Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Relationships

I’m Erika Jordan certified love and health coach and NLP practitioner.  Some of you might be in a long distance relationship. And some of you might be self isolating and your lover  happens to be 3 miles away so it kind of feels like you are in a long-distance relationship. Whatever the case maybe I’ve got you covered with my top three most mind blowing sex toys for those of you in long-distance relationships or basically anyone because these toys are awesome.

Lovense is a long distance sex toy manufacturer. I call them that because all of their toys connect to an app, meaning that either you or your partner can control the sex toy from thousands of miles away. This means you can make your partner have an orgasm while she struggles through a zoom meeting or while walking the dog. Incorporate a bit of sexy talk maybe some imagery and you’ll be loving life with all the possibilities that come with app controlled sex toys!

Top 3 most mind blowing sex toys for those of you in long-distance relationships!

•1 The Hush is a vibrating butt plug. I really like this one because it has a stronger vibration than the majority of other butt plugs currently on the market.

•2 Lovense also has a masturbation sleeve which is controlled by your partner! The Max 2 has vibrations and constrictions so it’ll feel like your partners giving you a hand job from anywhere in the world!

•3 The Moxie is a wearable clitoral vibrator by We-Vibe. Much like the Lovense toys this little piece of heaven can be controlled from anywhere with the We-connect app. The Moxie is designed to be worn discreetly underneath your clothing and stays in place with a magnetic clip. Providing powerful but quiet vibrations so it can be worn out and about, to the grocery store, to Target, the post office, restaurants or anywhere else! Spice up your trip to the DMV while reigniting the spark in your relationship!

Long-distance couples need to be more aware of each other’s attempts to connect. We need love and affection no matter where we are. Just thinking “I’ll see them in 3 months” will only lead to your partner feeling neglected and possibly ending the relationship before you have a chance to show her how much you appreciate her. If you’ve scheduled a time to talk with your partner, make that call a priority, just as you would any work meeting or doctor’s appointment. If your partner has an important day, call or text to find out how it went. By weaving your partner’s needs into your day, you’ll demonstrate that you’re there for them, no matter how far apart you might be. Long distance relationships are tricky but they can work and even lead to a stronger relationship when you’re back to being in the same area code.. or home!

Stop settling for mediocre!

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