The importance of sexual health education for senior adults

Photo by Esther Ann on Unsplash

During their young age, the current older people did not undergo sexual health education because STD cases were few, so they knew little to nothing about sexual health. The advancement of medical and overall health is prolonging the lives of these adults and boosting their sexual activities thanks to medications like Viagra.

With all these, healthcare providers should find a way of inducing sexual education to the elderly if they have not started already because, besides longer life and sexual drug enhancement, some of these adults are divorced, which puts them at risk of contracting the common STDs. 

With this ever-advancing medical technology, the risks of these adults acquiring STDs are increasing daily, and healthcare providers must discuss it before it worsens. Though most healthcare professionals say, the lack of sexual education in the elderly can be due to a lack of awareness of the risk, reluctance to open up, and social stigma.  

All said and done; these elderly needs to get sexual education because it will help them:

Limit the number of sexual partners

With sexual education, adults will realize the benefits of being in a monogamous and honest relationship to prevent contracting and spreading STDs. For those who are not practicing monogamy, healthcare providers can advise them to have a limited number of sexual partners. 

Consistently and correctly use a condom.

In sexual education, their healthcare providers will teach them how to correctly use a condom and the importance of consistently using it, as this will help them curb the spread of STDs.

Avoid sex while under the influence of alcohol or other abusive drugs

With sexual health, older adults will learn that practicing sex while under the influence is not safe sex because alcohol and these drugs impair judgment. They will know that under the influence, they cannot say no to unprotected sex which can put them at risk of contracting STDs.

Ensure they know each other’s STD status

Their healthcare providers will teach them to regularly get STD tests to know each other’s statuses when starting a relationship. This will help them avoid contracting STDs carelessly and put their partners at risk if they are positive.


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