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Making Love Alone: The Art of Masturbation

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Making love alone, often referred to as self-love or masturbation, is a natural and healthy way to explore one’s body and experience sexual pleasure. It can be an important aspect of personal wellness and sexual health.  

You must first understand what self love is and why it is important to incorporate it into your life.  Some people feel they have to be with a partner to be fulfilled.  That is not the case and you can experience a whole new outlook on love making alone.  You should first explore to see what you like. Here are some ways to embrace and enhance this experience.

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Personal Exploration:

Self-love allows individuals to explore their own bodies, understand their sexual preferences, and learn what brings them pleasure. This self-awareness can lead to more fulfilling experiences, both alone and with a partner.  Utilizing sexual aids can heighten your experience.

Health Benefits:

Masturbation has several health benefits, including reducing stress, improving mood, helping you  sleep better, and enhancing sexual health. It can also help relieve menstrual cramps and promote relaxation.  

No Shame or Stigma:

It is important to approach self-love without shame or stigma. Masturbation is a normal and natural part of human sexuality and should never be looked at in a negative way.

Create a Comfortable Environment:

Set the mood by creating a comfortable and private space where you can relax without interruptions. This might include dim lighting, soft music, or aromatherapy.  It is important to feel as comfortable as possible and clear your mind of everyday stresses.  This will make your experience more enjoyable.

Use Lubrication:

Lubricants can enhance the experience by reducing friction and increasing pleasure. There are various types of lubricants available, such as water-based, silicone-based, and natural options.  If you are using a pleasure product, it is important to use a good lube to avoid  any issues.

Incorporate Sex Toys:

Using sex toys can add variety and intensify sensations. There are many options, including vibrators, dildos, and clitoral stimulators. Choose toys that are body-safe and suited to your preferences. 

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Investing in a sex doll or torso to give you that real life feel.  They are usually very lightweight and easy to use. The sex doll torsos are made of TPE or silicone. Of course, they are all very safe materials.  They are designed for both male and female masturbation, depending on the design. 

Mindfulness and Focus:

As we stated before, practice mindfulness by focusing on the sensations and being present in the moment. This can enhance pleasure and make the experience more fulfilling.  Making love alone can be scary for a first timer, so embrace it your way.

Erotic Content:

Some people find that incorporating erotic content, such as reading erotica, watching adult films, or listening to audio erotica, can enhance arousal and pleasure.  This helps to get your mindset focused of the experience instead of focusing on the day to day interruptions.  

Breathing and Relaxation:

Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help you stay calm and focused, heightening your sensitivity and pleasure.  You can incorporate meditation to help you relax and enjoy the experience.

Masturbation can be done at anytime.  It all depends on the person, there is no right time.  It is important to find a balance that feels right for you and doesn’t interfere with daily responsibilities or relationships.  Self-love is not just about physical pleasure; it also contributes to emotional well-being. It can boost self-esteem and foster a positive body image.

Approach self-love with self-compassion and kindness. It’s a form of self-care and a way to honor the needs of your body and desires.  Embrace body positivity and appreciate your body for its capacity to provide pleasure. Every body type is unique, and learning to love and accept your own is crucial.  Educate yourself about sexual health and wellness. Understanding your body and how it functions can enhance your self-love experiences and promote overall well-being.

In summary, making love alone, or self-love, is a healthy and natural part of human sexuality. It offers numerous physical and emotional benefits and can enhance your overall well-being. By creating a comfortable environment, exploring different techniques, and approaching the experience with self-compassion, you can enjoy fulfilling and pleasurable moments of self-love.

Masturbation: How to Do a Yoni Massage

Genital massage not only aids in sexual stimulation, but it promotes blood flow to the vulva which is beneficial for genital health.  So by taking the time out to relax and give yourself a genital massage, you are doing your body as well as your sexual libido a favour!

How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage

Find a quiet room and lock the door so you won’t be interrupted.  Put on music, light candles or incense to get you in the mood.

Lie down in a comfortable position, propping yourself up with pillows beneath your back and letting your legs hang loosely open, or try lying on your stomach to aid in accessing the genitals easier.  Immerse yourself in erotic thoughts or simply concentration on your body’s sensations.  Breathe deeply, for this increases the flow of blood to the genitals and helps you to relax.

