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5 Masturbation Tips During Quarantine

masturbation tips

Masturbation Tips During Quarantine!

Quarantine is likely to occupy half of our time in 2020. Being locked in our rooms and lacking human interaction will have an incredible impact on all of us. If it takes the human brain 66 days to process “new” behavior as “automatic,” the possibility that many of us will be woefully unprepared for sudden social and sexual re-engagement is possible. So, here are five masturbation tips you can use during quarantine.

People are engaging in a prolonged period of more self-pleasure via masturbation as opposed to intercourse is ideal. Of course, there are very few of us who are used to the idea of masturbating for 30+ consecutive days. But, with proper preparation, adjusting to this pleasurable new normal is possible. Here are five ways to ease this transition.

  1. The desire to want to engage in more masturbation is entirely reasonable.

masturbation2014 compiled data shows that 20% of most Americans aged 18-39 masturbate 8-10 times a month, and if coupled, have sex five times monthly. That works out to four sexual interactions per seven days. Of course, this data is all pre-pandemic. Social conditions impact our need for sensual connection.

A 2019 NIH data shows that 75% of people masturbate to cope with stress. Imagine that stress levels in the past 100 days have doubled or tripled for most people. Thus, the idea that we wake up daily, with a yearning desire for immediate sexual satisfaction, makes sense.

If you’re at the point where you’re quarantined with a partner and maybe having sex twice a day, or alone and contemplating taking an entire afternoon in bed, napping in multi-orgasmic bliss if perfectly okay. If ashamed by your rising lust, trust that science can explain it entirely.

  1. Having good lube is important

lubeMany of us tell the world, with bravado, that we’ve masturbated daily since our teenage years. That’s untrue. It’s probably quite daunting for many of us to contemplate how we’re going to deal with a situation where we’re potentially doing exactly the fanciful thing we’ve been lying to the world about years.

Enter lube.

Using lubricant is one of the best masturbation tips I can give you. Keeping your privates moist is as easy as recognizing that they’re ready for engagement. Moreover, there are more types and styles of lube available than ever before.

When it comes to pleasure, messier and more lube-tastic self-sex is best—ideally, first research for foremost, a hypo-allergenic product. From there, consider textures. Next, think about the type of sensations that turn you on? From temperature to touch to consistency, these are all crucial factors to consider. Think about choosing a lube, like choosing a partner… the most intimate partner.

  1. Invest in AVNStars, OnlyFans, or Subscription Film/Clip Sites

Yes, the spike in subscription porn is real. Yes, there are far more content providers than ever before, shifting from creating real-time experiences to developing online-first interaction.

The best advice here is to focus on this as if it were developing a long-time, virtual, boyfriend/girlfriend experience. Or, if the choices are overwhelming, consider signing up for a content hub like AdultTime or For the cost of what a week’s worth of coffee was during the days where we were regularly out-of-doors, you’ve instead invested in maintaining good sexual pleasure and psychological clarity. 

The benefits of sites like AVNStars or OnlyFans is that whenever you log in, you’re typically presented with a face-to-face greeting from someone you find ideally comforting in some or many ways. That creates a level of peace that can be then accompanied by release. Fascinatingly enough, that’s a notion that many weren’t even receiving before the pandemic. Plus, with the ability to tip your star of choice and perhaps receive personalized content for a few (or many) dollars more is a level of ease in the experience that could trump traditional relationship dynamics of the future.

Insofar as film and clip sites, they typically update daily, and with content from upwards of 50+ content creators making premium content, worldwide. If the idea of focusing your interest in one content creator feels somehow limiting, there’s an entire world of possibilities worthy of your time and “erotic consideration.”

  1. Structure your day to include but not be overwhelmed with, pleasure

As we’ve established, amid the pandemic, we want pleasure daily. However, for most of us, it’s important to note that it’s a labor-intensive and quite exhausting experience.

Ultimately, overall, given the times, having a solid plan of the day is ideal. As humans, we psychologically respond well to routines. Maybe, you are a fan of mid-day naps, or of working until a certain point–then pairing masturbation with rest.

If single, building up an entire day to a massive, end-of-night “celebration” is logical. It is best to know that pleasure is an outlet to enjoy when, where, and how you want it. However, assessing when those times are is essential.

  1. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing…

At some point, we’ll be able to once again engage in regular inter-sexual behavior. Of course, this will follow a prolonged period of masturbation. This extended period of masturbation could, for many of us, significantly negate the desire to want to share our sensual and emotional space. That being said, there is a solution. 

