Orgasm Mediation Is Good for You

Photo by Madison Lavern on Unsplashed

An orgasm meditation is very calming and relaxing. That storm of hormones and chemicals that are produced through AROUSAL leads to the pleasure of release. Orgasm mediation is the matter of being still and calm before starting to stimulate yourself or with a mate, go through motions of stimulation through the orgasm and at that moment, take the time to have your breath go from panting to slow intakes and long releases. Eyes open or close, continue to breathe and you will become calmer.

Visualize how relaxed your body is. Note your neck and the lack of tension in it, move to your shoulders, let them rest into the support you are leaning against. Your forearms, hands, fingers. Take the evaluation through your body as you are breathing in deep belly breathes and letting out long exhales. Imagine that air flowing freely through your relaxed body. Your arousal may return as you are noting your body in a new way. A softer way. Orgasm meditation is a method training your attention and awareness to achieve a mentally clear, emotional calm state of being that allows you to mindfully remain in that state when you stand up.

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