Great Sex: Does it Exist?

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Great Sex, does it exist? This answer will be different for everyone. No person has the same idea as another because we are all unique. What one thinks is great, the other might think, ‘no way’, and vice versa. Let us dive in to some examples. When talking with my friends on this subject, the answers varied. One thing for sure is that age plays a role. What you thought was great when you were in your twenties, a lot of times changes because of flexibility and injuries.

For myself, I am not as bendy as I once was, making it challenging to do some positions that brought about great sex. Another example one of my friends mentioned was that ever since they hurt their knee, they find positions they once enjoyed now cause them pain.

Do you find sex to be great during the day or night?

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 By day, a quicky in the afternoon at your place or maybe a romp in the storage closet at work can be fun. Or do your ‘wants’ come out at night, when, with the cover of darkness as your disguise, you can come alive with playfulness.

Maybe sex for you is great when you check in at a hotel, not having to deal with anything else in your life. It can be a moment when no one else is pulling at you or your time so you are able to give sex your undivided attention.

Could sex be really good if it is forbidden? Is this because you should not be with that someone for whatever reason, such as they are married or the true love story like Romeo and Juliet.

There is something to be said for having something that you are not allowed. Our first instinct, no matter our age, when told we cannot have something is it just makes us want it even more than before.

Some great sex can be experienced in the shower, having the water hit your body while feeling pleasure. Is it because the water gives you the feeling of dripping from cum, giving you the illusion of longer and greater play? When playing in the shower or bath, be careful and remember to use the non-slip sticky little duckies or flowers that you put on the floor of the shower or bathtub to prevent falls.

What about a trip, such as getting away to a cabin in the woods or lying on the beach on a remote island? Could it be knowing no one is around that lets you throw stress and fear out the window and allows you to enjoy sex to the fullest?

Is sex really great when you are expressing yourself in the open, like having sex on a public bench, at a restaurant, or in a movie theater? But I must say, be warned; practice this one carefully because it is illegal in many areas around the world. Nevertheless, it can be very thrilling because of the possibilities of getting caught.

Have you ever had a one-night stand and it was incredible?

Was it because you were free to do what you wanted to do? Could have it been great because you were free of being judged against previous acts? This one is not for the faint of heart. We, by default, are not wired to always be willing to do a one-night stand. When put in this position, try to enjoy it and make the best of it. If it is incredible for both of you, you could find yourself coming back to each other for another great sexual adventure.

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Whatever sex you think is great, it is important to know you can have a variety of great sexual experiences or just one preferred way. Sex can be great with your partner, or with a group, or just yourself. This subject is limitless regarding possibilities and endless combinations; great sex can still happen.

Two of my friends both made interesting comments. One said she has never had great sex and she is in forties. The other said her time has passed by; her words, ‘it is in the rearview mirror.’ In both cases my response was, ‘is this what you want’? They both kind of just shrugged their shoulders.

The best way to look at great sex is if you want it, keep trying different things. Do not be afraid to try new things. There is something to the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. You never know what might strike your fancy. Oh, and if you are by yourself and you think you cannot have great sex, that is not true at all. You know you. You are in charge of your pleasure.

There are so many fun sex toys that you can try to find out which one will make your toes curl. Some of my best sex is with myself because it is ‘all about me’. Although an action is happening when engaged in great sex, it is more of a feeling you are experiencing. More often than not, the feeling has to do with your outlook or attitude regarding sex.

If you engage in sex with an open mind and a positive outlook, the chances are better that you will have great sex; if you are closed minded and have a negative attitude, it will not be great. Remember the more fun you have the more calories you burn; win-win. As always, the take away is to have fun and always keep things consensual (even with yourself).

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