Baby Boomer Sex: Even More Satisfying As We Age

I just finished working on The Doctor’s TV show where I was asked to comment on Baby Boomer Sex. I said that Baby Boomers sex can be even more satisfying then when they were younger because with age comes better communication, more confidence and the shedding of sexual inhibitions. The older you are, the more comfortable you become in your own skin, which makes you comfortable talking about your desires and fantasies. I also interjected that the quality of intimacy with sex becomes more important than just the quantity of sex acts.

Many women are still enjoying their sexual peak at 40 or 50, while some men may need a little help to keep up! (Excuse the pun). But never fear, there are so many sex enhancers to help men, like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra,  Testosterone, herbal supplements, even penis pumps.

Women must maintain a juicy frame of mind, so that they feel sexy in order to enjoy sexual pleasure because sex begins between the ears and then flows between the legs.

Some women say that sex after Menopause is better because they don’t worry about periods and pregnancy. They are also more comfortable communicating what turns them on and off.

For women whose sex drive is flagging, my advice is still to use it, so that you don’t lose it. Sexual activity is good for your health with or without a partner, so do your Kegel exercises, use lubricants for self-pleasure and partner sex.

If your libido has taken a nose-dive due to fatigue, stress, hormonal changes, a hysterectomy or any other ailment, do seek professional help from your doctor. Sex does not have an expiration date, so you can continue to have hot, passionate sex for the rest of your life.


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