Ho! Ho! Hot! Feminist Erotica for the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. A time of warmth, love, downright jolly sentiments, and really good festive feminist erotica! The Feminist Sexpert is proud to debut her newest book, Of Mischief and Mistletoe: Scandal at Holiday House, now available through Scandalous Publishing!

Beyond showcasing her sentimental Yuletide tale of male brothels for women, a sexist politician who gets his comeuppance from an unbeatable team of his feminist philanthropist wife and a tough lady private detective who wields a candy cane that doubles as a weapon of self-defense and has a hot male secretary on the payroll, I’m also proud to spotlight Scandalous Publishing.

Read on for my interview with Stephanie Vega, publisher in chief of this groundbreaking feminist publishing house–one where all titles sexually and socially empower women.

1. Stephanie, I’m so proud to be an author with Scandalous Publishing, a proud publisher of feminist erotica. What do you want people to know about Scandalous, and the amazing books it produces?

We live by one philosophy: We aren’t your mother’s romance novels. Our heroines never take the backseat to the men in their lives. They’re free and strong, and our books never adhere to the old trope that sexually empowered women get ‘punished.’

2. Your newest release just happens to be mine, and I’m very pleased to bring Mischief and Mistletoe: Scandal at Holly House, a feminist erotic mystery, to our readers. Tell us more about it!

One of the things Scandalous Publishing is known for is how our heroines flip the script on double standards of the past. Mischief and Mistletoe does just that. Its setting in a ‘brothel’ where men service women is just the tip of the iceberg in that respect. So let’s just say there’s political intrigue, lots of sex, and the good ol’ boys get what’s coming to them in the end.

3. What are some of your other great new releases?

One of our writers, Amber Monroe, is masterful at femdom/cuckolding tales. But in ‘Edge of Night,’ she gives a series of short stories that are not only erotic, but have those twist endings. Think of it as an erotic version of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ Response has been good, so a sequel may be coming.

4. Scandalous Publishing is an offshoot of Scandalous Women, a signature, sex positive feminist online magazine. Tell us more about SW, where I am a proud writer!

Scandalous Women is Cosmopolitan Magazine on steroids. In fact, a reviewer once described it as ‘for the Cosmo Girl’s trashier sister.’ I think a better descriptor would be ‘for the Cosmo Girl’s trashier and more socially aware sister.’ Though we have a limited budget, we like to think this is what Playgirl could have become.

5. Where can people find Scandalous Publishing online?

Right here! Scandalouspublishing.com


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