It is ideal to contemplate the notion that involving masturbation as a regular part of a re-engaged play is appropriate. For instance, if watching porn proves to be the perfect way for our best self-sex to occur, it should stand to reason that involving that as an aspect of a well re-imagined post-pandemic sex life is worthwhile. The same goes for the involvement of lubes and sexual aids, plus having a better knowledge of when, where, and how sex works best for you. 

The desire to, once we’re past needing to simultaneously be our best well-actualized and quarantined sexual selves, to stay well-actualized and sexual, will be profound. But, in blending masturbation — or things that inspire it — into the bedroom, we achieve this ideally not-so daunting goal.

How to Celebrate National Masturbation Month

Photo by Andre Moura from Pexels

Brief History of Masturbation Month

National Masturbation Month got its start in San Francisco in 1995 after former U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders told the audience at the United Nations Worlds AIDS Day in 1994 that masturbation had the potential to discourage early sexual activity. She was also forced to resign for telling the audience that “(Masturbation) is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.”

If you plan on celebrating National Masturbation Month, here are handy tips to truly make it a party for one.

For the ladies …

The Three-Way

Use a small vibrator while flicking your clit with one hand and teasing my teasing your anus with the other hand.

The Tennis Ball

Lie on your stomach and place the ball between your legs and press it against your clitoris. Cross your legs tightly at the ankles. Squeeze your inner thighs together and work the ball in a humping motion so that it is pressing against your clitoris. As you climax, continue to squeeze with your thighs.

String of Pearls

Take a long synthetic pearl necklace and string it between the backs of two chairs suspended at crotch height. Step across, position the cord along your vulva and walk backward and forward. Soft rope or cord works well for this, too.

Flo-Rida (Floor Rider)

Strip down and lie on the floor face down. Press your pubic bone into the floor as hard as you can and rock your body like you are trying to crawl but don’t work hard enough to actually move from the spot. The flesh on your pubis will be alternately pulled tight and made slack. This transmits to your clitoris through the outer lips and feels great after a minute or two. The extra bonus is that it’s a good exercise for your waist too.

For the men …

The Cold Climax

Masturbate as you normally would, but when you feel the sensation of ejaculation coming on, grab hold of some ice cubes or crushed ice with the other hand, then continue masturbating to completion. The feeling of cold in one hand, heat in the other, and the sensation of ejaculating will enhance the experience.

Ring Around the Penis

Cover both your hands with lube, and form a ring with your thumb and forefinger. Place it around the base of your penis. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head starts). Now form a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do the same thing. Keep stroking with one ring at a time until you climax.

The Palm Rubber

As soon as you’re erect, place some lube on the inside of one hand. Rather than rub your penis with your hand, keep rubbing the tip of your penis against the palm of your hand until you orgasm.

The Ball Holder

The next time you’re masturbating and feel like you’re just about to ejaculate, put your other hand over your scrotum and lightly squeeze and pull it down (or more aggressively, if you like that sort of thing). That way, you get to feel your semen traveling through your body, making its way to the exit.

Screw Your Hand

While standing, twist your lubed-up hand (whichever you’re most comfortable using) so that your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis and rather than stroke with your hand, move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand. It’ll make you feel like you’re actually penetrating a vagina. Okay, maybe kinda, sorta.

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Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation

Masturbation IS Good For You!–But We Already Knew That 😉

Here’s why…

Although most people think masturbation is some variety of nonsense that describes immaturity, experts, especially counselors and clinicians specializing in the area of gender and relationship therapy, say that women can learn about their own sexual responses through masturbation and even pass on what they know to their spouses. As such, it is not usually a common topic between girlfriends, but sometimes women compare notes in a discreet manner about vibrators and how they make them feel good. Aside from being a taboo in some societies, masturbation among women is valuable and is an integral component of healthy sexuality. Hence, here are some health benefits of female masturbation.

Natural infection fighter

It is noteworthy that women who masturbate on a regular basis develop higher resistance to cervical and vaginal infections. When a woman masturbates, her cervix contracts and thus allowing for the freeing of trapped and stagnant fluids that cause yeast and urinary tract infections. Moreover, it replenishes the cervix and the vagina with fresh fluids that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Hence, to achieve the most out of the adventure it is important to avoid using saliva as this may contribute to the interference of vagina’s natural bacteria balance.

