Become a Sex Coach: NOW is the Time to Get into Sex Coaching

Become a Sex Coach- Live Your Passion

If you have ever considered a career as a Sex Coach, NOW is the perfect time to get started.

Why, you might ask?

Lot’s of hot, juicy reasons!

But, here are a few…

Reasons to Start a Career as a Sex Coach

Sex Coaching is a rewarding career.

You get to help people have better sex lives, relationships and empower people sexually. The more empowered sex-positive people we have on the planet, the less sexual violence, violence against women and members of the GLBTQ+ community, the more people can embrace LOVE instead of HATE, the less people will have being sexually frustrated or having sexual hang-ups or issues with sex. And, the better lovers we become as people, the more LOVE there is in the world. Sex Coaches make the world a better, more loving, sexually empowered planet! Yeah Team Sex Coaches!

Work from Home.

Yep! How cool is it to wake up when you want, make your own schedule, write articles in your PJs, have virtual meetings online with your clients, work at your pace–as much or as little as you like, be your own BOSS, and manage your own career which gives you unlimited career and earning potential? I know… super freaking cool right? Not to mention, working from the beach, on vacation, anywhere you want in the world! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Make your own rates.

Okay, so here’s the thing… When you work for yourself you can make your rates anything you want. Some people pay $1000 a session for sex coaches. But, even $200 an hour is not too shabby. The less time you spend working, the more time you have to do the things in life you love. Be with your family and friends. Do those creative hobbies you love. More sexy time for you and your lover! And, let’s face it, life is too short to spend over 50% of you life working and worrying about paying bills. Now is the time to create your own financial freedom on your own terms!

Be Your Own Boss!

Okay, I know I already said this about, but what does being your own BOSS BITCH (or GUY) really mean? Its mean using your unique skills, talents, life experience and passion to create your own dream job and niche that is perfectly suited to you. No-one else has the amazing gifts that you have, so you can make YOU and your brand of sex coaching stand out and attract your IDEAL CLIENTS. That means attracting clients that are like-minded, clients you love to work with, clients you can inspire, mentor and help have better lives. Sex Coaching is one of the best ways to step into your life’s purpose and share your unique gifts with the world! Hello World!

Speaking of Niches… Niches can be super creative and there is no limit to the type of sex coaching career you could build.

Some sex coaching niches include:

  • Intimacy Expert
  • Passion coaching for couples
  • Dating Advisor
  • Sex Toy Consultant
  • Romance Specialist
  • Celebrity Love Guru to the Stars
  • Sex Educator
  • Sex Coach for the GLBTQ+ community
  • Orgasm Coach for Couples
  • Body Love Coach for Women
  • Sexual Empowerment Coach
  • Passion, Pleasure and Empowerment Coach for women teaching them how to thrive (that’s mine, now go create your own title!)

That’s not all. Now is the best time in the history of our civilization to become a sex coach. Here’s why:

A Statistical Overview of the Coaching Industry

  • The Coaching Industry is a booming 2-Billion-dollar industry worldwide with over 41,300 active coaching professionals (2012).[i]
  • In North America, there are approximately 14,060 coaches (2012) and coaching is a $1 billion industry in the U.S. alone (2016).[ii]
  • Coaching is the 2nd faster growing profession in the world.[iii]
  • Coaching is a very lucrative business with many successful coaches earning 6 figures a year, because, as an entrepreneur you get to set your own pay rate and how much you want to work.[iv]
  • The average coach salary in the US is about $40,000-$60,000 a year.[v]
  • High end coaches (approximately 20% of life coaches) make $100,000[vi] to multiple 7 figures[vii] a year.[viii]
  • Hourly coaching rates are anywhere from: Low $200/hour, Average $500/hour, High $3,500/hour, with high end coaching packages going from $5000-$20,000 and up for VIP programs and retreats.[ix]
  • Coaching is in demand, not only used on a personal level but also for organizations.  According to a 2009 study, “coaching was used by 90% of the organizations surveyed… [and] even during the economic downturn, 70% of the organizations surveyed reported that they were increasing or maintaining their commitment to coaching.”[x]
  • Return on Investment- Coaching works and has up to 6 times return on investment (ROI) compared to coaching costs, according to a Fortune 100 executives study: “coaching resulted in a… 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction and 48% improvement in [overall] quality.””[xi]
  • To meet the rising demand for professional coaches, Colleges are now starting to offer coaching to their curriculums including Columbia, New York, Harvard, Yale, Duke, UC Berkeley and many more. In addition, hundreds of coaching schools have sprouted up over the past several years including e-learning opportunities where you can take coaching programs in the comfort of your home.

Why Sex Coaches Are in Demand

Here are more reasons why becoming a Certified Sex Coach is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the coaching industry right now.

  • At least 20% of the adult population in the US experience sexual or romantic relationship issues and could use Relationship Coaching, which is over 40 Million people and represents a $4.2 Billion annual revenue. That means lots of clients and abundance to go around.
  • People are becoming more aware that they can achieve sexual well-being and fulfilling romantic relationship, but there is a shortage of mainstream solutions that can assist them. People know they could do better but don’t know who to reach or where to go to discuss their issues. That’s where Relationship Coaching comes in.
  • Relationship therapy is part of the regular therapy practice; however, the word “therapy” feels overwhelming and expensive for most people who would want to address their romantic relationship well-being. Relationship Coaches are more approachable and affordable.
  • Relationship issues or concerns most of time do not equate to emotional “crisis” but simply ongoing frustrations. However, these issues still greatly impact people’s happiness in every part of their lives, so it is important to overcome these obstacles.
  • Relationship Coaching is so lucrative that even Tony Robbins is getting into it. With a net worth of $480 million, Robbins now offers Relationship Coaching programs for his clients along with his life coaching and motivational seminars. [xii]
  • Loveology University ( offers three training packages including the bestselling Certified Relationship Coach Program, where you can graduate in 1 month or less for 1000s of dollars less than most alternative programs.

Conclusion: The World Needs More Sex Coaches!

So, are YOU ready to take up the call?

If you are a BIG yes to all the above, then I encourage you to check out Loveology University’s Certified Master Sexpert Coaching Program. Right now it is 50% off, the lowest is has ever been or ever will be again.

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