Next, use a mirror to explore the beauty of your own vulva, opening the labia lips and finding the clitoris as your massage yourself.  Betty Dodson recommends trimming or shaving beforehand for a heightened sense of awareness, but that is totally up to you.

Your hands should be clean and nails should be trimmed or kept away from soft tissues by using the pads of the fingers.  Begin with a very light touch on the genitals, using one hand for stimulation and the other to hold your labia lips open.  Some women find direct stimulation of the clitoris painful, or ticklish, so slowly increase the amount of pressure only as you become more aroused.  Use a lube, which enhances all sexual activities by making the genitals slick and slippery.

Rest the heel of your hand on the pubis mons, where the pubic hair begins.  You can begin by stimulating the labia lips with your fingers, using light rubbing and tickling techniques.  You can gently grasp the shaft of the clitoris and slide the hood back and forth or gently move the tissue under your finger around in small circles.

Gradually, you can increase the stimulation and may be able to apply pressure to the clit itself by tapping it lightly.  Many women find that the top, right side of their clitoris is more sensitive than other areas.  You can work around the clit in a circular motion as well.  You can try inserting a finger or two into the vagina and using your palm to stimulate the clit. Experiment with different strokes or speeds to see what feels best, building a repetitive rhythm.

Other techniques include:

Womb drumming: where you lightly drum over your womb area, thighs and labia with the palms of your hands to stimulate blood flow.

Pussy Petting:  This technique uses both hands to alternately stroke up the vulva in a slow, rhythmic motion, warming up the tissue to get the blood flowing.

The Squeeze Tease:  This technique involves softly pinching the outer labia together, working up and down the lips.

Outer and Inner Labia Massage: This method involves opening the labia and squeezing along each side of the outer lips.  This is then repeated with the inner labia.

The purpose of Yoni Massage is to awaken your libido, get to know your beautiful pussy in a more intimate and loving manner, to explore your genitals slow and sensually and to find new ways to stimulate yourself (especially if you rely on a vibrator for masturbation).

Try to just enjoy the experience of getting to know your Yoni/Vulva/Pussy better, and maybe even learn new ways to give yourself pleasure!

Secrets to Self Love & Self Pleasure (aka Masturbation)

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What is Self-Love?

Self-Love: What do you think is the most common, universal sexual issue? No, it isn’t penis or breast size, but it is the attitude looming behind your physical attributes that counts more than what you look like. And that manifests itself by causing us to feel inhibited. Inhibition begins with that old bugaboo “lack of self-worth”.

Anyone who grew up on this planet has experienced this loss of self-esteem and self-value. It has many causes, from family conflicts to society’s ills. What matters now is giving yourself a positive self-perception. You’ve earned it. You deserve it.

Lack of self-worth isn’t an item that stands alone like a crooked nose or big feet. Our self-worth affects every area of our lives across the board. It’s an awful thing to feel. In fact, often we run from feeling it and its shame-based origins. We overeat, overindulge, overspend – anything to keep from feeling bad about ourselves. A lack of self-worth can cause us to spiral down into the pits before we realize what’s happening.

As one man once said to me: “I can sure dig myself into a hole with very little effort”. Self-esteem affects one’s confidence, ability to have positive relationships, career success, self-assertion and self-expression. Low self-worth can stop us in our tracks and keep us petrified of experiencing life and its myriad pleasures.

Know Thyself

Everyone is inhibited about something, whether it is physical appearance, performance as a lover or the ability to let go and have an incredible orgasm with their partner. Some people are so inhibited about sex they have never explored their bodies to discover their erogenous zones. And if they don’t know what arouses them, they surely cannot communicate it to a partner.

Statistics show that over 78% of women have never explored the inside of their vagina. This is sad, because knowledge equals power. It’s imperative to be aware when your body is feeling different, especially when it comes to examining the breasts for possible lumps. I would like to encourage women to feel the inside of their body, probe and get to know their cervix, learn to recognize when they are ovulating and note any changes in bodily stimulation and emotions.

