Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation

Masturbation IS Good For You!–But We Already Knew That 😉

Here’s why…

Although most people think masturbation is some variety of nonsense that describes immaturity, experts, especially counselors and clinicians specializing in the area of gender and relationship therapy, say that women can learn about their own sexual responses through masturbation and even pass on what they know to their spouses. As such, it is not usually a common topic between girlfriends, but sometimes women compare notes in a discreet manner about vibrators and how they make them feel good. Aside from being a taboo in some societies, masturbation among women is valuable and is an integral component of healthy sexuality. Hence, here are some health benefits of female masturbation.

Natural infection fighter

It is noteworthy that women who masturbate on a regular basis develop higher resistance to cervical and vaginal infections. When a woman masturbates, her cervix contracts and thus allowing for the freeing of trapped and stagnant fluids that cause yeast and urinary tract infections. Moreover, it replenishes the cervix and the vagina with fresh fluids that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Hence, to achieve the most out of the adventure it is important to avoid using saliva as this may contribute to the interference of vagina’s natural bacteria balance.

It improves a woman’s sex life

Statistics say that about 75% of women fail to reach orgasm during sex, thus masturbation is a good way of achieving sexual climax. Enjoying sex is essential in a healthy relationship and this goes a long way with the two partners getting satisfied, which implies that with a woman masturbating, she can identify her arousal points and make the partner aware. The partner can use that to the advantage of the woman achieving sexual climax during sexual intercourse which can boost their relationship.

Aids sleep and rest

Most women masturbate as a means of unwinding after a hectic day. Little do they know that it helps them to fall asleep at night. Basically, masturbation makes the body to trigger the production of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, especially when there is an expectation of sexual climax. After orgasm, it is normal to experience a calming effect that is always attributed to the release of oxytocin and endorphin hormones that makes them warm and hence easy to fall asleep.

Improves a woman’s mood

The production of hormones in the body, such as dopamine and epinephrine during sexual arousal can help a great deal in boosting a woman’s mood. As well, it helps relieve stress since it gives a woman a moment to feel good, thus getting sexually gratified, feeling self-satisfied and improving the quality of life. Additionally, masturbation makes a woman become sexually satisfied without having the worry of getting pregnant and STDs. This can accord her with self-esteem necessary for her to stay strong, stress-free and happy at all times.

It’s a perfect pain reliever

Although masturbation has been said to sometimes cause migraine headache, it is also helpful in relieving it especially when orgasm is attained. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms that include crankiness and irritability. In fact, scientists have come out to support the idea that there is a factor that is associated with orgasm that suppresses pain and even migraine process.

It strengthens the pelvic floor

Masturbation is a good pelvic exercise that keeps it strong and resistant to involuntary urinary incontinence. The reason is that the production of spasms during orgasm can help in getting the whole pelvic region keep fit and lifting its floor, which is an essential in experiencing better sex and guaranteeing an improved urinary health. Furthermore, it makes the pelvic muscles to be a bit tighter as a woman enjoys a moment of sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation boosts a woman’s immunity

There is a common belief that masturbation also has the ability of boosting a woman’s immunity. This is because it helps in flushing toxins that could have otherwise caused diseases out of the body system as well as improving blood flow and body organ functioning. Hence, women that masturbate become less vulnerable to attack by diseases that include cardiovascular diseases, headaches, cold, flu and even diabetes among other diseases.

In summary, masturbation in women is potentially helpful both mentally and physically and it is not harmful as most people think. Therefore, whether a woman will use her fingertips, dildo or vibrator, she can improve her well-being, relationships and health through regular masturbation.

So low the lights a little, light some candles, just relax in the hot tub and let the games begin.


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