Passion For Parents

By Dr.Ava Cadell

Have your relationships evolved into a comfortable zone that feels more cool than hot?

The lack of passion in your relationship can be misinterpreted as boredom, but every year, Valentine’s Day reminds us that romance must be kept alive, even if you are parents!

In my seminars around the world, whenever I ask the audience “What Kills Passion?” the first thing that people shout out is “Children”, so I know how natural it is to put your kids first and neglect your partner’s intimate needs. But you can be a good parent and have passion in your love life by following some of these tried-and-true suggestions.

Do you remember the lust stage of your relationship when it was like the best roller coaster ride of your life? Even if it was long ago, you can tap into that memory and visualize kissing your partner passionately, while your lover fondles your body with such desire that you want to tear each other’s clothes off. This is the first step to rekindling the chemistry and passion in your love life. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between you remembering an erotic experience or having one, so either way, the effects are flooding your body with feel good endorphins. Now that you’re in the mood for some sexy time, call or text your partner to tell them that you’ve been fantasizing about a significant sexual moment in time, and you would like to reenact it as soon as possible. The journey of rekindling passion is an exciting one, once you’ve made the decision to do so and you can discover the same chemistry that you had when you first met. This can ensure that you will grow together as a couple instead of growing apart.

Apart from reenacting past dates and memorable sexual experiences, you can explore new sexual activities together by creating a sense of curiosity so that you see each other in a whole new light. Since it can be difficult to make time for regular sex, especially if you have children, make a commitment to surprise each other with a new erotic fantasy or sexual position at least once a week. The only rule is that you must focus on intimate quality time together and cannot talk about any problems!

You can also create a goal together that will lead to passion. By collaborating on a goal, such as giving each other a full body massage or doing some couples yoga, it can give you something to look forward to and invigorate your relationship.  By learning something new together, you will experience shared intimacy that can lead to a more fulfilling satisfaction mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually.

Creating passion doesn’t come naturally to everyone; however, everyone is capable of being more passionate with a little coaching. So, if you want to give a truly sensual gift to your lover this year, I recommend a 4-Pack on Advanced Passionate Techniques where you will learn secrets to masterful sex including oral pleasure for men and women, sexual positions, the ancient art of Tantric sex, and G-Spot orgasms for men and women. Discover advanced sexual techniques for cunnilingus, fellatio, how to balance love energy and enjoy multiple orgasms – for women and men. Enjoy the sex life you’ve always wanted to have with no limits, no judgement, and a new array of tools and tips to enhance pleasure and orgasmic potential.


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