Building Multiple Orgasm

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The art of cunnilingus has been passed down from generation to generation…I just caught myself. There has been a handful of instances where this information has been passed down. This is not the information that comes along with how to wash dishes and make the bed. This is a conversation that isn’t really passed around in your social circles at any age. For some reason, talking about oral sex is received so drastically negative from various walks of lives. What really makes the issue so nerve wrecking for me, is that when it is talked about, its either repulsive or loved. Nothing in between. You either love it or hate it. What matters is that you try it. Those who believe it’s a sin, its nasty, its taste bad, it smells and all those other things that can be said about putting your mouth on the genitals of a vulva owner. Putting your mouth on a vagina and parting the lips minora and majora to reveal the parts underneath is an extremely pleasant experience for the giver and receiver. The clitoris, the urethra opening, and vaginal opening are all sensitive to touch.

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There is an art to it though. The art is made up of various parts, however this information is not passed down the line because it includes “pleasure”. There are small, small pockets of cultures who talk about sex for pleasure. Most of the world does not teach pleasure in their sex education. Sex education is steeped in abstinence and by now, we should know that abstinence does not work. Hence, we have outbreaks of anal gonorrhea in our teenage female communities because they believe they are saving their virginity. Why we are still talking about sexually transmitted infections and diseases that have been in the healthcare systems since they began to record them I do not know.

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Licking genitals is not going to bring the sky down on your head or send your soul to the devil. We have never had a person return to tell us different. This is what I told myself as I moved on this journey to being the Orgasm Coach that I have become. That is what I like to call that component of what I do as a Sexologist. An Orgasm Coach. So, when I say to you that I have mastered the art of cunnilingus, I have mastered many levels of pleasure that can be received from the various techniques you can use when you are performing it. First, get over what you think vagina should smell or taste like. And it has very little to do with pineapple.

The truth of the matter is that vagina or whatever you want to nick name it, is supposed to smell like the person. Their pheromones. The vagina is self-cleaning and maintains a healthy smell and look, based on its owner maintaining their pH balance and practicing safe sex. When there is any sort of infection, you may not know it based on its look or smell anyway. So, ask questions, have the status conversation and take off the table the fear that you are going to stand up with a face full of bubbles. I have to say this so that you don’t think I am saying that funk is fine, its not. Hygiene is of the utmost importance. Even if you must include a bath or shower in your foreplay, hygiene should be present.

When all is well, and you all feel comfortable moving forward get into a position in which you will be able to sustain stimulation until the person goes all the way through the end of the sexual response cycle. You do not want to be in a position you can’t hold through to the end. Any adjustment you make will disrupt the persons flow and may cause the person to have to reconnect with the path they where on. It is equally important that they are in an appropriate position so that they do not have to interrupt the scene as well.

As the receiver, you need to be open to what is happening. Any negative thoughts you have about your vagina and how it presents itself, you need to work through them. It is important that you feel confident in your heavenly offering. Open up and welcome the pleasure that you can receive. As the giver, do not go for the clitoris first. Find out why in my next posting. Meantime, practice cunnilingus, and enjoy.


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