Women need to familiarize themselves with bodily secretions, as well, and what they mean.
Self-pleasuring is a good tool for utilizing fantasy to overcome inhibitions. In fact, there are many good reasons for pleasuring one’s self. It feels good. You can explore your own sexual response patterns. You can enjoy sex without feeling desperate for a partner. You can relieve tensions. For women, you can relieve pelvic congestion, especially during
menstruation. Masturbation is also an excellent way to reenter into sexual activity after a heart attack or other medical problem. People who feel good about pleasuring themselves are much less likely to have sexual problems. If you take responsibility for your sexual needs and responses, you are likely to make a good sexual adjustment. Let’s take a look at some of the self-pleasuring myths and realities.

Self-Pleasuring Myths

  • Self-pleasuring causes insanity, headaches, blindness, nosebleeds, nymphomania and warts.
  • Too much self-pleasuring is harmful.
  • Self-pleasuring is unnatural.
  • Pleasuring yourself is immature.
  • Self-pleasuring is for simple-minded people.
  • Self-pleasuring is a substitute for sexual intercourse.
  • Self-pleasuring is socially unacceptable.
  • You may begin to prefer self-pleasuring to intercourse.

Self-Pleasuring Realities

No evidence exists that self-pleasuring causes physical or mental problems.

  • It is a healthy way to take responsibility for your own orgasm.
  • It is an excellent way to learn about your sexual responses so you can share them with your partner.
  • Intercourse with a partner and self-pleasuring are complementary sexual experiences.
  • Many sexually active people who have available partners still enjoy self-pleasuring.

Far from being an “unnatural” act, self-pleasuring is a very natural function. It is healthy both psychologically and physiologically. And there is no “normal” rate associated with self-pleasuring; frequency varies enormously from one person to the next. Some people fantasize while pleasuring themselves, others don’t.

And there is no “right” or “best” way to have an orgasm or to masturbate. Some people reach a climax quietly while pleasuring themselves; others thrash about and make a lot of noise. These aspects vary greatly, and are not judgmental criteria.

Masturbation and Children

It is also natural for children to masturbate out of curiosity and for pleasure. Guilt results only when a child is told by others that self-pleasuring is wrong. It is important for parents to become as well informed about sex as possible, so we can all convey healthy sexual values to our children, clearly and effectively.

Overcoming Inhibitions

Self-pleasuring offers a great exercise in overcoming inhibitions. Looking at your genitals as you masturbate (either directly or in a mirror can help you to notice the different parts as they really are, rather than how textbooks portray them. It will also help you to gain self-acceptance about your body and how it functions sexually.

In a relationship, self-pleasuring takes the pressure off the partner to perform at times of stress or during a temporary change in lifestyle. Even in the best of unions, sexual tastes can vary and one partner may need more activity than another. Self-pleasuring can provide a healthy release between love-making sessions when both partners are desirous of sex.

Self-love and self-pleasuring are the first natural steps to a healthy sexuality. It is so vital to develop a loving, patient and understanding attitude toward one’s self, and to learn to pleasure one’s self, so each of us can bring that knowledge and caring into a union with our everlasting love.

Male Sexuality

Men have been taught to rigidly conform to cultural myths about themselves and their sexuality. If they don’t live up to those myths, they incur much guilt and negative feelings. As cartoonist Dan O’Neill once said in jest, “In the beginning, God created man… and his penis.”

Men worry unnecessarily about the size of their penis, when in fact the size of a man’s heart is much more important to a woman. If men have difficulty in achieving the standards of maleness, they have been told to remain silent and bear the load. The limits imposed by these unrealistic standards have inhibited men from exploring and fulfilling the total range of sexual options.

Below is a list of unhealthy myths and societal messages men get:

DO: perform, get it up, keep it up, achieve, always be turned on, be a sex machine, control, have sex only with young attractive women, give women orgasms, have a big penis, hide your feelings of fear, inadequacy, rejection or helplessness.

DON’T: quit, fail, feel, be vulnerable, be weak, be receptive, be passive, take responsibility for birth control.

The above DO’s and DON’Ts are not attractive to women, so why must they be perpetuated on men? To achieve a full and satisfying sex life, men need what women need: self-knowledge, facts, options, techniques and honesty. The two genders are not so different in their basic wants and desires.

