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Recently we have been getting a lot of searches on our site using the words: “Hotwife”, “Hot Wife” and “Hotwifing”, demonstrating that there is a lot of interest in this topic. While we already wrote an in-depth article on “Hotwifing Versus Cuckolding: The Epic Guide to Hot Wife and Cuckold Relationships”, I wanted to further explore the hotwife scenario separately, in an article of its own, to find out what the hot wife lifestyle is all about. Because, there is way more to it than just being a “hot” wife.

A quick Google search of the term “hotwife” brings back some interesting results.

What is a Hot Wife?

hotwifeFirst, we have the definitions of what is a hotwife, or what is hotwifing, with results from Urban Dictionary and

Hotwife – Urban Dictionary

A hotwife is “A married woman who is allowed and/or encouraged by her husband to pursue sexual relationships with other individuals. Often, these relationships are in pursuit of fulfilling the husband’s/couple’s fantasies.”

“Lisa loved being a hotwife. Nothing made her feel sexier than when her husband watched her as two men they barely knew sandwiched her in that hotel.”[i]

hotwife – positions hotwife as a slang term (explicit, vulgar, or obscene): “What does hot wife mean? A hotwife is a married woman who has sexual relationships outside of her marriage, with the full knowledge and consent of her husband, who himself doesn’t have affairs.”

It also goes on to define hotwifing, which is a verb: “Hotwifing is the wife-sharing arrangement or act of carrying out such affairs.”[ii]

The site goes even further on to explain more about where this term comes from and how it came into our vocabulary during the mid-1990s:

Where does hotwife come from?

hotwife“The idea of hotwifing comes from the concept of a husband showing off and sharing his “hot wife.” The non-monogamous arrangement is related to a cuckolding fetish, and many (but not all) husbands in such a relationship refer to themselves as cuckolds or hot-wifers.”

While hotwifing may sound like cheating, its not. It is a form of ethical non-monogamy, where the husband is fully aware of his wife’s extramarital affairs and not only consents to the practice but also encourages it to fulfill his fantasies. In fact, many of these relationships are instigated by the husband and his fantasy to see or fantasize about his hot wife flirting with and having sex with other men. Sometimes he even watches, or she makes a video for him, or takes photos for later consumption during their lovemaking or his masturbatory material. notes that couples in this style of relationship often get sexually aroused from “voyeurism, the thrill of doing something taboo, or an infidelity and/or jealousy fetish.”[iii]

Often, a couple may only fantasize about hotwifing, where the wife may even go so far as dressing sexy and flirting in public, but only has sex with her partner, to fuel their fantasy.

Hotwife is not swinging, although it evolved from the swinging community in the mid-1990s, because only the wife is having sex outside the marriage, whereas in a swinging relationship couples have sex together usually with other partners. Also, referred to as wife-swapping. From there hotwifing became popularized through personal ads, swinger sites, and among hotwife fetishists, as well as forums, and subreddits (which we will find in our Google search results later in this article) devoted solely to “hotwifing” with many stories about the practice.

Hotwifing has become a popular lifestyle, fetish, and category for porn sites as well.

Hotwife versus Hot Wife or Hotwifing?

One interesting thing to note about the hotwife lingo, is that hotwife (or hot wife) can be either a noun or a verb.

Hotwife (pl. hotwives) as a noun is obvious: it is the wife who partakes of the hotwife lifestyle. Hotwife as a verb is to participate as in a sexual hotwife lifestyle, while hotwifing (also a verb) basically means the same thing. And, you can also include hotwifed (past tense), which is a hot wife who has participated in the lifestyle. It is amazing how one slang word can evolve into several terms in the English language and I am always fascinated by how slang arises in our culture.

So, which term is the correct term? Hotwife or Hot Wife?

In my Google search, I noted that hotwife was the most used term, whereas “hot wife” was used to describe a wife who is hot, but not necessarily into the hotwife lifestyle. However, both terms are interchangeable, and hot wife may just be a misspelling of the original term for lazy typers.

Hotwife Topics on Google

hotwifeNow that we have the terminology and definitions taken care of, we can get on with the hot wife topics on Google.

Again, during my search I found articles, like this one on Medium that tells you, “How To Be a Hotwife. Simple tips to begin your hotwife…” written by Keeva Black of the Medium publication space “Modern Swinging”, a writer, Mom, swinger, and hotwife.

It is a pretty good article and I highly recommend it.

In the article, Keeva (not her real name) explains what a hotwife is and then has several tips on how to begin your hotwife experience, based on her own personal encounters.

Her tips include: Setting Parameters which involves having the talk with your spouse and deciding what boundaries or limits will there be in the relationship, rather like negotiating a scene in BDSM, but here you are negotiating a lifestyle.

Questions to ask include the regular Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How? Who will be involved? Will the husband participate? Where and when will the hook-ups take place? What kind of sexual partner is she looking for? Why do we want to do this in the first place? And, how to make it happen.

