The 5 Ways A High-End Gentleman’s Cabaret Dancer Is Better Prepared For The Holidays Than You Are: A Sexy Fun Holiday Observation

When we think of the holidays, the mad-dash scene of full-to-the-brim malls, traffic, and the endless crush of people huddled against the weather instantly comes to mind. Especially if one lives in or visits Manhattan, where the holiday season is as bright as it is busy. But the Big Apple is also the home to the high-end, world-famous Rick’s Cabaret New York, and during the holidays (even into the New Year), the girls of this NASDAQ-listed club will once again undoubtedly surf the season better than you.


They know how to put on and take off glitter. That magic sparkle coming from your favorite dancer is certainly due as much to her personality as to the judicious amount of glitter a Rick’s lady might massage across her skin. And if there is one thing we see often during this season, it is…glitter.

They can negotiate crowds. With over one hundred dancers appearing at Rick’s daily, the ladies that entertain at the club are conversant in attending to and negotiating the many guests who enter the gentlemen’s cabaret nightly. 

During the holiday, it helps to know how to negotiate large groups of people.

They know how to unwrap. ‘Unwrapping’ themselves from alluring holiday-themed outfits, the working stripper is well prepared to unwrap whatever present comes her way.

They are loyal to various winter-time team sports, even if those teams are rivals. Located one block from Madison Square Garden and part and parcel of the tri-state New York area, Rick’s celebrates various professional sports team franchises. But from the Giants to the Jets, the Rangers to the Knicks, the girls of Rick’s love all sports and all teams equally. 

Lastly, the Rick’s Cabaret lady knows well how to spread cheer because Rick’s is so holiday cheery.

“Rick’s is decorated so perfectly, you really can’t help but get into the spirit,” dancer Kelly says. “And I am naughty and nice, just to go along with the festivities.” 

So, enjoy your family, some ‘nog and all the presents. Just know there are sexy ladies taking off their clothes as you speed through that highway Christmas tree lot or look for parking at your local mall. 

We could all learn a lot from the Rick’s Cabaret New York girls, and even the club itself, as the holidays come to warm us in its glow.


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