Female Sexuality

The confusing sexual messages women get from society’s projected attitudes are equally as damaging, if not more so. During childhood and adolescence, women are often taught to fear sex, which manifests in the following:

DON’T: touch “down there”, talk about sex, learn about sex, read about sex, get turned on, give in to sexual desire, be available, kiss on the first date, feel sexual, be too forward.

However, women are expected to hide their womanly wiles behind an attractive, mannequin-like pose and do the following:

DO: be attractive, be obedient, be passive, be sensitive, be loving, be nurturing, maintain a “good” reputation, wait for the male to initiate, expect the man to know all about sex, refuse a man when he asks you to be sexual.

As if these weren’t enough, women are bombarded with other cultural messages as well:

  • Sex is only for men’s pleasure and for making babies
  • You aren’t allowed to have sex until you’re married.
  • You should only have sex with men.
  • Your only goal is to please your man.
  • You should only share love with one person during your life.
  • Sex is dirty; sexual desires are bad.
  • Only the missionary position is right; any other sexual position is kinky.
  • You must not have sex during your period.
  • Never reveal that you are sexually experienced, even if you are.
  • Fake your orgasm, if you can’t reach one.
  • Your naked body is shameful and embarrassing.
  • Women shouldn’t be too successful, especially in sex.
  • It is selfish and demanding to want clitoral stimulation.
  • Foreplay isn’t necessary because intercourse is the goal of sex.
  • You must have a perfect, “hourglass” figure, or super model skinny or insert “ideal” social acceptable body-image type HERE.
  • You should always be naturally lubricated.
  • Birth control is the woman’s responsibility.
  • You must have sex when your partner demands it, not when you want it.
  • You must climax together.
  • You need a man to be whole.

You aren’t doing it correctly until you have a “vaginal” orgasm. (This is attributed to Sigmund Freud, who said that women have two kinds of orgasm: 1. clitoral, which is immature, and 2. vaginal, from penile thrusting, which is the “right”, mature kind of orgasm.)

Can all of these sweeping statements be true? If our genitals are as valuable as priceless rubies, why are they spoken of as “dirty”? If sex is so beautiful, why do people shame it? If sex is a no-no before marriage, then how can we be expected to perform perfectly and know everything about it on the wedding night?

It is no wonder that women are often as confused as men about sex; feel guilty, alone and worried; are uncomfortable with their bodies; are waiting for IT to happen; are masturbating in secret, if at all; and are worried about whether their genitals smell and taste normal.

Society’s messages are obviously ignorant, and have been handed down to us from times when people just didn’t deal with “such matters”. It is up to each woman to establish her own sexual values, and overcome the taboos with self-knowledge, creating options, being honest with herself and others, knowing the facts, learning techniques, and sharing her needs with others.

The Clitoris!

The clitoris was designed to open sexual doors for women, literally. The very word, “clitoris”, derives from the Greek word for “key”, as in the key to female sexuality. It opens women up to pleasure. And for a woman to revel in and thoroughly enjoy sex, her mind must be in the right place and not constantly fighting the negative messages above. The clitoris has its own rhythm and will not be rushed. A woman must have a connection from her brain, and the fantasies it activates, to her clitoris; thereby taking responsibility for her own satisfaction. If her mind is in harmony with her clitoris, she is moving with her own sexual rhythm.

Safe Sex:

Ironically, our sexual knowledge is expanding at a time in which there is extreme concern about sexually transmitted diseases. As much as we may desire to experiment and free ourselves of sexual taboos, it is equally important to be sexually responsible, both to ourselves and others. AIDS, caused by infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
(HIV) is considered the most serious health crisis of the century. More than 30 million people worldwide are now living with the AIDS virus, and about 16,000 new victims are infected every day. To date, it has no cure. If you get it, not only will your sex life be over, so will the rest of your life. We must also be equally cautious about other known sexual diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea chlamydia, genital herpes and warts, and trichomonas. Even though treatable, these latter two can cause serious health problems.

The Sexual Revolution is NOT Over!

The “sexual revolution” is not over, because each generation is showing more eagerness to explore healthy sexuality. This is no time to retreat from sexual expression, but rather to become as responsible about it as you would if you were learning mountain climbing. All over the world, people are protecting their health by using erotic sexual techniques that prevent or greatly reduce the possibility of infection. Some of these include tasty condoms, spermicide and gels for oral pleasures.

