12 Steps To Awesome Anal Sex

If you enjoy anal sex, you’ll be pleased to know that its had its own month since 1927 and since then the Supreme Court has ruled anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional.

Anal sex is not for everyone and that’s okay, but many men and women find it highly erotic and exciting. Like anything else, it’s a good idea to start with baby steps if you want to introduce it to your partner, so here are 12 steps for an awesome anal massage.

  1. The best position is any position where you have easy access to your partners back and butt.
  2. Help them to relax by using your breath, fingertips and tongue from their neck all the way down their spine.
  3. Work your way down the butt crack with feather light touches that barely caresses the skin to arouse goose bumps.
  4. Once you have arrived at the buttocks, use all parts of your hand (finger pads, palms, heels etc.) to press into the muscle tissue firmly but gently in a repetitious movement.
  5. The fleshy parts of the buttocks can stand more pressure, so squeeze and knead as if you were making bread dough.
  6. Spread the cheeks apart as you continue to knead to help open up the sphincter muscles.
  7. For extra protection use a finger cot or latex glove so that you won’t hurt your lover with jagged nails. Add plenty of lubricant onto your finger and then gently circle your fingertips around the opening.
  8. When the anus puckers over your finger, move to a straight on position and slowly press forward. The receiver controls the speed and depth of the penetration, so be sure to respond to any verbal or physical signs to stop.
  9. As your finger penetrates in to the first knuckle, make sure to check-in with your partner. Ask them how it feels?
  10. Remind your partner to breathe slowly while inhaling and contract the anal muscle around the finger then exhale.
  11. If all is good, press gently into the walls of the anus as you rotate your finger clockwise and then anticlockwise in rhythmic motions.
  12. Once you’ve gone all the way around stretching the opening with your fingertip, push inside the cavity further and penetrate with in and out motions as if having intercourse. Be certain to continue communicating with your partner during anal play and afterwards to find out if they want to do it again.

For some people, anal massage can lead to orgasm, while for others they need more intense anal pleasure with a penis, sex toy or even a fist.

It’s important to know anal sex puts lovers at a high risk for HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. That’s why it is recommended that you use an FDA- approved condom.

Also, be sure to use a separate condom for vaginal intercourse to protect against the spread of bacteria to the vagina. Never insert anything—finger, penis or toy—directly into the vagina from the anus without first thoroughly cleansing it.

The bottom (excuse the pun) line is to talk about anal sex before you do it. Anytime, anyplace when you and your partner are relaxed is the right time. No matter what your sexual orientation, communication is key before anal sex to make sure your partner is comfortable with the idea and that you are both prepared.

For more step-by-step details on Anal Sex, check out the online certified course that will make you an Anal Sexpert.

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