It improves a woman’s sex life

Statistics say that about 75% of women fail to reach orgasm during sex, thus masturbation is a good way of achieving sexual climax. Enjoying sex is essential in a healthy relationship and this goes a long way with the two partners getting satisfied, which implies that with a woman masturbating, she can identify her arousal points and make the partner aware. The partner can use that to the advantage of the woman achieving sexual climax during sexual intercourse which can boost their relationship.

Aids sleep and rest

Most women masturbate as a means of unwinding after a hectic day. Little do they know that it helps them to fall asleep at night. Basically, masturbation makes the body to trigger the production of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, especially when there is an expectation of sexual climax. After orgasm, it is normal to experience a calming effect that is always attributed to the release of oxytocin and endorphin hormones that makes them warm and hence easy to fall asleep.

Improves a woman’s mood

The production of hormones in the body, such as dopamine and epinephrine during sexual arousal can help a great deal in boosting a woman’s mood. As well, it helps relieve stress since it gives a woman a moment to feel good, thus getting sexually gratified, feeling self-satisfied and improving the quality of life. Additionally, masturbation makes a woman become sexually satisfied without having the worry of getting pregnant and STDs. This can accord her with self-esteem necessary for her to stay strong, stress-free and happy at all times.

It’s a perfect pain reliever

Although masturbation has been said to sometimes cause migraine headache, it is also helpful in relieving it especially when orgasm is attained. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms that include crankiness and irritability. In fact, scientists have come out to support the idea that there is a factor that is associated with orgasm that suppresses pain and even migraine process.

It strengthens the pelvic floor

Masturbation is a good pelvic exercise that keeps it strong and resistant to involuntary urinary incontinence. The reason is that the production of spasms during orgasm can help in getting the whole pelvic region keep fit and lifting its floor, which is an essential in experiencing better sex and guaranteeing an improved urinary health. Furthermore, it makes the pelvic muscles to be a bit tighter as a woman enjoys a moment of sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation boosts a woman’s immunity

There is a common belief that masturbation also has the ability of boosting a woman’s immunity. This is because it helps in flushing toxins that could have otherwise caused diseases out of the body system as well as improving blood flow and body organ functioning. Hence, women that masturbate become less vulnerable to attack by diseases that include cardiovascular diseases, headaches, cold, flu and even diabetes among other diseases.

In summary, masturbation in women is potentially helpful both mentally and physically and it is not harmful as most people think. Therefore, whether a woman will use her fingertips, dildo or vibrator, she can improve her well-being, relationships and health through regular masturbation.

So low the lights a little, light some candles, just relax in the hot tub and let the games begin.


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Change Up Your Masturbation Techniques

Getting bored with your masturbation routine? Try out some of these techniques. They’re sure to make you feel like your alone time is truly all about you.

For Women

• Get in the tub, light some scented candles, and pour yourself a glass of wine. As you soak in the warm water, your muscle tension will melt. You’ll be more responsive to touch when you’re relaxed. If you don’t have a waterproof sex toy, use a hand-held shower head. Vary the settings to find the right one to find a sensation that you can’t replicate with your fingers. If you don’t have a hand-held shower head, as the tub is filling, scrunch up close to the water as it pours out of the faucet.

• Borrow an oral sex tip from the guys: write the alphabet with your pinky on your clit or trace the number 8 over and over with a lubed fingertip on or around the clit and your inner labia.

• Use your index and ring fingers to hold open your labia. This frees up your middle finger to stroke the tip of your clitoris.

• Don’t have a clitoral stimulator? The back end (non-bristle) side of a battery-operated toothbrush works as a great, inexpensive stand-in. Just make sure that you keep in in your nightstand or wherever you store your sex toys so you won’t accidentally use it for what it’s intended.

For Men

• To keep your erection after ejaculating, stroke to the point that you are ready to ejaculate – but then do not touch your penis and relax all of your muscles. The orgasm will be less intense, but you will stay erect and can continue, and you will not lose the excitement in your body.

• Using both hands when you masturbate instead of just one, or grip your penis with one hand and lay face down on the bed, thrusting into your hand as you would if you were thrusting into a woman’s vagina. Using a good amount of lube can feel warm and wet, just like a vagina. By using your body to move your penis in and out of your hand (instead of the other way around), you’ll recreate the feeling of having sex rather than just jacking off.

