Your Pregnancy Orgasm

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Hear Ye, hear ye. You can absolutely enjoy orgasms during all trimesters of your pregnancy. In addition to the maternal hormones that are flowing through the body, the oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin that release during orgasm, raises the climax ten-fold. If you have not experienced it already, you will find that orgasms are more pleasurable, especially in the second trimester. Your body will produce more natural lubrication which increases pleasure. Honestly, third trimester positions may be problematic or even uncomfortable, you can use your pregnancy pillow or invest in a sex pillow, (you can use it after pregnancy too!) to find comfortable and pleasurable positions that you can maintain through orgasm. Positions such as sex from behind, side-by-side sex, oral sex, standing, spooning, anal sex, you on top, and the reverse cowgirl. All these positions can be modified based on your comfort level. Be patient as you adjust for pleasure. You can also safely use toys and lube. Whether you are with someone, or masturbating pregnancy orgasms are great for you and very, very pleasurable.

Always check with your doctor to see if you should have sex. Sex is not recommended for high-risk pregnancy. If your uterine lining is thin for instance, you can cause it to break during thrusting causing serious birthing issues. The amniotic fluid is a barrier for the baby, and you introduce a host of infections that are very harmful to the baby. A quick check-in with the doctor before moving forward is needed. As a Sexologist concentrating on orgasms, I speak of the whole-body wellness that can be achieved through the process toward orgasm. I encourage masturbation and sexual encounters with orgasm as the goal. The release aids in pain relief, especially muscle pain. It helps with depression, blood pressure and counts as exercise. The blood flow can increase 50% during pregnancy. The blood goes to the vagina, pelvis, vulva, and clitoris. It causes the tissues to become engorged, and this can feel more pleasurable.

So, while you are hit and miss on how you feel during the first trimester, sex is possible when you can tolerate it. Again, the second trimester is all aces and in the third trimester, positioning matters. You sensitive heighten body will react to stimulation in a much more pleasurable way. Your breast swell and feel heavy and your nipples become super sensitive. This is great for generating arousal which is crucial to reach orgasm. Stimulate all the erogenous zones to get and stay aroused. We know that wetness is important to orgasm as well. The uterus and vagina are more engorged and sensitive. While you are producing more lubrication, again, do use lube, it allows a better environment for pleasure and does not expose the baby to the ingredients it is made of. A great water or vegan base lube is best.

Simple penetration in the vagina may feel good but it won’t bring on an orgasm that is mind-blowing. Encourage your mate to use different finger techniques to stimulate the vagina. The wet vaginal walls, the G, A and C spots within the vagina can create different levels of orgasms and with the right pressure, speed and force you can have an all over body orgasm that will rock your world. Note any types of discomfort and stop whatever it is that is causing the discomfort. Never “power through” discomfort. Make adjustments. However, after orgasm contractions or cramps are normal. These are not labor contractions and will not bring on labor. Myth busted. Sex does not trigger labor.

While coincidences can happen, the likelihood is slim for most. The process of orgasm relaxes the mind and body and gives you an all-over good feeling. This feeling can carry you through the discomforts of everyday pregnancy. Either masturbation or partner sex can be very pleasant during pregnancy and if you are up for it, go for it. Practice common sense and do only what you can do with comfort and most importantly, pleasure. Low risk pregnancy orgasms are very beneficial to your health and wellness before, during and after pregnancy. Please do not let rumors and myths allow you to miss an opportunity to feel this heighten pleasure. Pregnancy orgasms are no longer “harmful” acts to be avoided during pregnancy. While vaginal research is very, very under studied, and discussed, the truth is out there. Vaginas are scrappy! They transform in ways the mind can barely bend around. Follow modern day sex education research and explore orgasms during pregnancy.


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