Giving Us the Feels: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Ken Feels

With his dashing good looks and regal demeanor, stunning Ken Feels may look as though he just stepped off of the cover of a historical romance. Yet this is a thoroughly modern gentleman on a mission to help women everywhere realize their fullest erotic and sensual potential. Doncha just love it?

Along with beautiful partner Barbie (yep! XXX has its own answer to Ken and Barbie), Ken Feels is the co-administrator of All the Feels, an unbeatable team of trained sexperts and dating/relationship coaches. 
“We’ve designed content to inform, entertain, and equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve dating/relationship satisfaction, sexual gratification, and real love through personal growth, empathy, and sex-positivity,” reads a site description found at
“AllTheFeels is a multimedia platform that caters to different goals, desires, relationship statuses, and levels of experience and confidence. We want to empower individuals and couples with the necessary tools to navigate the ups and downs of single life, the challenges that arise in relationships, and fulfill your sexual needs and desires via honesty, self-reflection, vulnerability, openness, confidence, and direct communication.”

Through group classes and one-on-one coaching, plus some very hot–oh, and instructional–videos covering virtually every aspect of pleasure and sexuality, All the Feels more than lives up to its name. And yes, the multitalented Ken assures us that he can deliver an oral sex tutorial while simultaneously performing the act. Ladies, can you deal?!

“Sex is the reason that we’re all here, but our culture shames our sexuality,” Ken attests. “We should be free to explore our desires and fantasies, to determine what feels good to ourselves and our partners.”

Ken and Barbie are particularly vocal on the subject of female sexuality.

“Women are shamed for expressing themselves sexually. This needs to stop, women must have agency,” he said. “Adult entertainment in particular needs to show the ways that women are truly pleasured, through G-spot, squirting and clitoral stimulation for example.”

I’m the Feminist Sexpert, and I approve this message.

Ken is proud to report that part of his and Barbie’s adult sex education training was derived from valuable courses taken at our own Loveology University, stating his admiration for our guide and goddess, Dr. Ava Cadell. 

And while the Feminist Sexpert is proud to count Ken and Barbie as fellow Sexperts, she must admit that she first discovered Ken in a slightly different setting: the frames of a XXX adult film. Those who read and follow the Feminist Sexpert likely are not shocked by this information; but, yes, she saw and immensely enjoyed Ken’s work in a scene for See Him Fuck, one of the first porn studios that showcases and highlights the male form in all scenes.

“This is a male-focused line for straight audiences,” he explained. “I enjoyed the fact that I as the male talent could be showcased (“And how!”–Feminist Sexpert edit and interjection), and I had no problem being rimmed by my beautiful scene partner.”

Both together and separately, Ken and Barbie Feels have appeared in a number of high class productions for studios such as Bellesa House, AdultTime, Team Skeet, and Sensex.

“Things in adult are moving in the right direction,” he said. “We see more films for women and couples, more arty films with plots that are well-written. It’s not just about seeing hot people fuck.”

Apart from his adult work, Ken Feels has experience as a published writer, model, bartender, stand up comic, and actor. Well read and spoken, he is truly a Renaissance gentleman–one well equipped to give us ladies the feels. 

“I’ve always loved women–I never went through the ‘girls are icky’ phase,” he reveals. “And I have two messages for the ladies reading this.”

“No. 1: Thank you so much for your great support of my work,” he said. “No. 2: Don’t be ashamed to explore and enjoy your sexuality.”

The Feminist Sexpert believes that you will enjoy your sexuality far, far more if you check out Ken Feels! Check out his OnlyFans, Insta, and other links at  


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