A “safe sex” approach to lovemaking means finding ways to remain uninfected no matter what your sexual lifestyle may be. It is not a time to crawl back into the closet and wait for the “sexual crisis” to be over. However, it is a wonderful time to explore the joys of monogamy and growing more deeply close to one partner. Couples may enjoy exploring ways to keep a closed relationship vital and adventurous while protecting their sexual health.

For those who are sexually active and not monogamous, there are many techniques such as mutual self-pleasuring and “outer course” as different from “intercourse”. These include flirting, communicating, cuddling, tender kissing and massaging. The most important thing to remember is to avoid the exchange of bodily fluids, and that the most erotic organ is the brain!

Achieving the Ultimate Through Sex

I like to believe that in the new millennium sex will rise to new heights as a healing
energy between partners. Many ancient cultures knew well the tremendous power of sex when combined with love. Perhaps we should look to that ancient advice in creating our future views of sex as an ultimate pleasure in partnerships. What were the great mystics trying to tell us about sex and spiritual union? Sexual ecstasy with our “soul mate” is the attunement with our life force that we all wish to find.

How many single people place ads that read, “I’m looking for my soul mate”? Deep down inside we wish for that comfort in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical closeness with another, and sex is one of the most binding aspects of it.

Self-Love Is the Ultimate Kind of Love

What is the ultimate in sex but a glistening sense of self-worth and self-love afterward? We feel we can conquer the world when our home fires are burning!

As we grow healthier in our body and mind, our sexual selves will grow too. And that can refurbish and replenish our desires, renew our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Sex can, and should, be discussed without judgment. A healthy attitude toward sex, free from guilt and secrecy, and a hearty body, a curious mind and a happy heart will open up new sexual vistas for the human race in the decades to come.

Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation

Masturbation IS Good For You!–But We Already Knew That 😉

Here’s why…

Although most people think masturbation is some variety of nonsense that describes immaturity, experts, especially counselors and clinicians specializing in the area of gender and relationship therapy, say that women can learn about their own sexual responses through masturbation and even pass on what they know to their spouses. As such, it is not usually a common topic between girlfriends, but sometimes women compare notes in a discreet manner about vibrators and how they make them feel good. Aside from being a taboo in some societies, masturbation among women is valuable and is an integral component of healthy sexuality. Hence, here are some health benefits of female masturbation.

Natural infection fighter

It is noteworthy that women who masturbate on a regular basis develop higher resistance to cervical and vaginal infections. When a woman masturbates, her cervix contracts and thus allowing for the freeing of trapped and stagnant fluids that cause yeast and urinary tract infections. Moreover, it replenishes the cervix and the vagina with fresh fluids that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Hence, to achieve the most out of the adventure it is important to avoid using saliva as this may contribute to the interference of vagina’s natural bacteria balance.

It improves a woman’s sex life

Statistics say that about 75% of women fail to reach orgasm during sex, thus masturbation is a good way of achieving sexual climax. Enjoying sex is essential in a healthy relationship and this goes a long way with the two partners getting satisfied, which implies that with a woman masturbating, she can identify her arousal points and make the partner aware. The partner can use that to the advantage of the woman achieving sexual climax during sexual intercourse which can boost their relationship.

Aids sleep and rest

Most women masturbate as a means of unwinding after a hectic day. Little do they know that it helps them to fall asleep at night. Basically, masturbation makes the body to trigger the production of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, especially when there is an expectation of sexual climax. After orgasm, it is normal to experience a calming effect that is always attributed to the release of oxytocin and endorphin hormones that makes them warm and hence easy to fall asleep.

Improves a woman’s mood

The production of hormones in the body, such as dopamine and epinephrine during sexual arousal can help a great deal in boosting a woman’s mood. As well, it helps relieve stress since it gives a woman a moment to feel good, thus getting sexually gratified, feeling self-satisfied and improving the quality of life. Additionally, masturbation makes a woman become sexually satisfied without having the worry of getting pregnant and STDs. This can accord her with self-esteem necessary for her to stay strong, stress-free and happy at all times.

