5 Masturbation Tips During Quarantine

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Masturbation Tips During Quarantine!

Quarantine is likely to occupy half of our time in 2020. Being locked in our rooms and lacking human interaction will have an incredible impact on all of us. If it takes the human brain 66 days to process “new” behavior as “automatic,” the possibility that many of us will be woefully unprepared for sudden social and sexual re-engagement is possible. So, here are five masturbation tips you can use during quarantine.

People are engaging in a prolonged period of more self-pleasure via masturbation as opposed to intercourse is ideal. Of course, there are very few of us who are used to the idea of masturbating for 30+ consecutive days. But, with proper preparation, adjusting to this pleasurable new normal is possible. Here are five ways to ease this transition.

  1. The desire to want to engage in more masturbation is entirely reasonable.

masturbation2014 compiled data shows that 20% of most Americans aged 18-39 masturbate 8-10 times a month, and if coupled, have sex five times monthly. That works out to four sexual interactions per seven days. Of course, this data is all pre-pandemic. Social conditions impact our need for sensual connection.

A 2019 NIH data shows that 75% of people masturbate to cope with stress. Imagine that stress levels in the past 100 days have doubled or tripled for most people. Thus, the idea that we wake up daily, with a yearning desire for immediate sexual satisfaction, makes sense.

If you’re at the point where you’re quarantined with a partner and maybe having sex twice a day, or alone and contemplating taking an entire afternoon in bed, napping in multi-orgasmic bliss if perfectly okay. If ashamed by your rising lust, trust that science can explain it entirely.

  1. Having good lube is important

lubeMany of us tell the world, with bravado, that we’ve masturbated daily since our teenage years. That’s untrue. It’s probably quite daunting for many of us to contemplate how we’re going to deal with a situation where we’re potentially doing exactly the fanciful thing we’ve been lying to the world about years.

Enter lube.

Using lubricant is one of the best masturbation tips I can give you. Keeping your privates moist is as easy as recognizing that they’re ready for engagement. Moreover, there are more types and styles of lube available than ever before.

When it comes to pleasure, messier and more lube-tastic self-sex is best—ideally, first research for foremost, a hypo-allergenic product. From there, consider textures. Next, think about the type of sensations that turn you on? From temperature to touch to consistency, these are all crucial factors to consider. Think about choosing a lube, like choosing a partner… the most intimate partner.

  1. Invest in AVNStars, OnlyFans, or Subscription Film/Clip Sites

Yes, the spike in subscription porn is real. Yes, there are far more content providers than ever before, shifting from creating real-time experiences to developing online-first interaction.

The best advice here is to focus on this as if it were developing a long-time, virtual, boyfriend/girlfriend experience. Or, if the choices are overwhelming, consider signing up for a content hub like AdultTime or Kink.com. For the cost of what a week’s worth of coffee was during the days where we were regularly out-of-doors, you’ve instead invested in maintaining good sexual pleasure and psychological clarity. 

The benefits of sites like AVNStars or OnlyFans is that whenever you log in, you’re typically presented with a face-to-face greeting from someone you find ideally comforting in some or many ways. That creates a level of peace that can be then accompanied by release. Fascinatingly enough, that’s a notion that many weren’t even receiving before the pandemic. Plus, with the ability to tip your star of choice and perhaps receive personalized content for a few (or many) dollars more is a level of ease in the experience that could trump traditional relationship dynamics of the future.

Insofar as film and clip sites, they typically update daily, and with content from upwards of 50+ content creators making premium content, worldwide. If the idea of focusing your interest in one content creator feels somehow limiting, there’s an entire world of possibilities worthy of your time and “erotic consideration.”

  1. Structure your day to include but not be overwhelmed with, pleasure

As we’ve established, amid the pandemic, we want pleasure daily. However, for most of us, it’s important to note that it’s a labor-intensive and quite exhausting experience.

Ultimately, overall, given the times, having a solid plan of the day is ideal. As humans, we psychologically respond well to routines. Maybe, you are a fan of mid-day naps, or of working until a certain point–then pairing masturbation with rest.

If single, building up an entire day to a massive, end-of-night “celebration” is logical. It is best to know that pleasure is an outlet to enjoy when, where, and how you want it. However, assessing when those times are is essential.

  1. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing…

At some point, we’ll be able to once again engage in regular inter-sexual behavior. Of course, this will follow a prolonged period of masturbation. This extended period of masturbation could, for many of us, significantly negate the desire to want to share our sensual and emotional space. That being said, there is a solution. 

It is ideal to contemplate the notion that involving masturbation as a regular part of a re-engaged play is appropriate. For instance, if watching porn proves to be the perfect way for our best self-sex to occur, it should stand to reason that involving that as an aspect of a well re-imagined post-pandemic sex life is worthwhile. The same goes for the involvement of lubes and sexual aids, plus having a better knowledge of when, where, and how sex works best for you. 

The desire to, once we’re past needing to simultaneously be our best well-actualized and quarantined sexual selves, to stay well-actualized and sexual, will be profound. But, in blending masturbation — or things that inspire it — into the bedroom, we achieve this ideally not-so daunting goal.


  1. I don’t think too much is really a thing. If I choose to spend my evening masturbating for hours instead of watching tv or playing video games, what is the difference?


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