Next, Keeva describes how to “play the role” and “find good bulls”. A “bull” by the way is a term for the 3rd party who has sex with the hot wife. The “stag” is the husband and the hotwife can also be referred to as a “vixen”.

To “play the role” Keeva says that you don’t have to get all dolled up in sexy lingerie, or cum-fuck-me heels to be a hotwife. Dress how you feel most comfortable and empowered. She also notes that, for the most part, hotwifing is like acting and that you are in fact “playing” a role, “to fulfill the dirty little desires that most people would never act on.”

Good advice!

#hotwife hashtag on Twitter

hotwife on twitterIf you are looking for images and porn, the hashtag #hotwife is trending on Twitter, and you will find hot wife communities, “real” hotwives (although I’m sure many of them are not real, but are more like cam girls and porn stars as they have onlyfans and clips4sale accounts), swingers groups, couples, erotic stories, videos, and photos. A lot of what you will find is hotwife porn, however, but there are a few real hotwives on there as well, you just need to weed through the results.

#Hotwife Reddit

hotwife redditIf you want to hookup with a hotwife, or meet people in the lifestyle, a good place to start is Reddit. There are many subreddits there depending on your interest including r/hotwife, r/cuckold, r/wifesharing, r/hotwifevideos, r/hotwifelifestyle, and individual hotwife subreddits for individual hotwives as well.

r/Hotwife— one of the largest, over 285k subscribers—”is for hotwives and their husbands who actively participate in the “hotwife” lifestyle, also referred to as “wife sharing”. They have a lot of rules there, and you need to get verified before you can post. They also don’t allow solo content (must be couples), the content must also be original (no porn that isn’t your own content). On weekends, they allow amateur content only (not professionals). I’d say 99% of the content is porn (fucking) images and vids, so definitely NSFW!

r/Wifesharing has even more subscribers (650k+) and is devoted to sharing “Links to original NSFW pictures and videos of couples sharing their sexy and intimate moments.” Again, lots of rules, original content only, (so no cross-posting commercial porn or other people’s stuff) and you need to be verified as well. This subreddit has a big emphasis on real story sharing, and the main content seems to be real hotwives sharing their nude images.

r/WouldYouFuckMyWife has over 560k+ members and is a place for guys to share pics of their hotwives. You need to have permission to post pics of your wife (how they verify that I don’t know), and you also need to be verified yourself. Hotwives are not allowed to post their own pics (husbands only!) and they have these rules as well: No involuntary pornography, no minors, no violence, no harrassment, no doxxing, no spam. It features 100% single hotwife images nude and clothed.

r/HotWifeLifestyle is much smaller with 102k subscribers. The main content is stories and discussions about the hotwife lifestyle. No images allowed.

r/HotWifeRequests has 95k+ members and is for personal ads relating to the HotWife Lifestyle. You need to be verified to post here and you will find many posts of hotwives looking for bulls and visa-versa, with lots of NSFW images.

I could go on and on with Reddit, but you get the idea. Basically, anything you want to find about hot wife content can be found there, including real people into the lifestyle.

Real Hotwife Stories

hotwifeIf you are looking for real hotwifing stories from real people who practice this lifestyle, there are several sites on the world wide web where you can go to check them out.

Again, with a quick Google search of “real hotwife stories,” I found lots of interesting sites with lots of real content.

First up was the Cuckold Consultant—a cuckold dude who helps guys turn their wives into hotwives so they can live out their cuckold fantasies—has a plethora user-submitted stories (you can also submit your own!), interviews, helpful articles, free ebooks, cuckold chat, and community with forums, marketplace and more.

Next, I found a hotwife and cuckold forum at It has lots of sexy threads about the hot wife lifestyle, the cuckold experience, how-to threads, hotwife tributes, and captions (where you can get someone to add captions to your hotwifey photo), photos, real stories, Q&A, as well as dating ads. One section called “Wife having fun” has pics of wives playing with their bull lovers. It is a place to share your fantasies, live vicariously through popular wives who lead Hotwife Lifestyle, and, well, lots to read, look at and partake of.

Another Medium blog site is the HotWifeCollective, where you will find numerous, well-written, hot wife stories by Katie Sweet, Guy New York, and Strawberry James. The stories here are hot erotic fantasies, maybe true, probably not, but still pretty hot.

While I don’t like the look of this site (very old-school) I have to admit it has probably the biggest collection of hot wifing stories on the internet. The HotWifeBlog has a dozen categories of stories including True Stories (642), Hot Wife Profiles (140), Fantasies and Fiction (121), Hot Wife Galleries (514), Interviews (90), Hot Wife Bulls (139), Best of HotwifeBlog (36) and Movies (38) (your basic hotwife variety porn).