It’s a perfect pain reliever

Although masturbation has been said to sometimes cause migraine headache, it is also helpful in relieving it especially when orgasm is attained. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms that include crankiness and irritability. In fact, scientists have come out to support the idea that there is a factor that is associated with orgasm that suppresses pain and even migraine process.

It strengthens the pelvic floor

Masturbation is a good pelvic exercise that keeps it strong and resistant to involuntary urinary incontinence. The reason is that the production of spasms during orgasm can help in getting the whole pelvic region keep fit and lifting its floor, which is an essential in experiencing better sex and guaranteeing an improved urinary health. Furthermore, it makes the pelvic muscles to be a bit tighter as a woman enjoys a moment of sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation boosts a woman’s immunity

There is a common belief that masturbation also has the ability of boosting a woman’s immunity. This is because it helps in flushing toxins that could have otherwise caused diseases out of the body system as well as improving blood flow and body organ functioning. Hence, women that masturbate become less vulnerable to attack by diseases that include cardiovascular diseases, headaches, cold, flu and even diabetes among other diseases.

In summary, masturbation in women is potentially helpful both mentally and physically and it is not harmful as most people think. Therefore, whether a woman will use her fingertips, dildo or vibrator, she can improve her well-being, relationships and health through regular masturbation.

So low the lights a little, light some candles, just relax in the hot tub and let the games begin.


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Erotic Hypnosis for Amazing Orgasms

Photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnotizing someone for the purposes of sexual arousal, erotic stimulation, and even to achieve orgasm (or mindgasms or hands free orgasms), by creating extremely intense erotic experiences of pleasure inside the mind without the stimulation of the physical body. While erotic hypnosis is not generally designed to be therapeutic, it certainly can be. Erotic hypnosis can also be used as a guided masturbation journey aka: “jerk off instructions”.

Wikipedia says that, “Some erotic hypnosis is practiced in the context of BDSM relationships and communities, and is an example of a sexual fetish or paraphilia.” —Wikipedia

What are the Advantage of Erotic Hypnosis?

Believe it or not, erotic hypnosis has many benefits and can be therapeutic, as mentioned above. Erotic hypnosis can:

  • Help you unwind and relax the body and the mind
  • Relieve stress and clear your mind of unwanted clutter
  • The more relaxed you are the easier it is to open to pleasure and experience more pleasure
  • Get into altered states of consciousness
  • Reprogram your subconscious to remove limiting beliefs
  • Give you pleasure and erotic stimulation
  • Help raise your libido
  • Activate new erotic experiences
  • Play out a fantasy
  • Used as an erotic tool in BDSM and partner play.

The Benefits of Erotic Hypnosis for Men

What are the benefits of Erotic Hypnosis for Men? Everyone enjoys getting turned on.

Becoming hypnotized and suggestible is a wonderful way for a listener to hyperdrive his libido. Those who enjoy drifting into hypnotic trance discover just how effective it is in clearing the mind of those cluttering runaway thoughts and letting your mind just follow the directions of the hypnotist.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are excellent ways to rid the subconscious mind of blocks and obstacles placed within it during childhood or difficult life experiences enabling the listener to change undesirable attitudes and habits into desirable ones.  But, what about the use of hypnosis as a tool to encourage and stimulate arousal, to experience the mind’s capabilities under hypnosis for sexual experiences and discovery?

Yes, it can be as good as it sounds and there is an ever-growing community who enjoy drifting into the sleepy surrender of hypnosis to find what turns them on and to discover their “hypnokinks”.

So, You Might be Thinking What’s the Point?

I’ll watch a little porn, toss one off and go to bed.  But what if you opened your mind a little bit, gave up some of your usual control and listened without expectation to a voice and dialogue designed to arouse you? Falling into a hypnotic trance can activate specific reactions deep inside of you and you wake to discover just how horny you have become during the process.

The Journey into Erotic Trance is Very Good for You

Life is challenging and stressful.  The ever-expanding abilities of technology increase our daily workloads and more is expected to be completed in the average workday.  In addition, we are bombarded with news and opinions from our ever-growing link with social media.  To remain healthy and balanced, it is important to find a quiet space, let it all go, to learn to quiet the mind and enjoy a little relief from the daily heightened stimulation and negativity.  Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that the goal is to quiet the mind enabling it to release thoughts and simply slow down and become clear, to focus on the speaker and journey inward for a while.  A wonderful byproduct of clearing the mind is the body becomes relaxed.

