilience and determination.

In the world around her, Angel sees her role as a beacon of perseverance, showing her loved ones that pushing through challenges, even when it seems impossible, is the key to success.

Ultimately, she wants to be remembered as a loving mother and grandmother who worked tirelessly to ensure her family felt secure, no matter the hardships faced. Angel Lowe’s story is one of redefining intimacy, empowering self-love, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Article taken from Xpression Magazine.

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Tamara Bell holds a BS in Business Management. She is the founder of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association, LLC., where she helps party plan business owners grow their business. She is the owner of a Love Coaching practice in Yuma, AZ, where she has been educating women and couples on ways to enhance their relationship for over 28 years. She has participated as a V-Day vendor for 10 years, helping colleges raise money for various non-profit organizations. Tamara has presented at the University of Pacific in Stockton’s Women’s Conference for the past 8 years educating students, educators and faculty on various issues relating to sex, romance and relationships. Her understanding of love and romance has enabled her marriage to reach its 34-year mark. She is also a Death Doula, after loosing her husband she wanted to help others dealing with a loss. Tamara is available for public speaking, media, product endorsements, and one on one private sessions. For a private session with Tamara the options are in person, phone, Skype, or email.


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