• Another trick to recreate the feeling of a vagina during masturbation without using sex toys is to use a condom, lube and a warm, but not hot, towel. Squirt a generous amount of lube in the condom and then put the condom on your penis. (Using a condom that is a little larger than your penis may benefit you here.) Wrap a warm towel around your penis after you put the condom on, and grip the warm towel and move it back and forth when you masturbate.

• Using both hands, one at the bottom and one at the top of the penis, gently wring in opposite directions. Use the motion from bottom to top as if you were wringing out a cloth — squeeze the semen out, not in.

• On a comfortable surface like your bed, sit on your heels with each heel gently spreading your butt cheeks comfortably, don’t overstretch. Masturbate as you wish, using your favorite technique. When you are about to ejaculate, spread your cheeks and feel the deep orgasm stem from your perineum. There’s a pressure point in the center of the perineum that creates intense orgasms.

For Women and Men

• Can’t be together? Get a smartphone tripod to leave your hands free to do other things while you’re sharing some Skype time or Face Time and enjoy some sexy phone or video sex together long distance. You can even add new sex tech devices and toys that can be used remote across long distances.

• Know your lubes. Silicone lubes last longer than water-based lubes. However, because of their long-lasting properties, you’ll want to clean up with soap and water afterward. Also, don’t use silicone lube with silicone sex toys. Silicone lube will damage silicone sex toys. If you’re not sure what your sex toy is made of, stick with water-based lube.


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Masturbation: How to Do a Yoni Massage

Genital massage not only aids in sexual stimulation, but it promotes blood flow to the vulva which is beneficial for genital health.  So by taking the time out to relax and give yourself a genital massage, you are doing your body as well as your sexual libido a favour!

How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage

Find a quiet room and lock the door so you won’t be interrupted.  Put on music, light candles or incense to get you in the mood.

Lie down in a comfortable position, propping yourself up with pillows beneath your back and letting your legs hang loosely open, or try lying on your stomach to aid in accessing the genitals easier.  Immerse yourself in erotic thoughts or simply concentration on your body’s sensations.  Breathe deeply, for this increases the flow of blood to the genitals and helps you to relax.

Next, use a mirror to explore the beauty of your own vulva, opening the labia lips and finding the clitoris as your massage yourself.  Betty Dodson recommends trimming or shaving beforehand for a heightened sense of awareness, but that is totally up to you.

Your hands should be clean and nails should be trimmed or kept away from soft tissues by using the pads of the fingers.  Begin with a very light touch on the genitals, using one hand for stimulation and the other to hold your labia lips open.  Some women find direct stimulation of the clitoris painful, or ticklish, so slowly increase the amount of pressure only as you become more aroused.  Use a lube, which enhances all sexual activities by making the genitals slick and slippery.

Rest the heel of your hand on the pubis mons, where the pubic hair begins.  You can begin by stimulating the labia lips with your fingers, using light rubbing and tickling techniques.  You can gently grasp the shaft of the clitoris and slide the hood back and forth or gently move the tissue under your finger around in small circles.

Gradually, you can increase the stimulation and may be able to apply pressure to the clit itself by tapping it lightly.  Many women find that the top, right side of their clitoris is more sensitive than other areas.  You can work around the clit in a circular motion as well.  You can try inserting a finger or two into the vagina and using your palm to stimulate the clit. Experiment with different strokes or speeds to see what feels best, building a repetitive rhythm.

Other techniques include:

Womb drumming: where you lightly drum over your womb area, thighs and labia with the palms of your hands to stimulate blood flow.

Pussy Petting:  This technique uses both hands to alternately stroke up the vulva in a slow, rhythmic motion, warming up the tissue to get the blood flowing.

The Squeeze Tease:  This technique involves softly pinching the outer labia together, working up and down the lips.

Outer and Inner Labia Massage: This method involves opening the labia and squeezing along each side of the outer lips.  This is then repeated with the inner labia.

The purpose of Yoni Massage is to awaken your libido, get to know your beautiful pussy in a more intimate and loving manner, to explore your genitals slow and sensually and to find new ways to stimulate yourself (especially if you rely on a vibrator for masturbation).

Try to just enjoy the experience of getting to know your Yoni/Vulva/Pussy better, and maybe even learn new ways to give yourself pleasure!

Tantric Masturbation: Sex Magic for One

Photo by John from Pexels

Welcome to May–Masturbation Month! This is the start of a series of articles celebrating sexual self love!