The eventual goal of the hypnotist is to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious mind and discover your individual “sexy” and build upon it.

The Difference Between Erotic Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis differs from clinical hypnosis in that the restrictions of sentence structure in clinical hypnosis do not exist.  We erotic hypnotists can just say what we want, straight speak, without worry of using negative words such as can’t, don’t, won’t.  The hard rules of hypnotherapy’s use of language are disregarded in the creation of erotic hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis is not generally designed to be therapeutic (although it can be).  It’s enjoyed to reach a state of euphoria and feel really good afterward or to be aroused.  Depending on the suggestibility of the listener, the level of arousal can be extremely intense and can create experiences of pleasure inside the mind without the stimulation of the physical body.

Erotic Hypnosis for Hands-Free Orgasms!

There is a phenomenon known as a “hands-free” orgasm in which the listener experiences a pleasurable mind-produced orgasm (a mindgasm) and some are able to experience this mental orgasm complete with ejaculation.  All of this is accomplished through the use of suggestion.  The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and a good hypnotist can make you come with words alone, but you must let it happen and be open and receptive to the idea.

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do or think you can’t do, even if you’ve seen it happen on television.

Ejaculation is Necessary for Good Sexual Health

Have you ever thought about a sexy hypnotist telling you exactly how to do it?  Another genre used in erotic hypnosis is the acronym JOI which stands for “jerk off instructions” otherwise known as guided masturbation.  An erotic hypnotist can elevate your arousal level using the increased suggestibility found in a hypnotic trance state.  The suggestions to heighten your physical response during masturbation are extremely effective under hypnosis and you simply respond more intensely.  Many individuals have trained their minds to stay inside the hypnotic trance even after ejaculation.

Your Increased Suggestibility Leads to More Intense Orgasms

Another popular use of erotic hypnosis is to increase the listener’s arousal level so when one exits hypnosis, your arousal switch has been flipped on.  “You are getting very horny” simplifies this type of suggestion, but, erotic hypnosis sessions can definitely create a heightened arousal level for you to discover when you wake again.

Want to Get Turned on Before Partner Sex?

This is an excellent way to make it happen.  Or even better yet, learn how to hypnotize your partner and engage in this very intimate exchange together.  Hypnosis makes for great sex.

Many Subjects Become Aroused by Simply Being Hypnotized

A “hypnofetishist” is an individual whose kink is being hypnotized deeply.  There is great freedom in surrendering yourself to a hypnotist for a period of time and the experience itself can be highly arousing to certain individuals.  Deep trance feels good and enjoying a space in time where nobody has demands on you can be very relaxing, de-stressing and arousing.  Listening to a sexy voice doesn’t hurt the libido either.  Just let go and see what pops up!

Find A Certified Erotic Hypnotist

There are many educated, knowledgeable erotic hypnotists out there catering to many different erotic tastes and styles.  If erotic hypnosis sounds like fun to you, go out there and see what’s available.  Have fun and find that one hypnotist that attracts or resonates with you.  But, find someone you can trust with your mind.  It’s not something you want to give away freely.  Do your homework.  Read the reviews.  Check out their credentials.

Go get horny by hypnosis, but be safe in doing so!

Listen Now to This Erotic Hypnosis

Enjoy trancing!

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Tantric Masturbation: Sex Magic for One

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Welcome to May–Masturbation Month! This is the start of a series of articles celebrating sexual self love!

The goal of Tantra is to explore sacred sexuality as a spiritual act of love and pleasure, to undergo personal transformation, and to find the balance within through mystical consciousness or connection with the divine. Again, this is not goal-orientated, at least to begin with, but more about exploration. Go slow and just enjoy giving yourself pleasure.

How to Do Tantra for One

Lay comfortably on your back, arms at sides, palms pressed lightly against the floor.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply from the stomach and chest, feeling the tension flow out of you with each exhale.  Your breathing should be slow, rhythmic and peaceful, not forced or unnatural.  Feel yourself grounding into the earth and connecting with earth energy.