Speaking of old-school and erotic, I can’t leave out the KING of erotic stories online, Literotica, which features 25 pages of hot wife stories, with approx. 100 stories linked in each page, for about 2500 stories and more. It should keep you busy for a long time if you are looking for hotwife erotica.

What is it like being a hotwife? – Quora

hotwifeIf you are ready for the BIG time and want to find out from real hotwives, their husbands, and their lovers, what it is like to be a hot wife, then head over to Quora, my favorite question and answer site, where you can ask a question about anything and get answers from other people.

There you will find Q&As like “What is it like being a hotwife”, plus lots of other related questions including: “How did you become a hotwife and get your husband to agree to cuckolding?”, “Do you cuck your husband at all or let him watch you?”, “Has your wife made you a cuckold?”, “What is it like being married to a hot wife?”, “Have you ever gotten cucked by a girl?”, “Why does a wife make her husband cuckold?”, “How do you convince your wife to become a “hot wife”?”, “Can you share your most thrilling cuckloid session you had till now?”, “How can I find a cuckold husband’s wife to have sex with?”, “My wife wants to be a hot wife. I think I would enjoy and not be jealous. What are the pros and cons?”, “My husband wants me to be a hot wife. Should I?”, and many more.

The answers come from mainly real hotwives and others in the lifestyle, plus sex experts and some people just wanting to give their opinion (Anonymous?).

Hotwife Facts and Fantasies

The has lots to say on the subject of hotwifing, and shares lots of facts, stories (including real life), advice, TV shows, links to other resources, podcasts, news, and hotwifing guides. Lots to read there and plenty of memes.

Hotwife Memes

Speaking of memes, the best place to get them is Tumblr. Again, 100s of sites on this topic here, including hotwife challenges, hotwife dreams, cuck-hotwife mywifefucksrealmen, hotwifeandlockedhubby, and hotwifelover, to name a few.

What Is a Hotwife Relationship & 8 Ways It Empowers Women

hotwifeYou may be wondering why a woman would want to be a hotwife in the first place. While the answer may seem rather obvious, according to this Yourtango article[iv], being a hotwife has many extra benefits aside from just sex.

These include:

  1. It allows women to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies.
  2. It gives women sexual freedom to explore what they like.
  3. It frees women from jealous husbands and lovers.
  4. It increases trust and communication in relationships.
  5. It helps women to feel sexy, beautiful and desired.
  6. It boosts women’s confidence.
  7. It creates more intimacy in a relationship.
  8. It provides greater sexual satisfaction for both partners.

We covered a lot of this in our ultimate guide on Hotwifing Versus Cuckolding, in the section: “Why Would a Wife Want to Have Sex with Other Men?” as well as “Why Would a Husband Want His Wife to Have Sex with Other Men?” so, check it out to find out all the answers to your hot hotwifing questions!

hotwife photos on Flickr

hotwife flickerFlickr is a photo and image site where you can find images of all descriptions, including those of real hotwives, hot wife models, and some very sexy hotwife digital cartoon art by searching the hotwife tag. The majority of these do look like real people and not just cam models, and while many are sexy, they seem for the most part to be fully clothed, or at least not showing full-frontal nudity. I was really impressed with the hotwife art by Sloan Renner, which are hotwife digital illustrations, like cartoons.

Hotwife | Etsy: Hotwife Clothing and Jewelry

hotwife jewelry etsyFinally, since this article is getting extra long (we will come back and revisit this again with more hotwife sexplorations in the near future), this is the last topic I found of interest today.

One of the hottest trends I have found lately are hotwife clothing and jewelry, including hotwife charm bracelets and anklets. You can find most of this on Etsy, including hotwife t-shirts, panties, bracelets, rings, anklets, ball caps, coffee mugs, collars, and more. I guess this is a thing, to identify yourself as a hotwife when you are out at the bar looking to hookup, or just as a way to proudly display your hotwife status.

hotwifeSome of the designs included keys (symbol of the swinger’s lifestyle and cuckolding), Hotwife lettering on anklets or necklaces, MFM symbols, spades rings (for Queen of Spades), slut necklaces, I <3 BBC charms, Vixen (fox) symbols, HW initials, Polyamory hearts, as well as personalized anklets with the woman’s name on them.

And, I guess if you are a woman and you wear an anklet on your right foot, it means you are into hotwifing, and looking for an affair. Also, the hotwife infinity symbol worn on an anklet means you are in a committed relationship but open to sexual adventures with others.

To Conclude…


Okay, that was my trip down the Google rabbit hole search for the term hotwife and that was only page one. It actually took me the better part of the day to check out all these sites and write up this article! Yikes! All in the name of research, of course, so you don’t have to!

As you can see, there is a lot more to explore about hotwives and hot wifing, and I will be back with more articles in the future on this topic, so stay tuned. Including, perhaps, my own personal story of my past hotwifing adventures (if you are lucky!)

But, for now, I am exhausted and horny as hell, so I’m going to have some sexy time with my lover, then a nice hot bath.


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