The Hot Feminist Sexpert is Confused by the Term “Hotwife”


So one would think that an individual who refers to herself as The Feminist Sexpert would know a little something about the thusly called Hotwife trend. Girl, was I wrong.

Years ago, at the dawn of my work as an adult industry writer, I thrilled at the opportunity to write the script for an adult film on the topic of cheating wives. Suddenly I envisioned myself penning the next Lady Chatterley’s Lover (except the lady’s hubby wouldn’t be paralyzed–Harsh… or Unfaithful… and the lady’s husband wouldn’t bash in the other man’s head with a snowglobe–Harsher); an erotic variation on the ‘tragic romantic’ story of a wayward wife sorely tempted by a hot young lover; an adult cinematic opus sure to make the ladies laugh, cry and get mucha horny by picture’s end. 

I was the sore one a week later, when my completed script was rejected. 

“This movie ain’t for women!” The director told me. “It’s for men who want to see their old ladies with other guys.” 

For once in her earthly lifetime, the Feminist Sexpert was speechless.

Once I regained my power of speech, I said, “Wha-? Why would men want to watch their wives cheating? Would a sample line of dialogue be, ‘Breaking her marriage vows with some hot stud and making me look like a fool–that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout’! Whoa, babe?” 

At that point I had a wee bit of a meltdown–or, as I reference it, a Megdown. 

“Everything has to be for men, amiright?” I asked. “Even if the heroine is having an affair, she has to do it in a way her husband approves? OK, I need a wine and a cold compress at this point.”

I lost the gig and that’s OK, because I write for women only. Still and all, I have come to realize that Hotwifing isn’t ALL about the men–and that, in all actuality, I kinda knew about it before I knew about it.

Many of the male escorts and companions that I know often are hired by husbands to please their wives–frequently as they watch. At the time, I attributed it to the simple mission of a husband who wants to keep his wife happy–especially if he might be older, and perhaps no longer able to fulfill her desires (Translation: He don’t kick it like he used ta). 

Now I ponder the possibility that the husbands get just as much out of it as the wives–and that, for many couples, hotwifing is an adventure that can be empowering for her and satisfying for all three parties involved.

And then, there’s the porn. I mean, in many facets of my life and work, it all comes back to the porn.

Hot Movies for Her.Com does indeed feature a rich sampling of Hotwife porn geared toward women and couples. And while I shake my head at titles showcasing Bound Hotwives and Trained Hotwives, I nod my head at others that feature certain actors as the other men. (Wait, is that Tyler Nixon on the cover? Dante Colle in the main scene? That puppy’s going right on my To Be Rented list).

So, I guess it goes to show: Even the Feminist Sexpert has a few things to learn; but the question I have for you Ladies: If someone made a Hot Wife movie just for you, how would it look? 


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