The goal of Tantra is to explore sacred sexuality as a spiritual act of love and pleasure, to undergo personal transformation, and to find the balance within through mystical consciousness or connection with the divine. Again, this is not goal-orientated, at least to begin with, but more about exploration. Go slow and just enjoy giving yourself pleasure.

How to Do Tantra for One

Lay comfortably on your back, arms at sides, palms pressed lightly against the floor.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply from the stomach and chest, feeling the tension flow out of you with each exhale.  Your breathing should be slow, rhythmic and peaceful, not forced or unnatural.  Feel yourself grounding into the earth and connecting with earth energy.

Practice conscious breathing by placing the heels of your hands to the sides of your rib cage, against the bottom ribs.  Become aware of your breath for a moment, and allow it to become slow and rhythmic. As you breathe slowly through the nose, concentrate quietly on how the ribs move in and out, pressing your hands in gently into the ribs and then release with the exhale.

One you have practiced this, continue to breathe, making your breath circular: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth making the breathing completely “circular” with no pauses between inhales and exhales.  This type of breathing is especially good when trying to cycle orgasmic energy through your body.

Begin to stimulate yourself through masturbation until you reach the edge of the plateau stage, the point of no return or last possible moment that you can abstain from orgasm.  At this point, stop stimulating yourself and breath very slowly and deeply until the desire to orgasm fades.  This is called sexual “edging”. Continue to do this several times, each time reaching the edge of orgasm, then pulling back and not allowing yourself to climax.  This technique takes practice, so don’t worry if you go over the edge the first couple of tries.  Through practice you will be able to slow down stimulation, rather than stopping completely and continue to build this heightened state of awareness.

Continuous Orgasm

You can learn to have long continuous whole-body orgasms via Tantra masturbation. Continue to edge your orgasm and while doing so, contract your PC muscles and move your hips, imagining as you do that the orgasmic energy is circulating through your body with the breath.

When you do finally orgasm see if you can keep the orgasm going, continuing to stimulate, and ride the orgasm out in longer and longer waves.


Erotic Hypnosis for Amazing Orgasms

Photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnotizing someone for the purposes of sexual arousal, erotic stimulation, and even to achieve orgasm (or mindgasms or hands free orgasms), by creating extremely intense erotic experiences of pleasure inside the mind without the stimulation of the physical body. While erotic hypnosis is not generally designed to be therapeutic, it certainly can be. Erotic hypnosis can also be used as a guided masturbation journey aka: “jerk off instructions”.

Wikipedia says that, “Some erotic hypnosis is practiced in the context of BDSM relationships and communities, and is an example of a sexual fetish or paraphilia.” —Wikipedia

What are the Advantage of Erotic Hypnosis?

Believe it or not, erotic hypnosis has many benefits and can be therapeutic, as mentioned above. Erotic hypnosis can:

  • Help you unwind and relax the body and the mind
  • Relieve stress and clear your mind of unwanted clutter
  • The more relaxed you are the easier it is to open to pleasure and experience more pleasure
  • Get into altered states of consciousness
  • Reprogram your subconscious to remove limiting beliefs
  • Give you pleasure and erotic stimulation
  • Help raise your libido
  • Activate new erotic experiences
  • Play out a fantasy
  • Used as an erotic tool in BDSM and partner play.

The Benefits of Erotic Hypnosis for Men

What are the benefits of Erotic Hypnosis for Men? Everyone enjoys getting turned on.

Becoming hypnotized and suggestible is a wonderful way for a listener to hyperdrive his libido. Those who enjoy drifting into hypnotic trance discover just how effective it is in clearing the mind of those cluttering runaway thoughts and letting your mind just follow the directions of the hypnotist.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are excellent ways to rid the subconscious mind of blocks and obstacles placed within it during childhood or difficult life experiences enabling the listener to change undesirable attitudes and habits into desirable ones.  But, what about the use of hypnosis as a tool to encourage and stimulate arousal, to experience the mind’s capabilities under hypnosis for sexual experiences and discovery?

Yes, it can be as good as it sounds and there is an ever-growing community who enjoy drifting into the sleepy surrender of hypnosis to find what turns them on and to discover their “hypnokinks”.

So, You Might be Thinking What’s the Point?

