Basking in the Afterglow: Interview with Lilly Sparks, CEO of Afterglow

A take charge woman instructs her handsome lover on just how she’d like to be pleased. He more than willingly obliges her, catering to her innermost desires and fantasies as he goes down on her–all the while playing up to her as he indulges and satisfies her every need. You can see it all in the porn film….

Wait, wha? This is a porn film? Yep–there is actually an award-winning hardcore film that features no penetration, just lots of lady lovin’. It’s called Lip Service, and it’s the production of afterglow, a company “where women’s pleasure comes first.”

A woman- and couples-geared website that features tasteful sensual visuals, erotic stories, and films like the one mentioned above. This porn site….

Wait, wha? This is a porn site? Yep. It’s afterglow, the place where you can see Lip Service and other positive, couples-oriented films that educate as they entertain.

afterglow is the creation of entrepreneur Lilly Sparks, who considers afterglow her true and literal passion project.

“I was always a big fan of romance novels, where I could read about the sex I wanted to be having, but wasn’t,” she said. “I turned to porn, like many do, but didn’t find what I wanted.”

So Sparks decided to make her own porn.

“I envisioned porn that could inspire lovers,” she said. “Visual explorations that are sensitive, that show a holistic view of sex.”

Sparks and her team set out to create something different.

“We wanted to create a holistic view of sex,” said Sparks. “We wanted to take the stigma out of porn by producing ethical material.”

The result of this vision? afterglow.

“Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Lilly Sparks, afterglow is the sex-positive, pleasure-focused platform and community shifting the adult media paradigm. Curating stories, igniting conversations and offering premium video and written content centered on sexual fulfillment, afterglow empowers everyone to become experts in their own pleasure,” read a related news release. “Paving the way for a future we want to live and star in, afterglow is an adult site for those 18+ with original, licensed content behind a paywall, and free sex-positive articles. Normalizing sex and porn in a modern world, afterglow is the sex resource we all need.”

Beyond producing positive material, afterglow prides itself on ethical creative processes.

“We make our talent feel comfortable,” she said. “They can say yes or no to anything. They can stop at any time and take breaks. And we have snacks for them.”

Something else The Feminist Sexpert likes: These films feature plenty of deep kissing and eye contact, and feature performers who really seem to dig each other.

Aside from producing their own XXX films, which also include the award-winning U Up? and Cravings starring alt porn stud Mickey Mod, and showcasing classy, elegantly appointed beauty films like Timeless Affairs 3, and more, as well as showcasing erotic fiction at their site, afterglow is eager to showcase classic erotic films such as their recently acquired creative inventory of Inpulse Pictures and Lennox Films. “The new deal will include distribution of eleven groundbreaking films produced by feminist trailblazer Nina Lennox,” read a related news release, “who famously set the standard of erotic cinema that caters to the fantasies of women and couples.”

“In seeking consultation for afterglow, I spoke to Nina Lennox,” said Sparks. “Her vision was so similar to mine, and she was so helpful.”   


It was in fact the Inpulse/Lennox acquisition that first drew my attention to Afterglow. As a longtime fan and proponent of Inpulse/Lennox Films–some of my favorites include Erection Services starring Julian, about a male bordello for women, Anticipation, a star vehicle for Dale Dabone, and Snapshot starring Evan Stone, about hot male models seducing female photographers and crew members–I came to realize that there was literally nowhere online to purchase these titles, produced in the mid 2000s. 

But now, Inpulse is back. And Afterglow is here. We lady porn fans have a lot to ‘anticipate.’     

Afterglow has very kindly offered my no doubt incalculable fanbase at Feminist Sexpert headquarters a gift for a free 14 day membership….just signup at and use code FEMINISTSEXPERT. Thanks, Lilly!



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