Practice conscious breathing by placing the heels of your hands to the sides of your rib cage, against the bottom ribs.  Become aware of your breath for a moment, and allow it to become slow and rhythmic. As you breathe slowly through the nose, concentrate quietly on how the ribs move in and out, pressing your hands in gently into the ribs and then release with the exhale.

One you have practiced this, continue to breathe, making your breath circular: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth making the breathing completely “circular” with no pauses between inhales and exhales.  This type of breathing is especially good when trying to cycle orgasmic energy through your body.

Begin to stimulate yourself through masturbation until you reach the edge of the plateau stage, the point of no return or last possible moment that you can abstain from orgasm.  At this point, stop stimulating yourself and breath very slowly and deeply until the desire to orgasm fades.  This is called sexual “edging”. Continue to do this several times, each time reaching the edge of orgasm, then pulling back and not allowing yourself to climax.  This technique takes practice, so don’t worry if you go over the edge the first couple of tries.  Through practice you will be able to slow down stimulation, rather than stopping completely and continue to build this heightened state of awareness.

Continuous Orgasm

You can learn to have long continuous whole-body orgasms via Tantra masturbation. Continue to edge your orgasm and while doing so, contract your PC muscles and move your hips, imagining as you do that the orgasmic energy is circulating through your body with the breath.

When you do finally orgasm see if you can keep the orgasm going, continuing to stimulate, and ride the orgasm out in longer and longer waves.


Masturbation is Good For Your Health

10 Reasons Why You Should Masturbate- Because It’s Good For Your Health!

Why Masturbate? It’s Good for Your Health!

Did you know that masturbation is actually good for you? According to a 2010 research report: the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB); 92% of American men and 76% of American women report solo masturbation, and many sexologists agree that masturbation has many health benefits for both men and women.

Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

So, what are you waiting for? As Woody Allen so eloquently stated: “Don’t knock masturbation – its sex with someone I love”.

Safer Sex

1. Masturbation is the safest sex there is as you don’t have to worry about wearing a condom, getting an STD or getting pregnant.

Relieves Stress

2. Masturbation is a great stress reliever, a natural sleep sedative and releases feel good mood boosting endorphins to help fight off depression.

Image by Mihai Paraschiv from Pixabay

Good For Healthy Prostate

3. For men, masturbation is good for your prostate gland. In fact, studies have reported that regular masturbation may lower a man’s risk of prostate cancer, and those who jerked off more than 5 times a week are 1/3 less likely to get prostate cancer. Not only that, but men who masturbate at least 3 times a week (and orgasm) can lower their chances of heart attacks and strokes by as much as 50 %!

Female Health

4. For women, “paddling the pink canoe” can build resistance to yeast infections, relieve menstrual cramps, tension, migraine headaches and chronic back pain by releasing the amino acid oxytocin, the hormone of “love”.

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PC Muscles

5. For both sexes, masturbation helps build a stronger pelvic floor (your PC muscle) which leads to better pleasure, control and orgasms.

Masturbation is Good For Mental Health

6. If you don’t have a partner (or even if you do), loving yourself via solo sex has healthy emotional and psychological benefits. Many sexologists agree that masturbation is natural, and to censor or repress it can be harmful, resulting in destructive obsessions, low self-esteem, and can even lead to intimacy problems.

Image by Angie Sage from Pixabay

Improves Relationships & Sex

7. For couples, masturbation can improve your sexual relationships. Although masturbation may seem contrary to partner sex, women who masturbation can learn about their sexual response and how to pleasure themselves and communicate that to their partner, so both partners benefit from a more fulfilling sex life.

Boosts Self-Esteem

8. Masturbation aids in sexual functioning, helps boost your confidence and self-esteem, improves body image and is empowering and can help to make you a better lover.

Better Immune Function

9. Masturbation improves the immune system’s function, by increasing testosterone into the body to help the flow of the hormone DHEA, which reportedly helps reduce the signs of aging, reduces symptoms of menopause, reduces obesity, and may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in older women by increasing bone mass.

Even Animals Masturbate!

10. Finally, masturbation IS natural. Even animals do it: chimpanzees, monkeys, dogs, cats, whales, elephants and rats and even penguins, lizards and bats! Sexologists recognize that masturbation is a normal, natural act that promotes vitality and health.

Featured Image by M Jurcevic from Pixabay