10 Flirting Tips To Make Your Summer Sizzle

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Sexy Summertime Fun!

The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing – summer is here! And single people everywhere are looking for love – or at least attraction. But how to attract that mate?

Read on for my Flirting Tips that are sure-fire ways to attract your soul mate.

Sexual Attraction is Non-Verbal

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You might be interested to know that 80% of attraction is non-verbal. Chatting up a woman to spark her interest may not always be the best approach, and vice versa. Sometimes eye contact with a smile is much more powerful. Facial expressions give your potential mate a window into your personality. Are you funny? Intense? Goofy? Lead with your strengths before you even open your mouth, and see what happens.

Body movements also communicate personal qualities. How is your posture being perceived? Your hand gestures? Take a moment before you go out today and check yourself out in the mirror. Are you projecting a confident person who is secure, sexy and full of self-love? That is what most people are looking for!

The exciting part of attraction is that you have everything you need in your brain right now that you require to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right. You have the power to literally exude confidence the next time you’re out meeting people.

Where to Meet Your Soul Mate

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And where should you go to meet new people? If you’re burned out on the bar scene, try a location that speaks to your interests. Let’s say you’re an avid reader – get out to a bookstore and take advantage of the reading area or café to socialize. Books are great props to start conversations – and they work at the gym and the park just as successfully. Pick a title that you love, so when conversation begins, you’ll have plenty to say.

Amp Your Radar

I have a section in my book, Neuroloveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex, called ‘Amp Your Radar,’ where I give flirting tips on how to engage other people with ‘flirting’ props. You just need to remember that the props you choose should be in line with who you really are. Pretending to be someone you’re not never works, because people are intuitive and can perceive phony confidence a mile away.

Once you’ve met someone you’re attracted to, let things flow naturally, and understand that your body and mind are working in your favor. Allow the feelings of attraction to run through you, and relax.

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Here are 10 flirting tips that you can use  right away to get your summer sizzling:

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1. Mirroring – When you mirror someone’s posture or body language, he/she will perceive you as compatible and like-minded.

2. Eye contact can be incredibly flirtatious but can also scare people off if not done correctly. When gazing over at your target remember to glance briefly and never stare. Otherwise, the person could get the wrong impression. Raise your eyebrows when shooting a glance over to give an inquisitive look and bring them closer.

3. Winking – Only if you’re bold, winking is accompanied by a big grin. With a swift blink of only one eye, while the other remains open and looking seductively at the person you are flirting with, the wink leaves no room for questioning intentions.

4. Smiling – A warm, sincere smile is like an open door of approval. Smiling is one of the easiest and best way to flirt. It can be done in close proximity or across the room. Either way, nothing appears more inviting and sincere than a genuine smile.

5. Laughing puts people at ease and allows them to relax, so memorizing a funny joke or pick-up line can work wonders.

6. Posture – Men should stand straight with their chests out and legs spread, or sit with shoulders back. Women should hold their heads high and cross their legs.

7. Hand Gestures – Try finger tapping, massaging your arms or neck, twirling your hair or running your hands through your hair. Or play with your dining utensils, or a straw or glass.

8. Body Contact – Soft touches of the hand, a gentle bump to the shoulder, touching a scarf he or she is wearing, light knee knocking or a feathery fingertip touch on the shoulder or hand all gets you in contact.

9. Body Language – Leaning inwards sends the signal that you are interested while leaning away means back off.

10. Give a Compliment – You can’t go wrong with a genuine compliment like “You have beautiful eyes,” but you can get an even better response than a simple “Thank you,” by giving an open-ended compliment with a question such as, “I love your jacket, where did you get it from?” Then you can continue the conversation by introducing yourself and ask their name.

Why It’s Called Fascination!

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The reason this flirting ‘fascination’ stage of a relationship is so heady and emotionally charged is because it is literally intoxicating. Chemicals called pheromones release from you and ‘turn on’ the other person’s hypothalamus, which usually doesn’t respond to smells. This unique reaction triggers curiosity as the brain is challenged to understand more about the source of this internal shift. This is why we become intensely focused on the people we’re attracted to, and want to know everything about them.

Then to get your ‘summer fling’ to the next stage, you can have fun playing with your new partner, carefully revealing details about yourself to test the waters. Check out my book to read about the many other phases of love and attraction, in which the brain plays a starring role including more flirting tips!

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And have a sexy summer!


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