Please Her Perineum: Ways to Stimulate Her Taint

The female perineum is often an overlooked erogenous zone much neglected. So if you want to please your lover, be sure to discover the diamond shaped region between her anus and vaginal opening. This area is also known as the “taint” and a “landing strip” but I like “her diamond” much better.

This sensitive area is easy to locate, but pleasing her perineum or enabling her to have a perineal orgasm is a little bit more challenging, so here are 10  body-melting tips to help please your woman.

1. Receiving oral sex for a woman is one of the great wonders of the world, so licking her perineum from one end to the other using your tongue in zig-zag motions will definitely give her pleasure.

2. Using your fingertips to gently stroke her perineum followed by the flat of your tongue as if you are lapping up an ice cream will certainly increase her arousal level.

3. Stimulate her perineum with two or three lubricated fingers with deeper pressure in circular motions until she begs you to stop.

4. Stroke her perineum gently with the back of your fingernails, while sucking on her clitoris until she pushes you away.

5. Use an Evolved Slender G vibrator inside her vagina to stimulate her G-spot while you caress her perineum with long linear strokes with your tongue or finger. If she can ejaculate, then this should do it.

6. Give her erotic shivers by using a piece of ice up and down her perineum while kissing her passionately.

7. Suck on her perineum as if you are playing a harmonica and be sure to add some humming sounds for extra vibrations.

8. Nibble along her perineum as you finger her anus with plenty of lube. Be aware of her body language if she wants you to go in deeper or to stop.

9. During intercourse or toy play, tap her perineum with your fingertips increasing the speed, as she gets closer to orgasm.

10. During intercourse or toy play, encourage her to play with her clitoris while you stimulate her perineum with an Evolved Promise Finger Ring until she has a perineal orgasm.


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