Sexy China With Dr. Ava & Dr. Eros

As the president of the American College of Sexologists International, sometimes I get great perks. I was invited to go to China along with Dr. Hernando Chaves, Nancy Sutton-Pierce and Dr. Laura Bennet Cook to promote our upcoming American program in November on cross-cultural sexuality.

We flew into Guangzhou, and took an hour’s drive to the Dr. Eros Conference for Women, which took place at the beautiful Sheraton Qingyuan resort.

On the first night, Dr. Eros threw a gala where Yu Na introduced me on stage with other notable international sexologists such as Dr. Ma Xiaonian, China’s most famous sexologist. Yu Na sits on the ACS board and is the most powerful woman in her industry in China, working tirelessly to empower women by teaching them about sexual health and pleasure.


I was asked “Dr. Ava, what do you think of the sexuality education communication between China and the United States?” and I responded, “I think it is very exciting and empowering for America to join forces with China and make the world a happier and sexier place.”

Intimacy Team

Here is the Los Angeles Intimacy Team right before walking the red carpet into the gala – from left to right: Intimacy Assistant Michael Lanham, myself, Dr. Hernando Chaves, Na Na, Nancy Sutton-Pierce, Dr. Laura Bennett Cook and her husband Cac Cook.

DR. MARYuNa Gala








We watched an erotic fashion show with gorgeous models showing off Yu Na’s line of sensual lingerie, Sediva Maison.

Dancer Kristina Orekhova was the Russian pole dancing champion, as you can see below.









Nancy, Hernando, and I did a presentation called Love, Lust & Laughter, teasing the many topics we’re planning to teach in Los Angeles in November.







The topics varied in scope from self-love and pleasure, passionate play, sharing fantasies to what turns a man on, tantric sex, power play, and Dr. Laura spoke about how to talk to your kids about sex. It ended with Nancy doing a spectacular job teaching lap dancing, and we all participated. As you can see, Hernando was a willing participant, encouraging the young lady to practice her moves. This was definitely the climax of all the presentations.


We were treated to many Chinese delicacies like jellyfish and sea snails (below), but we passed on the penis and balls dinner special for tourists. Another highlight was watching Yu Na perform a tea ritual in our honor.

sea snails

YuNa Tea Ritual






On the last night, we were invited to the most exclusive nightclub True Colors by owner Mr. Lee (below right), who told me that he chose that name for this club because he thinks inner beauty is most important. He owns over 300 nightclubs all over China.



The nightclub had amazing entertainment with top DJs, fashions shows, male and female pole dancers, live music and more. It was one of the most exciting nightclubs I’ve ever been to anywhere in the world. 






Here we are after Nancy’s lap dance workshop. On the very left is Tracey, our fantastic translator, and Christine (on the very right) is Yu Na’s right hand woman, whom I will be mentoring to become a sexologist!

China Group Shot

Robert James from NuReality Pictures was shooting and directing a documentary series about Yu Na and our program. He also shot our first cross-cultural program in February in Los Angeles. Here he’s taking a break on the Malaysian sex chair.

Malaysian Sex Char

Here is the beautiful parting gift I received with unique fragrances, candles, feathers and more, all from Yu Na’s company, Sediva Maison.



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