I’ll watch a little porn, toss one off and go to bed.  But what if you opened your mind a little bit, gave up some of your usual control and listened without expectation to a voice and dialogue designed to arouse you? Falling into a hypnotic trance can activate specific reactions deep inside of you and you wake to discover just how horny you have become during the process.

The Journey into Erotic Trance is Very Good for You

Life is challenging and stressful.  The ever-expanding abilities of technology increase our daily workloads and more is expected to be completed in the average workday.  In addition, we are bombarded with news and opinions from our ever-growing link with social media.  To remain healthy and balanced, it is important to find a quiet space, let it all go, to learn to quiet the mind and enjoy a little relief from the daily heightened stimulation and negativity.  Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that the goal is to quiet the mind enabling it to release thoughts and simply slow down and become clear, to focus on the speaker and journey inward for a while.  A wonderful byproduct of clearing the mind is the body becomes relaxed.

The eventual goal of the hypnotist is to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious mind and discover your individual “sexy” and build upon it.

The Difference Between Erotic Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis differs from clinical hypnosis in that the restrictions of sentence structure in clinical hypnosis do not exist.  We erotic hypnotists can just say what we want, straight speak, without worry of using negative words such as can’t, don’t, won’t.  The hard rules of hypnotherapy’s use of language are disregarded in the creation of erotic hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis is not generally designed to be therapeutic (although it can be).  It’s enjoyed to reach a state of euphoria and feel really good afterward or to be aroused.  Depending on the suggestibility of the listener, the level of arousal can be extremely intense and can create experiences of pleasure inside the mind without the stimulation of the physical body.

Erotic Hypnosis for Hands-Free Orgasms!

There is a phenomenon known as a “hands-free” orgasm in which the listener experiences a pleasurable mind-produced orgasm (a mindgasm) and some are able to experience this mental orgasm complete with ejaculation.  All of this is accomplished through the use of suggestion.  The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and a good hypnotist can make you come with words alone, but you must let it happen and be open and receptive to the idea.

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do or think you can’t do, even if you’ve seen it happen on television.

Ejaculation is Necessary for Good Sexual Health

Have you ever thought about a sexy hypnotist telling you exactly how to do it?  Another genre used in erotic hypnosis is the acronym JOI which stands for “jerk off instructions” otherwise known as guided masturbation.  An erotic hypnotist can elevate your arousal level using the increased suggestibility found in a hypnotic trance state.  The suggestions to heighten your physical response during masturbation are extremely effective under hypnosis and you simply respond more intensely.  Many individuals have trained their minds to stay inside the hypnotic trance even after ejaculation.

Your Increased Suggestibility Leads to More Intense Orgasms

Another popular use of erotic hypnosis is to increase the listener’s arousal level so when one exits hypnosis, your arousal switch has been flipped on.  “You are getting very horny” simplifies this type of suggestion, but, erotic hypnosis sessions can definitely create a heightened arousal level for you to discover when you wake again.

Want to Get Turned on Before Partner Sex?

This is an excellent way to make it happen.  Or even better yet, learn how to hypnotize your partner and engage in this very intimate exchange together.  Hypnosis makes for great sex.

Many Subjects Become Aroused by Simply Being Hypnotized

A “hypnofetishist” is an individual whose kink is being hypnotized deeply.  There is great freedom in surrendering yourself to a hypnotist for a period of time and the experience itself can be highly arousing to certain individuals.  Deep trance feels good and enjoying a space in time where nobody has demands on you can be very relaxing, de-stressing and arousing.  Listening to a sexy voice doesn’t hurt the libido either.  Just let go and see what pops up!

Find A Certified Erotic Hypnotist

There are many educated, knowledgeable erotic hypnotists out there catering to many different erotic tastes and styles.  If erotic hypnosis sounds like fun to you, go out there and see what’s available.  Have fun and find that one hypnotist that attracts or resonates with you.  But, find someone you can trust with your mind.  It’s not something you want to give away freely.  Do your homework.  Read the reviews.  Check out their credentials.

Go get horny by hypnosis, but be safe in doing so!

Listen Now to This Erotic Hypnosis

Enjoy trancing!

Mistress Carol

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Mistress Carol Credentials:  Mistress Carol is a certified hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist.  She has been creating erotic hypnosis sessions for nine years.  She is known for her erotic creativity and professionalism, sexy voice and her natural seductive style. In addition to creating erotic hypnosis recordings, Mistress Carol is also a practicing hypnotherapist in her community. Listen to her sexy erotic hypnosis sessions at